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Mother of 4 grown children and gram of 1 so far :)...

Mother of 4 grown children and gram of 1 so far :) . I became motivated and I wanted to do something for myself to roll back the clock a little and enjoy the rest of my life feeling as good as I go on the inside. After consulting many local PS I decided to do a mini FL, mini TT and BR with implants for upper pole fullness. To be continued.,,,

Post-op- sharing my experience

I remember awaking from my surgery with a nurse telling me to breath several times in which I thought was a little abrupt or alarming. My PS informed me soon after that he was concerned about my right nipple since it turned purple. It did not have any sensation whereas the left nipple did. So I stayed overnight and I had to wear a warming blanket in which is a warm light weight air filled plastic quilt that covered my chest. The hose of the quilt came unplugged the entire time it was on and was very annoying for that reason only. I also felt that the call button and up & down bed buttons were difficult to reach when I was almost completely immobile. The first or second time I got up to go the bathroom I started to pass out in the bathroom and the nurse caught me and lowered me the floor while she was yelling outside of my room for my PS. He came in and he assisted with lifting me back up and nurse helped me back to bed. The bathroom runs were sometimes a short walk with the portable bedside potty or the longer walk to the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror I was nothing short of a monster. My face lift incisions around my ears were caked with blood & so gross. I also had an upper eye bleph in which made it look even worse. The rest of my face was swollen and to add to that I also had a chemical peel under my eyes and around my mouth area and some fat injected in my cheeks. The following days I questioned myself as to why I did this to myself. My daughters were shocked when they came in to see me and it made me feel bad that it was upsetting them. My tummy was the least painful out of all. I had a mini TT due to a prior surgery scar that placed me at a higher risk for blood flow in regards to healing. I also had some light lipo. My mini TT incision is low and not as wide as a full TT.
To be continued......

difficult decision

The following day after surgery my PS came in and there was no improvement to the right nipple and he gave me two options. Deflate My saline implants and open incisions around both nipples or leave alone and keep our fingers crossed. I think if I really knew what the next 4 weeks would have entailed I would have chosen option 2 and taken the risk. It was extremely difficult and eventually will post photos so that everyone understands and can learn from my experience. We went with option number 1 and deflated and opened incisions. I was released that day and the next few days I think I was suffering from PTSD. I started getting chills and high fevers 101-103.8 for several days and to control had to take Tylenol every 3-4 hours to keep for spiking. I was having problems staying hydrated as well. To be continued...

2nd visit to hospital for surgery 1/14/15

Since I was having fevers & feeling terrible I went back to to see my PS and he arranged for me to go back in the hospital the next day to remove my deflated implants and reopen my sutures and flush out the breasts. I arrived at the hospital very dehydrated, severe chills and since I was not allowed any food or drink after midnight and I had a fever. I took little sips of water to keep the Tylenol in me through out the night. As time waiting for surgery continued my daughter became very upset and asked why is it taking so long to get an IV for some fluids? She told them, My mom is very dehydrated (especially since I only have one kidney). I had several warming blankets on as well for the chills.. My fever was close to 103 when I was rolled into the ER. I was put under & surprising awoke feeling great. I think it was reduced fever relief. I stayed the night and was released the next day. I still have three draining pumps. At this point my right nipple is still not out of the woods in regards to the possibilities of losing it completely. I had infection in the left breast but the culture did not show any bacteria growth in the days to come. I was on Bactrim (antibiotic) and continued taking it. He re sutured all but my nipples and left some openings in the vertical. The next couple weeks were emotionally taxing and I had to start taking zanax to calm my nerves. . Every time I had to change my bandages (at least twice a day) I would emotionally fall apart. I would go see my PS once a week and they would supply me with the medical supplies for the week.
My story will be continued.....

2nd surgery

I also forgot to mention that's my hemoglobins were tested at around 7. Before my. 2nd surgery. I was wondering why I was hyperventilating when i would become upset . I received a blood transfusion of 2 units per recommendations of my PS during my overnight stay.

Splitting after surgery

So now that I had the 2nd surgery I started really splitting open on on the vertical left the left breast . It is strange that the right breast was the one we were most worried about and the left with the healthy nipple ends up being the problem child. My PS said he wasn't surprised since the skin from the second surgery was traumatized. Sorry if photos are so graphic. Everyone should see the risk factor with complications as much as the successes with no complications. I am doing this so that you all educate yourself on realistic expectations of your surgery.

