Bikini Body Success! 45 Years Old, Mother of Two 148 Lbs, Tummy Tuck with Muscle Tightening and Lipo of Flanks. Newark, DE

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Hello All, I am scheduled for surgery on 9/14/15...

Hello All, I am scheduled for surgery on 9/14/15 with Dr Jonathan Saunders. I am the mother of two children ages 25 and 21. I have wanted a TT for years but I have always been fearful that something would go terribly wrong and I wouldn't be here for my children in their childhood. Now that they are grown I have decided it is time to truly do something for myself. This is the one thing I have done to put myself 1st my entire life and I hope I am able to achieve the flat stomach we all desire. I was 19 when my 1st child was born so I missed the whole look great in a bikini stage of life. This is why I am calling this the bikini body challenge. I try to watch my weight and even when I am lighter my stomach causes me so much embarrassment by the way it sags. I do what I can to hide it in my clothes but I always know it's there. I can only dream of obtaining some of the excellent results I have seen on this site.


Pic taken two weeks preop.

More before pics 2 days pre op

Hi, I am sharing some more before pics. Surgery on Monday 9/14/15.

2 days post op

Hello All, I am 2 days post op. The surgery went smoothly, I felt completely safe in Dr Saunders hands and I was so happy to finally be getting this done. The 1st night was rough, it was very painful to get up to pee, my muscles were in so much pain and I was very nauseous. At first I thought it was from the general anesthesia but since it continued through the night the nurse said it may be the pain medication making me so sick. I was unable to eat dinner that night and I only had a 1/2 yogurt the next morning. Any motion made me feel sick. I was given medicine for the nausea which helped but it made me sleeply, that was fine overnight however, by 10am the next morning I knew I had to get it together so I could go home. I opted to take two Tylenol when we left the hospital rather then the pill form of the pain medicine. The nurse said when I get home I can start with 1/2 a pain pill and see if that makes me sick or see how I do with the Tylenol. When we got home I continued to take 2 Tylenol every 4 hours and I have managed to get through. I am able to go to the bathroom on my own and walk around (hunched over). I slept on our reclining sofa, I imagine I will be here for a week or so. My husband has been very helpful with everything from helping me pee, emptying drains, getting me on and off the couch and upstairs into the shower earlier today. In just two days I feel like I went from having a severe flu to almost feeling like myself again. I hope each day is better than the prior day and pray for no set backs. The drains are a pain but a necessary evil so I don't mind them so much.
Last night I was able to eat toast and crackers. Today I had more toast and a lot of pineapple juice. I was also able to go #2 but it was more watery since I have barely eaten, I think that worked in my favor. I have to say I am surprised that I feel as good as I do today.

Swollen mons pubic mound (Ken doll syndrome)

Hello All, I am not sure if anyone else is having an issue with a swollen pubic area but I found the following info on the web and found it helpful.

Web info:
Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty removes the hanging, excess skin in the abdomen. And for some patients, the procedure also involves reshaping the weakened muscle, a problem often associated with pregnancy and major weight loss.

As with any plastic surgery, tummy tuck results to temporary swelling or edema which in some cases even reaches the pubic mound. This is fairly normal for female patients who receive a more radical technique, i.e., longer incisions.
Swelling of the pubic mound is sometimes called “Ken doll syndrome” or “puffy cooter syndrome.” When compression garments are wrapped around the waist and lower abdomen, of course the edema has to go somewhere.

The swelling is further aggravated by gravity. However, this is not the only issue during tummy tuck recovery as some patients have also reported bruising of the pubic mound which appeared numb, purplish, and puffy. But as the days progress, these symptoms will subside on their own.

While swelling in the abdominal and pubic area is fairly normal, patients should make sure that the symptom is not caused by a collection of fluids. Fortunately, plastic surgeons can easily determine this during a postoperative visit.

Although swelling is supposed to subside within a few weeks, patients should remember that elevation of the mons is usually permanent. With a traditional tummy tuck (i.e., the incision is made from hips to hips), this effect is more apparent because a considerable amount of skin and fat is removed.

With the tightening effect (as the upper and lower skin areas are pulled together), the pubic mound is elevated. For many female patients, this is plus since mons tends to sag after several pregnancies.

However, excessive tightness should be avoided because it often leads to poor scarring and unnatural elevation of the pubic mound, a problem which is usually beyond repair.

Another concern with excessive tension on the incision site is the higher risk of poor wound healing. For this reason, a skilled plastic surgeon examines the hanging skin to determine the best placement and length of tummy tuck incisions.

