22 Years Old, 5'6", 110 lbs, 590cc Mentor UHP

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I am 22 years old with perky 32C breasts. I have...

I am 22 years old with perky 32C breasts. I have been dreaming of fuller, larger breasts since I was a pre-teen and am finally being given the opportunity to make that dream into a reality. I put off getting surgery because originally I was concerned about my age, cost of surgery, and the fear of having regrets if I halfhazardously went through with an augmentation without proper rearch.

I have been perusing this site ever since my significant other approached me and asked if I would like new breasts as my birthday gift this year. I have a great "starter set" in colloquial terms, however I have always wished I had porn star style tits.

We started meeting with doctors in August after deciding we wanted to go through with it. I found my PS through this site and discovered that he also did my moms friend's B.A. and she absolutely loved them. After having a negative experience with another surgeon who I felt scolded me for my desire to go significantly larger, I was apprehensive about my consultation. However, upon meeting Dr. Saunders and speaking with him; I knew I found the right surgeon. He showed me several before and afters and really seemed to understand what my partner and I are looking for. I was able to play with several different implants and sizes to really see what I wanted. He measured me and suggested 500-650ccs of UHP Mentor silicone unders. I was given the assignment to go home and research fellow women with my body type, find examples of breasts I envied, then bring them to my pre-op appointment (October 13th.)

I am posting my before pictures, and photos of my desired look.

Concerns About Aftercare Being An Addict in Recovery

I woke up this morning in a sweat of anxiety...realizing I have a little more than two weeks to prepare for my surgery. Also, noticed two typos in my previous entry with no way to revise (oh no!) I have decided to stay with my parents for two weeks following the operation. My largest concern is administration of pain pills as I am an addict in a recovery program.

I did discuss this concern with my P.S and we decided to do a limited prescription and sign a waiver agreeing to take them responsibly. I haven't seen other people on this forum address this topic so perhaps my experience will be able to help others in a similar situation. At the moment, my mother has agreed to be the keeper of the medication and will keep them on her person at all times until we throw out the bottle. At which point I will rely entirely upon non-narcotic painkillers. My sponsor is requiring me to contact her each time my mother gives me a pill so I am held accountable. Although I have taken precautions, this will be my first time in almost two years taking a narcotic, and I'm worried about the long-term repercussions of doctor-approved using more than I am the pain following surgery.

For now, just trying to focus on getting all my ducks in a row prior to the operation. Will update after my pre-op appointment on Monday.

*Does anyone have any suggestions on either things I should acquire prior to the surgery to help in my aftercare, or ways to cope with the Catch-22 of medication?

Slowly Coming Together

Yesterday was my pre-op appointment. We waited as patiently as possible in the lobby, perusing the "best-of" section of Craigslist eager to get the appointment over with. One full hour later the doctor handed me the "oh-so-feminine" pink paper slip top and my photos were taken. Despite not being the shy type, there's something about a sterile environment that made me nervous to be photographed bare chested. The PS measured me and determined I have an 11.5" chest diameter. Since I would like to be a minimum DD cup size after surgery, my implant options were limited. With A Mod+ or HP I would be limited to a 350-425cc max implant. So, despite my significant other's concerns that an UHP will give me as he so eloquently referred to as "missile boobs"; I am going with the largest implant we can safely put on my small frame. He apparently would have preferred I chose the 535cc implant, but I feel like the 590 is going to bring me closer to my ideal image.

After getting dressed we made our payment, received more packets of information and met my parents for a wonderful dinner. In regards to my previous post, aftercare plans are being established. I handed over my prescription last night to my mother who will make sure that bottle never touches my hands. My doctor would only give me the Dilaudid (with a 5 day limited quantity) providing I gave him my plan for safe administration. Mom has agreed to keep that at all times with her or they will be locked in a safe during the evenings when she is home. My wonderful partner will be taking off the first 4 days following surgery to tend to my every need (oh, boy!), and my parents are coordinating their work schedules around my follow-up appointments and aftercare. I feel incredibly grateful to have a wonderful support network who is so willing to work together to make this surgery and aftercare a less stressful situation.

I'm currently off of work on Fridays so I am trying to get everything I will need together before my big day. In regards to my job, I put in my resignation and will be finished by my surgery date. I have been helping find someone to take my position for the past few weeks, but with how understanding my boss is and the direction the company is moving in, I keep debating whether I should move forward or accept the promotion I was offered at my current job and return to work after surgery.

Decisions, decisions! As time goes on, more will be revealed... (both literally and figuratively, hello boobs!)

