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I am 59 and mother of 4 adult children. I breast...

I am 59 and mother of 4 adult children. I breast feed all 4, put them through college and now it's time for doing something for myself. I am a cancer survivor and have been cancer free for 20 years and that is why I have a left scar on my abdomen. So I am on this journey and have had approximately 6 consults. I am close to a decision with what surgeon I am using. I am looking at a mini Facelift, upper eyelid bleph, breast lift, TT & lipo.

Need a lift

Still trying to get more answers be done with it

I am still thinking I need implants to get the look I really want. I want full upper poles and I believe implants is the only way to achieve this. Can I achieve this safely without a 2 step process?

Getting close

I went for my pre-op Friday! I still need to get mammogram and scheduled for pre-op with my primary to get EKG & clearance. Getting ready to go on a weekend vacation and hopefully the next vacation it will be with the new and improved version lol. So this has been an interesting journey the biggest part is communicating my realistic expectations and choosing the PS that I feel most comfortable with. It was a tough decision between three Local PS's.


Mu opinion of the perfect boobs.

7 Days to go!

Today I worked on what I hope will be my recovery area. Today I found a TV stand for my den. I am just hoping I can walk up the stairs after surgery to get to my bedroom & den with my recliner. I could not bear to be downstairs since my mother is living with me and as dear as would drive me crazy since she is up wee hours in the morning
and is extremely noisy lol. She has some dementia so it should be interesting.
I am getting excited but u am a little disappointed that I have gained 5 lbs over the holiday and I have not been able to swim. I do aquatic fitness at the Y and sure do miss it since I picked up extra hours at work and between doctor appts and work I am cheating myself of workouts. I plan to get back to clean eating and exercising my willpower once again. I think most of the 5 lbs went to my tummy & hips so I am hoping the lipo will help get me back. I plan to work hard with changing my eating habits totally. It is a lifestyle change that I am ready to be dedicated to. So Happy & Healthy New Year All!

Sorry for the typos

I wish there was a way to correct typos on this site!

Tomorrow morningIs my surgery

Woke up this morning and thought this time tom I will be going in for my makeover surgery! Yesterday was scary since my Mammo sowed that they wanted to do further studies so I went back in and they re-did the mammo and also did an US. During the time I was there I said 3 rosaries and was sure something was wrong. I think the worst part of this was realizing and knowing I missed my annual Manmo's for 3 consecutive years since I have taking care of my elderly mom and it simply got away from me. So real wake up call for me or anyone reading this. Mark your calendars and be diligent with your health checks!
Turns out everything was fine! So here we go! I will try to post my recovery updates,

This time tomorrow

This time tomorrow I will be in my 5-6 hour surgery. So nervous but excited. So here I go on this journey....FL/upper bleph/chemical peel, scar revision/mini TT/umbilical hernia repair/lipo, BL/BR/Augmentation. I need to wonen up & be brave. Will share my experience. Praying .

Can't help but feel disappointed

I had my surgery on Thursday and when I awoke the doctor came to me room and told me there was a complication with my right nipple. Trying to stay positive and let the surgeon fix it. I will be posting updates I just need to get through the fixing part.

Day 5

First decent day today.
Things that help...
First day to have a cup of coffee and gave myself a total sponge bath. It's amazing to feel human again. First time to stripe down and view. How strange it feels seeing smaller boobs after so many years of seeing large sagging ones. I look forward to getting back with an exercise routine. I stopped the Percocet and I'm just taking XS Tylenol. I've had body chills, started feeling feverish Sunday and I awoke with a fever Monday night of 102.8. It most likely was from some slight congestion. I have been using the breathing gauge to get things moving and taking Mucinex.

I finally found something that works. Spanx for the lower part and compression belt for upper part. This also aids with keep bandages to stay in place for my seepage that was excessive but is finally slowing down. Still would like some decent tape that actually sticks to gauze or pads!

My face stopped the peeling process for the most part, still swollen, around stitches' and looking at this area makes me really queasy. Also there is some bruising. I look forward in getting the stitches' out and totally cleaned up in that area.

I still have concerns about my complication however by staying positive is so important mentally & physically. Hopefully Friday will be the next step.

Also counting my blessing for having wonderful daughters for showing their love & support. My youngest who lives with me while in her final "graduate study year" at the university and has been my little angel. Seriously Blessed.

