5'8 140 Lbs 28 Years Old, Mother of 1 - Newark, DE

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Hello ladies!! I figured I would finally update my...

Hello ladies!! I figured I would finally update my page. I'm 5'8, 140 lbs and a mother of one. I'm looking at getting mentor gel 425 cc silicone under the muscle. Right now, I'm a 32 B, a 32 D in Victoria secret (which sizes are usually off). I'm looking to have a full D after surgery. My BA is scheduled SEpt 16th. So nervous!

Wish boobs

These are my wish boobs vs mine

BA is Today and I'm Still Stressing Size

I'm still worried about size and my BA is scheduled in two hours. I
never got to try on rice sizers or get my BWD from my doctor. It scares
me because I'm afraid they'll be too large for my body. I'm looking at
425cc moderate plus silicone. I'm almost so scared that I feel like
canceling the appointment since I have no peace in mind about size for sure. Also, did anyone have to take their nail polish off before surgery?

Surgery Was This Morning, I Am Now at Home.

My BA surgery was scheduled at 9:30. I just got home and am currently
laying in bed with ice packs. The pain is coming from the pressure and
swelling. I've been nauseated also. I'm really hoping that my boobs turn
out to be a D because right now with the swelling, they look huge! All I
want to do is sleep :(


I had my surgery yesterday at 10am and the swelling has gotten worse since I left (which is to be expected). When does the swelling start to go down? I just want to see my pretty boobies :( I'm beyond impatient lol. I'm hoping by Monday, I'll be able to do things on my own since my boyfriend has to go back to work then.

Last 24 hours

Last 24 hours I have been nauseated and sore. The swelling seemed to have increased and my poor boobs feel like boulders. I am having issues getting out of bed by myself. I bought a wedge pillow but I'm becoming uncomfortable :( in other words, I'm whiny! I'm really hoping the swellings goes down and I am a D because as of right now, I'm pushing out of a DD bra :(

First 24 Hours

Pain is going okay, as long as I'm on the meds. I got cleaned up this morning. My poor boobs are so swollen, I am really hoping they turn out to be a D. The bra in the picture is a 34D-DD and I am popping out on the sides of it. I slept most of the day yesterday but today, I seem to have more energy.

It's been a week!

It's been a week since my new boobies and what a roller coaster it has been. From swelling and hating my boobs to them finally taking some shape and me actually starting to like them. The first two days I did nothing but sleep and then woke up to an Alergic reaction on my face and boobs =\. They were so swollen that they were popping out of a 34 DD bra. I began to regret my decision to get them done. By the third day, I came off my meds and onto Tylenol, began walking around the house to get my energy back (meds made me nauseous). The swelling has came down a lot and I'm hoping it continues until I am a D. In clothes, they look great but outside of clothes, they're still swollen but they're finally taking some shape. I feel like I'm carrying boulders on my pain and they're not soft yet.

8 days post

Feeling a little huge still. I'm still swollen and I get some pain here and there. They haven't dropped and fluffed yet but they're starting to make shape.

Up and down

Tomorrow will be a month since my BA and I can't say that I'm thrilled with them. I'm almost at a regret. Sizing is great, they are a D. However, I don't feel that they're completely even and I feel like one is still bigger than the other. This may be due to swelling but I'm unsure. Most of the swelling has went down and my boobs do look smaller than what they did during my first week. For my size, I feel like they look completely natural but I also have those days, where I wished I went a little bigger but not by much.
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