Morning Boob Misery!

So yesterday was the big day! My surgery was scheduled for 2:00 p.m. and the fasting was challenging...something about being told I'm not allowed to eat of drink made me obsess about how hungry I was all day.

We arrived at the outpatient center early, around 12:20. They promptly checked me in and by 12:45 I was hooked up to an I.V. of clindamyacin and saline; urine analysis, vitals, and questions were completed prior. That's when I started getting severe anxiety about what was going to happen. Ever since a negative experience with liquid ketamine anesthesia last year where I woke up during the operation repeatedly I've been terrified of going under.

Fast forward, Dr. Saunders came and spoke with us and drew all over my chest. Promptly afterwards I was walked into the O.R. I voiced my terror to the anesthesiologist who made a real effort to calm me down. They administered an I.V. of something to relax me and that's the last part I remember.

Upon waking I feel groggy and mentally incapacitated. I couldn't remember anything the nurses said and repeatedly asked the same questions; "Am I okay?" "When can I have medicine?" "Where is my boyfriend?" "Does he know I'm okay?"

When they brought him in he fed me juice and Saltines since they wanted me satiated prior to administering medication. My mouth was drier than the Sahara and I couldn't chew the crackers. Pain then was a 6, and two Vicodin later I was at a pain level of 5.

My boyfriend fed me beef stew my mom prepared, iced my chest, took me to the restroom (couldn't remove my own pants), and has been giving me tea and lemon water whenever I asked. Want able to watch T.V., laugh with my parents, and interact minus slight discomfort and a raspy voice from the tube during surgery.

Fast forward, by 8:00 p.m. I took more medicine and informed my sponsor. Definitely no "head buzz" from the Dilaudid which was a sort of relief. At 12:00 my Mom administered another dose and I took a prescription sleeping pill. Pain was roughly a 7. Very tight chest, hot burning sensation, and what feels like extreme heartburn.

I managed to fall asleep for maybe a bit over two hours. Upon which I woke up terrified and shaking since the pain/swelling has progressed to where I couldn't sit up by myself. Upon multiple groans and my apparent distress my significant other helped me out of bed so I could use the restroom.

Sitting upstairs now on the sofa since I can't lay down or move without audible grunts of pain. Don't want to keep waking up my lover. Mom just gave me another pain pill and sleep aid so I'm praying for more sleep.

We have to wake up at 8:00 to call the doctor's office and schedule a post surgery visit so they can check out my breasts and fit me in my surgical bra.

Pain now is between an 8-9. If it wasn't for the instant gratification of having a huge rack I would be complaining a lot more.

Other than ice, any tips for alleviating the pain? These 590cc UHP are killing me! Posting a picture to show the swelling.

How do you think they look so far?

Thank you ladies for your support!

One Day Post Op

So, it was a rough morning to say the least. The lack of sleep and Dilaudid triggered a bipolar episode. Upon going to the surgeon's office to remove my bandages and be fitted, I promptly broke into tears and couldn't stop sobbing for a bit.

They informed me that I am recuperating well, thus far. My next appointment will be this Friday to have my stitch threads cut.

Only real change is that with the effects of the Dilaudid I asked to be switched to something less narcotic in effect. My two options were Percocet and Codeine/Tylenol. Due to the aforementioned history of drug abuse I declined the Percocet. Despite the possible "freebie", I had to put my recovery first. Now on a "weaker" blend of Tylenol and Codeine. It seems to be helping with pain without agitating my bipolar disorder and borderline.

Kinda scatterbrained now, took my first bath and sobbed hysterically after an accidental breast accident. Anyways, here are my photos of the "breast situation."


The past few days have been a blur of moderate pain. The painkillers caused severe insomnia and after 4 hours of sleep in three days I finally just went cold turkey today in favor of much needed sleep.

Yesterday my phone crashed after several years of ownership...I wouldn't advise trying to decide on a new electronic with a brain clouded by opiates, pain, and sleeplessness. Already having issues with the new phone today and stress seems to be more difficult than usual to handle.

Managed to break a bra yesterday because apparently my heaving bosom was too much for the flimsy zipper on my front close sports bra. Ended up buying two really nice ones at Victoria's Secret today. Currently, I am a full 34DD, but that's subject to change with dropping and fluffing as they "age." Right now I have been doing light range of motion exercises to keep my chest from feeling too tight. The biggest negative today was detox like symptoms from abruptly quitting the codeine. I wouldn't recommend that... It's unusual being a recovering addict who is actively in long-term recovery while experiencing what could colloquially be called being "dope sick."