I will post pictures once my complication is under control. Just a little too graphic right now.

As Jimmy Dean once quoted,
I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

Three month update

My journey has consisted of a nipple complication. There is a 1-2% chance of occurrence. Lucky me to fall into that percentage :( I am a healthy non-smoker and this is mentioned and asked frequently by surgeon's here on RS. Overall my makeover experience has been disappointing and stressful but I am thankful that Dr. Thornton is a excellent doctor and he made the right decisions since I did not lose my nipple and that would have been more devastating. Although I have lost part of my areola on my right breast and have extra scarring, I still have a nipple. I now have another surgery to prepare for where I will receive scar revisions and some additional augmentations with new implants. I am waiting to see how my body recovers, the scars to soften and mature. I foresee a 8-12 month healing. I have read here on RS that doctors recommend this amount of time and most important....what my doctor advises. I am confidant that my doctor is a good PS and he will give me a satisfactory result. I will continue to be patient and keep the faith. I am hopeful that my final "after" photos that I will post after my third surgery will be aesthetically appealing. I will continue to be positive, continue with working out and eating healthy until then! Good luck to all of you on your own personal journey's.

Fall will be here soon

I had my last appt until summer's over with Dr.Thornton this morning. He is such a warm & compassionate doctor. I am confident that this will turn out to be a more positive result. It was very traumatic but being patient and positive is crucial when having a complication. In the fall, I am getting tweaked along my jawline, abdominal scar re-visited and most important my breast augmentation that include implants and some scar revisions to areolas. I guess I will just try and enjoy going braless and wear styles I've never be able to wear before until then :)

Surgery is scheduled for September 10, 2015

I saw Dr. Thornton today and we now have a plan for my implant & revision surgery in September. He was very through and his opinions are valued. I look forward to finalizing this process. I am a little nervous about telling my daughters because of what I have been through but hopefully they will not worry. I want my figure to be proportioned! I will have my pre-op in August 19th. So here we go again. Wish me good luck and prayers are always appreciated!

Revisions & decisions

I don't know about everyone else but I am finding that deciding on the size of my implants is overwhelming. I decided to make some rice sizers. I made 400cc, 350cc & 300cc. I think I would like 375cc or overfilled 350's???? I tried on wearing a sports bra and someone else suggested a padless bra works too. The only thing else is taking in consideration that the implants will be placed behind the muscle so that will absorb some of the volume & support them more. I will talk it over with my PS on my pre-op in August. Not sure if there is much of a difference in moderate plus compared to moderate profile.

Wish boobs - how many CC can I safely receive to achieve my wish boobs?

Wish boobs- will moderate plus give me more side boob?

Next week ore-op for scar revisions and augmentation surgery

I wrote my list of questions for my pre-op with my PS next week. I have been trying on rice sizers so I think what I want is somewhere around 375-400cc. I like the rice sizers because they are round vs. the sizers at the ps office are odd shaped tear shaped and not round so it's hard to get a vision. I just want to be nicely proportioned for my frame. I don't want them to be huge but round with some side boob, full upper pole, with some projection. I would like them to not to have a squeezed cleavage appearance as well so nicely spaced. I hope he can achueve all this! I will get a better gauge when I go there Thursday and get all my questions answered. I don't expect to look like a 30 yo but just be happy with an improvement.

Revision surgery in Thursday 9/10

Revision surgery is this coming Thursday morning 9/10/15. I am a lot scared but continue to pray for a good result. After going through a complication you can not help but be scared but I am thinking positive that God will bless my surgeons hands. I have faith in him and that he will do the best he can so I can come out of this satisfied.
I am getting an old adominal scar revised, saline implants, lipo of fat pouch above my TT incision and lipo of my back bra area.
I am trying to get back into a bikini at 60! Trying to set the bar high while still being realistic! I will continue my work outs when the doctor gives me the ok but will start by walking! I have a tropical vacation planned for the winter so I want to get this WAY out of the way! ????????????????????????????

Adding pics

Revision in Thursday 9/10/15

Three more days!

Nervous & praying for a successful outcome.

In waiting room waiting for my surgery

The day is here. So far I am holding up. My daughter and granddaughter had to leave because the little one was frightened of the hospital. I insisted that she leave, didn't want her to be scared too! My stomach is in jumbles. I took some before pictures this morning, I will post the before and after.

I got my breasts back!

