45 Year Old - Lipo of Flanks, Back and Fat Pad Above Buttocks - Newark, DE

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Hello All, I am scheduled for surgery on 4/21/16....

Hello All, I am scheduled for surgery on 4/21/16. I have seen some very nice results on Realself and I am very hopeful that I get the results I have long awaited for. I will add photos a few days before my surgery. I look forward to sharing this part of my journey with you and following yours as well.

Day of surgery

Day of surgery: I made it! A special thanks to my PS DR Jonathan Saunders of Newark DE and the hospital staff at DOCS!! I knew I was in great hands and I completely trust my PS.

Soon after arrival I was brought back to the prep area my PS came in, he marked me up and was kind enough to include the lower back fat area we discussed in his office in addition to the bilateral flanks. This area is like a fat pad above my crack area and I absolutely hate it.

Regarding recovery: I woke up in the recovery area and the nurses there were attentive, helpful and caring. I think I was there for 1-2 hours but it's hard to track the time. My surgery was at 10:45 and I think we left the surgery center to go home around 1:45.

Second thoughts: I didn't expect to have this feeling again but oh did I ever. It started as soon as I got in the wheel chair to come home. That is when the nausea and pain began. I guess the medicine was wearing off. It was a tough ride home but it seemed faster than the 50 minutes it normally takes. I was kind of out of it.

Pain: my pain level in the surgery center can be described as extreme soreness, upon our arrival home I could feel the pain kicking in on my right side. I can best describe this pain as extreme cramps after a really long run (about a 5 on my pain scale). My left side and lower back still mostly sore. I took 3 Advil when we got home and reclined on the couch with my feet up on a pillow. I attempted to eat toast but my throat is so sore I couldn't swallow the smallest bite. I was able to eat a 1/2 of yogurt, along with milk and hot tea. Then I took a long nap.

After my nap, my 22 year old daughter helped me off the couch so I could walk around. I walked for a few min and felt lightheaded so I sat back down on my own. She made me some tea and I tried to take it easy. After 2 more hours I got up again, this time on my own. Yes, it hurt! I began to walk again. This time I didn't get lightheaded. The pain felt a little better as I walked more but it really hurt at first. I slowly circled the house for 1-2 hrs. After my walk I figured I would try to pee but the toilet seat was to low. Instead I used a large qt wonton container and that worked well. I was able to go without assistance but help was here if I needed it.

Speaking of help: Yes you need someone with you on your 1st day home! Now is not the time to be independent. I certainly underrated the recovery.

The compression garment is waist to thigh with zippers on each side with a much needed opening in order to use the bathroom. I like this one.

My after care instructions: lay with feet up and wiggle them for circulation, take it easy, keep garment on for 48 hrs. After 48 hrs remove garment, shower and put garment back on. I can expect oozing as this is normal. Protect furniture from oozing.

Sleep: I slept on the couch because we have power recliners. It makes it so much easier to get up. My husband slept downstairs with me in case I needed anything.

I guess that's it for now. I hope this review is helpful. It would be nice to know if anyone actually reads it. I wish realself had a counter so you could tell if your page has been visited. It would give a person more motivation to post updates. Otherwise it seems pointless.

Happy healing to all. Sorry no pics yet but they will come later. I am planning to do before and after side by side pics.

Before and after pics as promised

Before & 48 hrs later

4 days post op

Hi, just a quick update. My pain is down to very sore. I am taking 2 Aleve 2x daily, it seems to help better than the Advil I took for the 1st couple of days. I took my second shower today and washed my garment again. I have gained some more range of motion but it really hurts to twist and bend over. I mostly squat when I need to pick up something. I slept in my bed from day 2 with my feet elevated. It's best for me to roll out of bed than to have someone lift me out, ouch and oh shit that hurt... I get stiff when I wake up and I loosen up as I move around. I prefer to stand and I get sore if I sit for more than an hour. I go back to work tomorrow and I feel like I am ready. My swelling seems significant and I feel like I still look mostly the same. I know it's early on and I am expecting to look better down the road. I have almost no bruising which is surprising. I see some ladies so black and blue it's crazy. My right side seems bigger than my left side, I hope this will even out. I am not having any oozing and the holes are closing up nicely. The fat pad above my crack doesn't look that different either, idk if it will get better or not. Since this wasn't officially in scope it may not have gotten the attention it needed. :0(

Happy healing my friends.

10 days post op

Hi, sharing some pics. The soreness has really subsided but it's not gone. I am still swelling and my weight is up 3 lbs from preop. I am noticing some improvement and hope that continues. Happy healing to all. ??

1 month post-op

Hello all, I am at the 4 week mark. So far I haven't seen any improvement since my last update at 10 days. However, I am sharing some more photos. I still have soreness. I was told I don't need the garmet after week 3 but I find myself uncomfortable when I go without it. On these days I put it on when I get home and feel less sore right away. My PS said it takes 6 months to see the final result. After the tummy tuck and the additional lipo 7 months later (which is this review) I feel like I have been healing FOREVER! At least by September TT will be one year and lipo will be 5 months. I hope the lipo fixes my flanks and muffin-top by then.

5 months post lipo

Hello All, here are my 5 month post lipo / 1 year post tummy tuck pics. I did not have any complications from the lipo and the early on discomfort has long since past. I do have the 4 lipo holes, which are slowly fading. Happy healing!
Jonathan Saunders

Dr. Jonathan Saunders preformed the lipo as a follow up to my tummy tuck, he did not charge a fee for this surgery, I only paid for the surgery center fees. I love my new tummy and the extra lipo has helped enhanced my surgery results. I highly and recommend Dr. Jonathan Saunders.

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