I'm praying that with sufficient fluid intake, sleep, and a diet rich in nutrients I'll feel less sick tomorrow. Supposed to drive back home tonight and return on Friday for my post op appointment.

Will keep posted. On the bright side, they are getting a bit softer and I think they look pretty damn good!

Looking Good!

Well, it's been 5 days since my surgery. I am officially off of painkillers and am no longer experiencing detox symptoms from quitting them. I am thankfully off of work until next Monday and my boyfriend keeps emphasizing that my only job this week is to eat and sleep.

With that being said, I wake up each morning with a pressure in my chest. It feels like a toddler is sitting on me and it can be difficult to catch my breath. I presume that over time as they "fluff" it will become easier to breathe. I try to sit as still as possible during the day since movement causes this unusual sensation I can best describe as "a cell phone vibrating inside of my chest cavity." I definitely love the way I look now. It's an adjustment, and I know the change sure as hell isn't subtle enough to not blatantly declare "I had a boob job!"

Despite everything, it's without a doubt worth it. I feel more feminine, confident, and my boyfriend can't keep his eyes off of me. Last night when he came home I greeted him in a sports bra holding a plate of cookies. I don't think a sports bra has ever elicited such a positive reaction from a man. I feel as though the addition of large knockers has given me the ability to look at myself the way he has for the last year. I finally feel sexy.

I'm curious if anyone else has had the surgery and found themselves checking themself out afterwards like, "Damn girl! Looking good!" I may start wearing sexy lingerie all the time just so I have an extra reason to double take my reflection in the mirror...

"All Good"

Today was my follow up appointment to have my stitches removed. According to the nurse who removed the external stitch on either side, "everything looks as though it's healing normally."

This was a relief to me as I have experienced a slew of side effects that as a hypochondriac I have managed to mentally link to a terrible reaction. I have severe sweating both at night and during the day, bruising on my left breast, a tight sensation, difficulty breathing, and am easily exhausted with physical activity. I was reassured that all of this is completely normal for someone at my stage in post op.

Learned some massage techniques today that INSTANTLY soften the breast. As a recovering addict, I'm all about instant gratification so you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be squeezing those suckers regularly! (It's a several minute, slightly uncomfortable technique-may post a video of it.)

The only cause for concern is a couple dark moles she suggested I have checked.

Next follow up is this Tuesday with the surgeon. I return to work on Monday and will post how that goes.

Doing Well!

Well, it's been just about a month since my breast augmentation. Most of the pain and discomfort are gone although my breasts are still a bit sensitive to the squeeze.

I've been back to work and have barely thought about the surgery. To my surprise, no one seems to have noticed the change. I guess they aren't as dramatically sized as I initially thought they were.

At week two my P.S. cleared me to sleep on my side providing I didn't find it uncomfortable. Since that clearance I have slept soundly each night. I try to massage them before going to bed to ease any of the tightness.

With that being said, enjoy the newest photos!

Holy Cow, My Breasts are Huge!

So with Christmas rapidly approaching if was suggested I purchase a bra that fits as lately I have been going sans. We are going to Connecticut to get together with my significant other's entire extended family and he ideally would like me to "carry myself like the lady I am."

So, with that being said I bounced into Victoria's Secret for my first bra fitting since my surgery. The woman measuring me complimented me on my "naturally perky full breasts." I must say regardless of whether she was just saying it to make me feel good, I felt great about it. She said to try a 32DDD-34DDD (32E/34E)

I strutted into the dressing room with a bag overflowing with lacy minimally padded bras. Upon strapping myself into the first one I was shocked it barely fit! I tried 6 on until the saleswoman informed me that my best bet was going to be a specialty shop. My boyfriend loved the picture I sent him in the 32E red bra so I used my gift card (a surgery gift from my well intentioned mother) to purchase a slightly tight bra where my cup runneth over.

I did get a chance to check out a specialty bra shop and also a Macy's that carries larger sizes. I was "properly fit" and am bewildered to find out I am a 30H-32G! Holy moly those are some massive knockers!

Can anyone recommend a shop or great online store with pretty feminine bras for larger cup sizes?

*photos of today's trip attached
**didn't purchase the better fitting bras due to the lack of choices

All Fluffed

Photos demonstrate the "dropping and fluffing." I still do not have much sensation in my nipples and it has been over a year since my surgery.

Thought it might be nice to give a final update. I believe that all in all, the surgery was worth it, and I am happy with my size. In clothing I appear to be a large D cup, but in actuality I am a 28H or 28 FF in European sizes.
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