Successful surgery. Praying that I will heal well.

Surgery Day!

I arrived at the hospital at 10:00 AM and signed in, since that is what time my paperwork said to report there. The clerk registered me where I waited over an hour and half in the waiting room, I then started to get concerned so I questioned the clerk. She told me that I should have really arrived at 11:00 and said my surgery wasn't scheduled until 1:15 PM. She then checked to see where my doctor was and confirmed he had a three surgeries ahead of me and told me it would not be much longer. I was finally greeted & picked up by a friendly hospital staff member who had weighed me in. She also told me there was a shortage of strecthers In which delayed the pick up. The hospital was shiny and very clean and it made me feel confidant and comfortable I waited a short time longer and was called back and the Pre-op continued by taking vitals, was interviewed by the anesthesiologist the IV was inserted. I hated where he placed the IV (on top of my hand vein) but kept quiet and was just glad my surgery was a step closer. I waited an hour and half more and by this time I was becoming ansy and asked What was the cause of delay also asked if they could administer something to relax me after finding out my scheduled 3:15 surgery was running 2 hrs behind. Finally I was told he was closing now on last surgery! Right before they wheeled me back I was given a shot of a anxiety meds (immediate relief) and wheeled into the operating room and rec'd the mask and went out in a few deep breathes.
I awoke feeling alot of pain in which developed into severe nausea. The nurses told me I looked great and everything went well, that was so important for me to hear! The nurse quickly gave me meds through my IV and the nausea quickly went away, yay! The recovery nurses were wonderful and one expressed since it was late in the day and since I showing signs I of struggling with the recovery they suggested I should stay the night & I thought so too. I was then rolled into a wonderful private room that was very clean & quiet. The night was not bad. I rested very well but of course had to pee through the night.
Day 1 post op
Dr. Thornton came is very early morning and said things went well. He examined me and we reviewed some things, answered questions and left. My youngest daughter came in to keep me company while we waited for one of my other daughters to pick me up to take me home. I as able to walk to the lobby where my daughter pulled up to the front door. we arrived home and they stayed the entire afternoon, made us all lunch and also went to pick up my prescriptions . I on the other hand, ended up going upstairs for a good nap. I was feeling itchy under the compression garment, took my scrips and a Benadryl and took a good nap.

Day 2 post-op

I slept in my king size bed with a ton of pillows to prop me up as suggested by Dr. Thornton. I have an micro suede upholster head board so this helps with the pillows staying in place! I have been taking pain meds in addition to a muscle relaxer as needed every 4-5 hours prescribed by my PS. I have also been taking my vitamins, a multi, & C. When I got up I felt like a was run over by a 12 wheeler (a little exaggerated lol) but was very sore however as soon as I started walking and went downstairs I felt much better! So far so good! I actually feel like I am healing!

Day 4 post op

I was able to take a shower today without soaking my front. My Q-ball cath was empty so I removed it, yay no fanny pack! I was able to get a quick reveal or a vision and I was pleased with my proportions. The bruising is there but not terrible. My nipples have steri strips and are covered with the clear plastic film and it's bloody underneath but not filled or bubbly. I will get this changed at my post op appt. tomorrow and hopefully post some picturess. I am sore but I feel so much better then the last surgeries. I have been sleeping off & on throughout the day. I have even been able to prepare meals since yesterday. I think I am going to be very happy atleast staying hopeful!

Post op appt

Day 5 for post o09. I am feeling better everyday. I took a yucky picture before my post op today so that you can see that with the nipple revision ther was some bleeding. There was not much bleeding from the abdominal scar revision.

After post op

More pics to come

Day 7 post op

I was able to shower with no bandages this morning yay progress! I have not shown my abdominal scar yet but plan to. The main goal of the old abdominal scar revision was to get rid of the roll that developed after 20 + years. So far it is much flatter and that ugly. Tethered roll has less of a chance to be seen through clothing and swimsuits. When I think of that scar & roll I often think it is part of me and the surgery that helped save my life and I will never forget that. & be grateful. The scar itself will never Disappear but there is nothing wrong with trying to improve it!

So far do good healing well

We had an actual date night last night and I felt pretty good! My BF was bedazzled by my new girls. We kept it short by going to a movie & dinner :) I continue to pray for full recovery!

Po stop #2

Healing well. Doctor gave me a new outfit today.

