28 Yr Old Mother of Twins Finally Getting Tummy Tuck! - Newark, DE

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I have been wanting a tummy tuck since I was 18...

I have been wanting a tummy tuck since I was 18 years old and wrecked my body with a multiple gestation pregnancy. I have a small kangaroo pouch that I hide under my clothes and with spanx. Also have some stretch marks and wrinkly skin above my belly button that I am so anxious to get rid of. Today is my pre-opp appointment with Dr. Johnathan Saunders in Newark, DE. I'm sooooo nervous and excited for June 10th! The only thing is I have a really demanding job, and I'm only taking off 10 days. I sit most of the day so hopefully I'll be ok, and I had a c-section and was ok after about a week so we shall see...

Pre-opp pics!

I can't believe I'm sharing these online!

Tomorrow is the big day! Flat side here I come!!

I'm soooooo nervous and excited about surgery tomorrow! I feel like I still have a bunch to do as I haven't gotten my supplies yet and am planning to get them in the morning while I'm on my way. I'm really stressed about work I am an event planner and have two huge events exactly 2 weeks after the surgery (24th & 25th) and don't want to let my clients down. My goal is to have a flat tummy and minimal stretch marks. I'm praying for a speedy recovery!

1 day post opp- offically flat!!

I'm still groggy so I'll post more details later, but very happy with my results!

2 days post opp

Today's tummy pic! I am moving around, and taking Tylenol instead of the script medicine. My post opp is on the 16th prayerfully I can get my drains out then!

5 days Post opp!

The thing no one tells you about: coughing! Coughing is the most painful part of the process but I don't cough too often so I'm hanging in here. I'm working from home this week, taking client calls and emails and I'm ok, though the pain meds make me sleepy. I'm going back to work Monday and I'm super nervous and hope I'll be back to my old self. I'm standing about 70% straight, but I'm hoping once the drains are out I can stand fully. My belly button is beautiful and my stomach is amaze, I can't believe that it's mine. I've been self conscious about my stomach since I was 18, even if my shirt rolled up I'd be embarrassed and to finally feel proud and happy of what I look like underneath my clothes, is priceless. I can't wait to try on my clothes once my drains are removed!

5 days post opp- still no bowel movement

Should I be concerned?? I've drank 4 cap fills of the mineral oil and while I've had no trouble passing gas, I haven't had a bowel movement...

6 days post opp

As soon as I complained on RS that I hadn't made a bowel, I made a tiny one yesterday. I made a full one this morning and I feel great! I am standing at about 80% and prayerfully I'll have my drains removed at tomorrow's post opp appt. I love my new body!

Back to work @ 10 days post opp

So I was in my best friend's wedding at 7 days post opp and I really struggled with standing up straight. I still have my drains and figured out I could put my drains in my bra and my binder over the tubing so it wouldn't show in the dress. Thank God it was a modest dress! Anyway I used that method when getting dressed for work today. I started off really stiff and unsure if I'd make it threw the whole day bc my standing up and walking were a feat but by noon I was fine, standing up straight, and waking normal! I'm so glad I pushed myself! I came home after 9 hours and had the energy to try a few outfits on! I had very little drainage today so I'm hopeful I can get my drains out on Friday. Finallyyyyy I'm feeling like I can see the light at the end of the recovery tunnel! Though I'm a little swollen, I look so flat and amazing in my clothes!

Comparison pics

Comparison pics

Best Money I've ever spent! 13 days post opp!

As you can see I've become a pro at hiding my drains! Hopefully I'll get them out tomorrow! I'm standing/walking straight and I'm close to being my old self. I'm thinking once the drains are out I'll be back to normal. I love Dr. Saunders! After 10 years of being ashamed of my body I finally feel sexy in my underwear!

19 days post opp!

Time is really flying, it's hard to believe it's been 3 weeks already! All is well, i had one drain removed last week and one drain is still draining about 50ccs a day so I can't get it out until it's 30. I've found a way to hide it so I try not to let it bother me too much, though i am very much looking forward to getting rid of it. I'm completely off pain meds (not even using Tylenol) and I'm not having any mobility issues except when I sit for long periods of time I stand up hunched and then straighten myself out. Once my last drain is removed, I'll start scar therapy. Also I wear spanx during the day and the binder at night while I'm home, and I haven't noticed too much swelling!

More before & after pics

Just finished doing some bra & panty shopping! Loving my new body. Finally draining under 30cc so hopefully I can get the last drain out on Tuesday! Happy healing ladies!

Drain FREE!

I got my drain out last Tuesday and my drain site has been leaking... Heavy. I get stains through my clothes if I don't change my bandage frequently enough. My other drain site didn't leak at all so it's really weird this one is still so leaky a week later. I had it removed after only draining 25ccs a day for 4 days. I spoke with Tina (dr Saunders assistant) and she said it's better for it to come out than stay in. I'm soooo happy with my new body, hopefully I'll stop leaking soon, I want to get on water rides with the twins this weekend!

8 weeks post opp

Hi Ladies! Just a quick update- All is well and I'm loving my new body. I'm still bruised around my scar but plan on using the silicone scar sheets this week. Happy healing ladies!

More pics!

Just so happy with my new body I can't stop taking pics! I couldn't stop looking at people's pics before my surgery so I decided to keep the pics coming. I'll post pics of my scar later!

Over 3 months post opp

Absolutely in love with my results, my confidence is at an all time high! Scar pics and silicone scar sheets review to come!

Post opp pics

I couldn't be more pleased with my results!

1 year post opp

I'll be 1 year post opp on 6/10 and I love my results. My scar is still dark but I really don't care Bc it's worth the trade off. I've never worn my stomach out or worn lingerie in the last 10 years. Thanks Dr. Saunders!

Scar & Belly button 1 year post opp

A few of you asked how my scar looks and how my belly button is healing so I attached a few images. My scar is still pretty dark but my c section scar looked like this for years before it started to lighten. I really don't mind the scar it was worth the trade off, and it hides well under clothes. Maybe I'll tattoo over it one day if it really bothers me. As far as my belly, I feel like in person my belly button doesn't look as dark but it does in pics. I'm also considering piercing it to draw attention away from how dark the hole seems. I ordered a magnetic belly ring just to see how it looks before I commit to a real piercing. I'll keep you posted!
Newark Plastic Surgeon

So far he has been nothing but kind and knowledgeable. Looking forward to my pre opp visit today as well as my actual surgery!

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