While a bikini-type incision (i.e., the scar is concealed by panty) is quite appealing, it does not always provide great results particularly for patients who will need traditional or full tummy tuck. This is because lowering the incision means removing more skin and fats, something which is not recommended when dealing with thin patients and those with high belly buttons.
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12 days & 24 days post up notes: Cloudy fluid in drains with odd smell, Infection and rash

Hi, sorry I didn't post sooner. At 12 days post op I noticed my drain fluids were getting cloudy and had a slight smell (this was a Saturday). When I was seen at 14 days post up the nurse agreed there was a odd smell and tested me for an infection. I was put on Sulfamethoxazole for 10 days. This medication did seem to clear up the smell and the fluids we less cloudy. I didn't have a fever or any other signs of an infection but my test came back as a staph infection. Good thing we found that early!!

Next issue, 24 days post op (last day of 10 day antibiotic). I started to notice a rash on my thighs last night and this morning it was so much worse. I was looked at by the nurse and a DR (they always bring me in right away and address my concerns). It appears to be an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. I was given a steroid pack to help calm the rash before it gets bad and blisters (if blisters then hospital visit needed). Once again, thanks to the Dr office for getting an early jump on this issue. I have shared a pic so you can see what the rash looks like. It is the worst on my thighs and pubic area but it appears lightly on my calves, arms, stomach and face. Rash is warm to the touch but doesn't itch. I am not running a fever. My legs are also swollen. They are normally not this big.

3 week post op pics & update

Hi, I went back to work 14 days post op (office job). The 1st week I felt pretty uncomfortable. My swollen increased throughout the day and I always wound up hunched over. The tightness feeling was ever consistent and I still had my drains to hide under my clothes (not easy). ????

21 days post up, 2nd week at work. This week has been much better. The tightness is less and I am able to stand straight all day now. I am still wearing my larger clothes and they barely fit. I am also back to sleeping in my bed as of 22 days post op. I was trying to keep my feet up at work but I noticed I am doing a lot less of that as I improve.

Drains out at 3 weeks (same day the below pics were taken) but I didn't take after pics yet. There is a before and after pic but you can't really see the results because of swollen areas.

4 weeks, still swollen

Hi, just a quick update and pics. I am still very swollen and I have a lot of tightness in my stomach. The tightness has been really bad and it wakes me up several times a night. I haven't seen any significant changes this week in my under the belly button area (frustrating) it seems SO BIG. On the up side, my rash is gone and the swelling in my mons pubic is almost gone. I feel good doing most of my daily routine except I avoid lifting heavy things. Hopefully week 5 or 6 will be better.

5 Weeks Post-op

Hi, I hope everyone is doing well. I am at my 5 week mark and I am still dealing with the swelling. I honestly don't even wake up flat. The swelling doesn't seem to have changed since week 4. I have discomfort / soreness in the area below my bb, it is every uncomfortable sleeping (the soreness wakes me up). Otherwise my health is good and I am still doing my daily routines without issue. I find sitting to long at work increases my swelling so I split my time between sitting and standing, it helps. Good health wishes to all!

More 5 weeks pics

More 5 week oics

6 weeks post op

Before my TT I read the reviews and saw the pics of women in their bikini on the beach one month after post up. It made me really hopeful and I wished I could have my TT in June, July or August so I could be one of them. Although this may have been the case for a few it is not reality for many. If I was laying on the beach one month post up I would have been uncomfortable and I most certainly would have needed help just to get back on my feet. I knew this would be a process but I defiantly underestimated the time it takes the body to truly heal (and I am not there yet). I had some misconceptions regarding recovery time, I thought I would be in my smaller size clothes but I am actually wearing a size up from my pre-op clothes. I don't wake up flat in the morning and stay swollen most of the day. I do notice my waist is smaller but since the fluids drain down my under bellybutton area is really full. My Dr said to get out of the binder and use spanx. I recently started wearing a compression garment that goes waist to to thigh and this seems to help with the under the incision sharp pain I have been feeling. The binder doesn't come down low enough to help push the fluids from below my incision line down and I think fluids were collecting in this area and my mons pubic area. The Dr had me switch from Advil to Aleve which seems to have helped as well and I like the fact that it lasts longer. I am going be patient and let my body heal at it's own pace. With any luck I will be laying on the beach when June rolls around (9 months post op) looking good in my bikini and looking back on this time as a true learning experience in healing and life.