Two weeks post op

Two weeks out of scar revision & augmentation surgery. I still haven't dropped completely but doing the massages that the doctor instructed me to do and wearing garments. I feel more confidant then I did before these revision & augmentation as far as my results and appearance. The scars have improved and I am hoping that with some in office scar therapy I will be completely satisfied and no more surgery will be needed. I tried some bathing suits on today and I was getting excited that I could fit in my suits while still looking full figured but not falling out! Even with my complications, having this augmentation lift/reduction/augmentation Mommy/Grammy Makeover lol at 60 got rid of some loose skin, etc. I am looking forward to a full recovery and then going on vacation & enjoying myself with my love, also my kids & grandchild. So things are on an up trend!

Everyday improves

Breasts are doing well.i have been messaging twice a day. I still find my stamina is not great but I think it is lack of exercise. I plan to start walking this week and I should receive the all clear on my next week post op apt. Happy healing all!

Photos after revisions

Feeling more confident with my breasts. Nipple appearance is improving just need scar treatments on left breast when things settle down more. Dr. Thornton expressed he may need to tuck/tighten bottom of breasts under the breasts more but wants to see what things look like after implants settle. I am still wearing Velcro strap to push them down especially at night and compression garments for abdomen revision. I will post more pictures of breast and tummy in the raw in the near future. I have no pain other then the little shooting nerve pain every now & then. I really love my PS and he expresses how he appreciates my patience since it has been since January 2015. I also appreciate him for wanting to fix the things that went wrong.

Finally got the nerve

So I finally got the nerve to try on a bikini. I am 60 & embarrassing life!

Update after September revisions

Feeling well, working out about 5 days per week on average. Working on core strengthing but need more cardio since I can't seem to take off many pounds. It was strange when I started back to exercise because my chest wall was so tight and it kinda feels like you are doing more harm then good but it has loosened up substantially. I still have concerns on limitations on weights etc. so I will check with my PS when I go to a follow up in December. Overall, I am liking the improvements after my breast revisions but I am still not completely satisfied. The skin under my breasts is looser then it should be in addition to my left having a little boxy shape on the bottom left side, I will post more pics soon but harder to recognize fully in photos. I was hoping for more projection and not a snoopy profile when I pull the bottom tighter the breast projects better in the profile view. He said he will revise if it's needed. I am also not happy with the breast scars although they have come a long ways but hopefully will improve more with some laser scar therapy. On my last appt. my doctor said I need to wait for things to settle and heal before this. I will know more by next appt. in December. My abdominal old scar revision looks pretty good . Overall myy tummy is flat and beneath the skin my muscle are getting tighter & firmer. I am 60 and realize that my skin is not like a 30 year old in addition I was at a higher risk with having an existing old Abdominal scar (21yrs old scar). It was revised in Sept. I think he did a fine job considering it looked a lot worse with skin hanging over and it was teethered. I feel with laser scar therapy to remove redness I will be happier with it. In conclusion, with the abdomen, I don't like is the lumpy appearance to my skin so I am not sure if anything will improve this but will find out. I was at a higher risk and could not get a full TT but only a mini TT and realize this is a contributing factor because when I pull the skin there the lumps disapoear. I hate the thoughts of another revision there and will have to see if there is possibly a non invasive procedure that could possibly improve the appearance. I will update my review in addition finalize my entire PS experience soon. So here are some pics as to where I am with the abdomen. Happy Thanksgiving all! Best wishes for a healthy & happy 2016!

Final post op atleastbuntil early spring

I went to my final post op yesterday with Dr. Thornton. He agreed that there is some loose skin in the lower bottom of my breasts more so lefty then righty but both appear to have some lax. He suggested to wait until eatly spring to see if my implants drop more and to see if there are any changes. I asked him about scar therapy where I had the complications from splitting and said he would probably want to do a vertical revision at that time too. I feel I will never be done but hopeful he will make it right and worth it.
On a happier note I am going on vacation and I got a spray tan just for a little glow (not s 100% sold in it) lol and went and aldo got some eyelash extensions today (I love them).

Appointment set for early spring

My last appointment my doctor said let's look at where you are early spring to see if a tuck of loose skin at the bottom of my breasts is needed. I feel it's needed but we will see.

I feel my saline implants are natural looking but I also have some boob greed. I also wish the scars weren't as noticeable especially around my nipples. They continue to fade some. And I am grateful that I didn't loose them. They also don't have much feeling in the nipples especially the right (the one that I was at most risk of loosing).