Continuing with splitting and PS said it's time to close now.

My PS explained that he had to wait until things heal done before re-sitting. I finally got the ok to him to do on 1/3 to come in the next morning at 9:00. He gave me a script for 2 Valium and I could bring my Percocet. He shot in some novocaine and it was relatively painless. It was a relief to finally be closed both nipples & the split. It was a little uncomfortable on the second & third day after but improved everyday. The good news is although I will never again have sensation with my right nipple, I am out of the woods for losing the nipple. My story will continue....

Where I am presently

I am still healing and I have been somewhat depressed. I think mostly due to the let down of it not going well. I never would have imagined that I would be the unlucky one. I have been in a new relationship since summer and I'm hoping the pressure doesn't kill us. I have even mourned my old body and exactly wished I could have it back. I am however going to continue to be strong and hold faith in my PS. He told me he will get me to look good it's just going to take more time then we originally planned. To be continued

A day at a time.

Previously I did not mention that after My saline implants were deflated that I noticed that my right breast in which was the breast with the risk of nipple loss was much smaller then the left breast. The larger left breast with the previous infection and after the servers splitting has naturally longer to heal and still is. I see my PS on Tuesday and I will have some questions regarding the size issue. Will salune implants be easier to balance the smaller breast to a uniform size to match the left breast or will different size silicone implants be better. Right now the focus is complete the healing, removal of scars, etc.

As far as the other procedures
I had done starting with the mini FL so far I am 50% happy. The upper eye bleph 40% (since I feel the left still has more loose skin and feel he could of went higher on the eye lid incision on both eyes (just my opinion). It's possible things will change as things soften up so we will see. My mini TT I am 50% happy since I am not happy with the scar revision although he did not promise it would be completely flat. I like my lower belly bottom and hernia repair in which was small. I do like the lower incision. Later on all that.......

Weekly PS appt.

I saw my PS yesterday 2/17 and asked him questions regarding scar repair. He explained that many of the scars on my breasts around my nipples will be removed in addition to making nipples uniform (the same size since one is smaller) when I get the third surgery for the implants . I also expressed that I was not happy with my old previous scar that was supposed to be revised. He said he could do more there as well on the third surgery and he explained how. So now it 's a waiting game, continuing to be patient and continue healing. My breast are almost closed with just feel small openings. I started protein shakes this morning. I am going to start walking today and get back to exercise but can not get into the pool until I am completely sealed & healed. I also pointed out a red scar that has been there since my chemical peel as well and he said it may have been where he went deeper with the peel. I am not sure if it will need to be addressed later.i do not return unless there is a problem for 3 weeks. I think the exercise will help a great deal with my depression. Thank you in advance for the prayers I have received !

Patience is difficult

I am still healing and from this updated photo you can see how much work still needs to be done. I have decided to get a second opinion to assure that should hold on to faith that my PS is going sll he can. I will need scar revisions on breast and abdomin for old scar (I believe not much if anything was done there like it was suppose to be) . My PS said he could revisit that and do more there when I go for my Breast augmentation surgery. On the third surgery he will insert implants and remove scars he also plans to march up size of my nipples as well . I really appreciate & need continued prayers that this will all be corrected and put behind me and get back to feeling good . I know it's a long stretch but hopefully I will change my "not worth" it to "worth it" and be happy with the final results. So far I am very disappointed that this all happened but trying to stay positive.

2nd opinion schedule for the 16th

I decided to make an appointment with another Local PS for a second opinion for the revisions I will receive. The PS I am scheduled with is one of the 6 PS's that a had a consult with before choosing. I was really struggling with the decision. I went with the PS that I received a better price with.

Healing but a ways to go yet

I have an appt with my PS on the 13th. I started making a list of my new founded questions for him along with expressing my disappointments with my Mommy Makeover (in my case Grammy Makevrr :). I have read other PS advise here with waiting for scars to nature before revisions. Some suggesting 6 -8 months others a year. Any advise from experience would be appreciated. I will feel better getting a second opinion next week and seeing what my PS advises as well.
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