6 week pics

6 week pics

7 weeks starting to notice an hourglass figure

Hello RS ladies, well here I am at 7 weeks post op. My health is great, I feel really good, I don't have any pain and I think some of the swelling (just some) is starting to subside. I don't notice to much difference in my week to week pics but I will post them anyway. I did have some thoughts I want to share for future tummy tuckers. If you are thinking about getting a TT do it and do it now. Don't put this off until the weather is warmer or when you have the $$ (you never really have it to spend). It is so easy to hide your body in warmer clothes and you can be ready for the beach this summer. I won't lie day one, two and three are a BITCH! I even yelled out the F word the when they tried to get me on my feet after surgery (very out of character for me) but oh my God did it hurt, OUCH. A thought for your caregiver ~ you are only truly down for week one, week two is a lot better than week one but you still need help. By week 3 you are mostly uncomfortable, your stomach feels so tight / full and anything you put in it makes it tighter. Standing is better than sitting when it comes to relieving the tightness. I would say by week 4 -5 I was pretty much myself (I still get the tightness feeling at 7 weeks, just not as bad). So caregivers should know this too shall pass we will be back to taking care of everyone and everything in a month or so but we really need you in the meantime and believe me we want to be back to ourselves as well. Best health and wishes to all!

8 weeks!

Hi, I am sharing my 8 week photos. I think at this point it's hard to see the week to week changes but I am confident things will continue to improve. Good health to all!

3 months post op

Hi RS ladies! 3 months have passed and progress is slow going. I plan to post monthly updates regardless of my slow improvements. Although I am not where I want to be right now I can atleast say I am willing to wear a bikini this summer. I have bought about 5 ea tops and bottoms (clearance between $2-$4 each piece)!! My hopes are that I continue to improve and that I can look as good as some of the ladies that have gone before me. My weight is a few lbs up from preop. I am still having swelling issues (at least I hope that's the case). My scar is flat and easy to hide in all the bikinis I bought. I am wearing the silicone scar strips but the spots where my stitches poke through tend to ooze a little so I let them dry out every so often. My belly button looks good but it seems to get smaller the more I swell. My stitches have been poking me from the inside out a lot more often, I think they dissolve around 6 months. The tightness feeling is almost gone. My below belly button area is still hard and full when I push on it. When I exercise I wear my binder because when I jump up and down I feel some discomfort from my flank area. I notice when I eat bread my stomach blows up. I hear vitamin c helps with swelling so I am trying to remember to take it daily. I would still recommend a tummy tuck to anyone who is having trouble making up their mind. If I had it to do over again I would. The pain and healing vs the outcome to this point has been worth it. Wishing happy healing to all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too! I am looking forward to what this next year brings!!

Scar at 3 months

Scar pics 3 month post op

Pre-op thru 3 months pics

Pre-op thru 3 months pics

5 Month Milestone - Yes you should get a TT

I am sharing some progressive photos as well as my 4 and 5 month photos. My overall experience is positive and I would recommend a tummy tuck over living with the dread everytime you look at your stomach. It seems I am a slow healer. I was actually several sizes larger after surgery and couldn't wear my regular clothes for about 2 months so it makes sense that I am still not where I hoped to be. It's hard to watch so many other ladies looking so perfect almost immediately but good things come to those who wait (I hope). I am in good health, my belly button looks great and my incision was done so low I don't even mind the redness. My surgeon did very nice work. I am still making progress although month to month changes are slight and they may not capture in photos. I am hoping my extremely slow progress is the reason I have extra meat on my flanks, not sure if it's fat, extra skin or both. Either way I will address this with my surgeon at my 6 month appointment. So glad to have reached the 5 month milestone! ??????????????

Bikini pics

Sharing some pics. One year review and pics coming in a few weeks.

1 year post op pics and all is well!

Hi All, I am sharing my one year post op photos. Although I have bought a bunch of new bikinis I am trying to mostly use the two original ones as a point of reference. I am doing well, still have slight numbness in my tummy. My scar has gotten a bit wider from where the drain holes were. I think the scar strips actually made the scar worse in this area. I had a lot of stitches poking through which caused this area to remain oozie and raw. I tried to let it heal and dry up before using the strips in this area again. I hope it fades away more in the upcoming months. If not, maybe I can do a scar revision. I hope everyone is healing nicely! I am very grateful and happy about my new tummy and cute belly button. It's nice to look back on my journey at the one year point and know I made the right decision. I think it's important to note that in my head I had a certain image of myself after tummy tuck (flawless) but in reality nothing is perfect but I think I look pretty darn good and I hope to continue to improve as I work towards my goal weight of 135 (at 149 now). Happy healing to all!

1 year comparison pics

For comparison

1 year comparison pics

For comparison

Dr. Jonathan Saunders is a skilled and compassionate surgeon. During my consultation he explained the procedure and addressed my numerous fears / concerns. He was comforting, caring and understanding both before and after my procedure. I had regularly scheduled follow up visits starting almost immediately after my surgery. In addition, I was seen right away when complications arose. His staff is friendly and helpful. Tina is a wonderful caring nurse, Tina and scheduling coordinator, Stacey were a pleasure to work with. I am very happy with my tummy! My scar is low and exactly where Dr. Saunders and I discussed. I love my new belly button!! It is very well done and natural. :0) I didn't have dog ears, so glad about that. THANK YOU DR. SAUNDERS!!

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