I got into that bikini but still a working progress and since I am no spring chicken it's an uphill battle but I am not giving up.

5 month update

Doing well. Like my results with the exception of lower pole shape and scarring in which I feel will be addressed. Going back early April to make decision on revision.

Revision in late summer early fall

I went to my doctor in April to see about a revision since the skin in the lower pole is not tight enough. He agrees that I need. I am also wanting to go bigger. I am still not happy with the size. I have always had large breasts and feel my body frame crys for larger breasts. My boobs have an odd shape with no appealing projection. I hate my scars but happy I did not lose a nipple. After the appointment I started wondering if I could just get larger implants and that would help with the bottom out problem but most likely not. Any thoughts on your own personal experience will be appreciated. Thank you!

Another revision in the future

Current books & wish looks

Revision August 11, 2016

Decided to do another revision. I am hoping it will be the final and I will like the results. I have some laxed skin lower bottom of each breast that he will tighten up and I am going to have my implants exchanged. It's been a long road but I am trying to stay positive. I am hoping I will get more projection and better shape.

Last revision, staying hopeful.

I had a revision with Dr. Thornton on August 25th. I had my implants swapped out for a little larger and some scar revisions on my abdominal. The first week of recovery went better then the second. I did have a "freak out" moment on week 2 when I thought I was getting an infection. It turned out to be anxiety and Dr. Thornton managed to get me to calm down. The attack was like none I ever have had. All I could think of is having to get the implants removed and having to wait 6 mos to another year. It was bad lol.

Overall I feel pretty good other then not being able to exercise due to recovery and other things going on in my personal family life. I need to work out to help with the blues but need to be patient and just take walks until he clears me.

With my revision I see some improvement in profile projection and size. They are not huge but I feel proportionate to my body. I will post photos once I get out of the surgical bra & compression.

I will hopefully finally complete my pending review. It has been a long adventure and think I've had enough but I'm grateful for the good care I have received from Dr. Thornton & his staff.

Maybe not last revision

I currently have a lump above my abdominal scar revision. Dr. Thornton explained that the muscles were too far apart (upper abs near sternum) to repair it "get it to hold together". He told ne when I awoke from surgery that I may need a mesh there. Well seems to be correct because I have a hernia like budge already. He made three attempts to drain fluid with a syringe yesterday but could not find any and was afraid to go too deep. So watching it now, if it gets worse or doesn't go away I may need a general surgeon along with him. I hope it just goes away but not feeling like it will. So we will see.

Breasts are moving along but the right one is larger (it was the opposite before surgery) so hopefully things will settle (drop) and match. If it's not a big difference I am not going to fret over it. I will post photos once I get through this rough patch.


Recovery better each but at about 70%. Dr, Thornton staff took photos of the abdom. area that will most likely need mesh. He said he will speak to a general surgeon specialist in the mesh field. The thoughts of another surgery is so depressing. My kids are concerned about how many surgeries. I am too but hoping that this will heal and improve and perhaps be able to have a laparoscopic surgery that will be just as effective.

Outgrown old sports bra

Update on last revision of breasts and ab scar revision

It's been a few months and I am doing ok My right breast has a slight capsular contraction and I am hoping with massage it will improve. The implant is sitting higher and my upper pole is harde and fuller on the right breast and is slightly larger then the left. Previously the left was larger. The scars under the right breast are thicker as well and still bother me a little as far as comfort.

The abdominal revision is the biggest problem since the muscles are weak and thin on the left side where my old scar hence the reason for the scar revision in the first place. Dr. Thornton is referring me to a general surgeon to discuss the possibilities of mesh over the ab weakness. If the general surgeon thinks it will definitely improve this I will consider one more surgery. The other part of this is whether or not insurance will cover it. For visual purposes only, I am like a balled tire so to speak. I don't have a hernia but if I hit it hard at the gym and really worked on the 6 pack area (which it's not lol) I could possibly cause a blow out. It's kinda complicated involving fascia etc. but it's a simpliar way to explain it and try to have an understanding of the current issue. Bottom line, insurance won't pay to prevent a blow out only to fix it. However, I don't want to hit the gym hard and cause myself to get a hernia (blow out) since that would be stupidity. Right? Ugh.
Newark Plastic Surgeon

Review pending.

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