The Ups and Downs of My Breast Augmentation Journey - New Zealand

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Hi all, My decision to get a Breast Augmentation...

Hi all, My decision to get a Breast Augmentation came fairly young as I never fully developed a bust like the rest of my friends. I did it to even out my body shape and feel more feminine. when summer time came around I was always self concious even to wear a singlet. I am 21 years old. It cost me NZD $15,000 which from what I can see on this site is more expensive than over in the USA. Pre-opp I was a small B cup and would love to be a full D cup.

Post opp day one. High profile 435cc...

Post opp day one.
High profile 435cc polyurethane implants
Yesterday (surgery day) was full of ups and downs.. When I woke from surgery I had no bra on or bandages. I woke up holding my left breast and looked down and thought oh my, did they not operate on me (was the most confusing thing I have ever experienced im not sure if it was the drugs but that was my first reaction) so I was expecting them to look a little bigger. I hope they do start to look like what I was expecting
my goal is to be a full D cup. I found the whole process of choosing a size very hard. couldnt decide between a 450cc or 435cc. I ended up with 435cc as doctor said that would fit in nicely for desired shape. My boobs have always been close together which the doctor said is great to start with but nipples were realy low so we had to place the implant 2-3cm lower than my natural breast fold so that my nipples did not end up pointing to the floor. Also had a small mole removed from the middle of my bust.
post opp I was feeling great. a little bit drowsy so kept drifting off to sleep but felt no pain -boobs were numb so couldnt feel them at all. but today post opp day 1 I feel like every time I go to move I have someone pushing be backwards with both hands, very hard to move.

Day 2 A lot better than yesterday, can move in...

Day 2
A lot better than yesterday, can move in and out of bed with it not being painful like it was yesterday.
Im waking up almost every 2 hours to take different meds- will try change that tomorrow night so my sleep is not so disrupted. I have set 5 different alarms on my iPhone with different titles so I know what meds to take at what time which has been really helpful.
Went for a post op check up to get my bandages changed. When they took the bra off and changed the bandages I was too scared to even look so I just closed my eyes..I figured ill wait untill they are better healed before I take a peak. Was given a new bra as the first one I had was a bit too small (boobs were coming out the sides and it was too tight). now I have a bigger one that is more comfortable. They want me to go back on Friday so they can give me a band to help my boobs drop but I really dont think they are too high at all, but ill take it because they are the professionals so they know best.

Day 3 today
Feeling so so much better than day 1. hardly any pain now and I am able to sit up and move without much discomfort.
I got a friend to wash my hair today because I could not stand how oily it had gotten. Luckily I have a fully detachable shower head which made it easy. I bent over the shower and they fully washed it for me while we had a giggle (hurts a little bit to laugh).
The lower half of my boobs still feel a little numb and my nipples are so so swollen it looks truly hilarious.
I am getting used to sleeping while sitting up (have to do this for 3 weeks- no lower than 45 degrees) I wish I knew this before hand because I probably would of considered getting a lazi-boy chair. would of helped when trying to stand up.

Post op day 4 I have been up and about today...

Post op day 4

I have been up and about today as being at home has been driving me mad with boardum
Had another check up with the nurse and Got given a band to go across the top of my chest to help with swelling and for them to drop nicely. had dressings changed and got given my own tape so I can start changing it myself once a week.
I looked at my incisions for the first time today and they look better than anticipated. hardly any bruising left so they are healing well.
Boobs are starting to soften now which I am not sure is a good thing as they sort of jiggle in the car on bumping roads- it is uncomfortable around the incision area so I end up holding them down.
One weird thing that has happened quite frequently today is a weird sensation at the bottom/sides of my boobs- feels as though they are sort of throbbing like a huge vein is pulsating through them (freaky!!)
Overall I am happy with my progress so far but I must say I will be sad when the swelling goes down because I quite like the size they are now and am not looking forward to them shrinking over the next few months.

Post op day 10 Went for another check up today so...

post op day 10
Went for another check up today so the surgeon could see how things were going. he said im healing nicely :) Ive booked another appt for 6 weeks to take post opp photos as they said at that stage they will be pretty well settled and at 6 months aswell for a check up.
I have to wear the supportive bra for another 4 weeks and then no under-wire bra for a further 6 weeks. In total I have to patiently wait 3 months to go out and buy cute new bras :(. I hope the time flies!
I stopped taking any pain meds roughly 6 days post opp but I probably wouldn't of needed them that long but I thought I myaswell finish them. Not having any pain as such, just randomly will feel a bit of discomfort every now and then.

The left is dropping and swelling going down faster than the right which is completely normal but still a little un-nerving to see.
My skin Is still extremely tight below my cleavage which the surgeon said will settle. this happened because that area of my breast was quite tight prior and we had to place the implant lower that my normal crease which he warned me could result is 'double boob' but he is confident this will get better. If it doesn't I will not be wearing the type of bikini shown in my photos this summer! (sort of looks like rippling of the skin)
Dr. Stephen Gilbert

My doctor was very lovely to deal with- the whole team was so friendly and made me feel very comfortable

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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