38 Years Old, 2 Children - Not Happy with my Deflated Girls, Getting 325cc or 375cc - New Zealand, NZ

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So I have been on this site since the start of the...

So I have been on this site since the start of the year, reading and gathering so much information and insight. It has been very easy to find a whole swag of 'wish' boobs and some 'do not want' but I am still undecided on final size.
I am 5'3, 60kg and current bra size is 34b/c but not full.
My surgeon who I first met back in February has suggested 375cc to achieve the look I want/like. I have played with rice sizers ranging in size from 300cc to 425cc but am thinking the lower end of the scale is more suited to me. I am very active with running and gym workouts - I put off getting the surgery due to entering a half marathon which I completed a couple of weeks ago, so this is a big factor in my decision making.
At my second consult I tried the 325cc which I liked on me, unfortunately he didn't have the 375cc there. I did try the 400cc which we both thought made me look 'done' - only a few people know I am having this done so that is not the look I am going for.
I am booked for 7.30am on 25th May, I really want to be excited but my nerves and anxiety is taking over!!!
I will post before pic shortly - my phone is having issues.

Hope everyone else's journeys are going well.

Sad before pics :(

I have boobs!!!

What a great experience. I can't say enough about how well I was treated today by all the staff involved. I ended up getting 375cc and am feeling pleased with my decision at this stage. My surgeon mentioned 400cc - I almost laughed at him!! Haven't really got much pain except when I sneezed, that was a little sore :) Keeping on top of my meds today but will look at weaning off the pain ones tomorrow.
Surprisingly I haven't got the girls out to have a good look so no pic's just yet. Will sort some tomorrow.
Happy healing ladies! X

Day One PO

Still feeling pretty good, tight and a few aches and pains but completely manageable.
Got myself out of the house this morning but I think that and yesterdays op caught up on me and I spent the afternoon sleeping.
I've seen people on here talk about boob greed and thought that would never be me, but I think I have a bit of it. Early days I guess :)

Day 2 PO

Day 2 is blah!!! Rough night getting comfortable and off to sleep. My husband likes them and thinks they are the right size for me but I'm still worried when the swelling is gone they are going to be disappointing (does that make sense).
Overall pain is minimal, incisions are a little sore/stingy and still tight, oh and the bloating is real and hideous lol. Maybe take some pic later or tomorrow. Will see how the day goes from here.
Happy healing lovelies x

Today Is A Good Day

So today has been good, feeling more comfortable with the girls. They appear to be kinda numb which is a very weird sensation. I must admit I'm liking the side boob, I really didn't think I would be saying that! I'm loving their fullness at the moment and am hoping they don't change too much (wishful thinking).
I am still thinking I should've gone slightly bigger but my husband and friend think they are perfect for my frame. Perhaps with my running etc anything bigger might've got in the way ;) Can't wait to be active again, it's only day 3 - I hate being idle!!!! Any advice on what activities I can start doing and when? Particularly core and some sort of cardio?

Post Op Appointment and Other Stuff

Well its certainly a roller coaster ride this whole experience. My emotions are all over the place, loving the girls, not sure about the girls, why have I done this to myself questions etc, etc, etc. Like my husband said you can inform yourself as much as you like but your emotions are an unknown.
It was my first day back at work today, which was pretty non descript. I had a wee freak out trying to decide what to wear that I didn't feel 'obvious' - at that point, to me they looked HUGE!!! Anyway no one seemed to notice but I told my boss as I had to go to a post op appointment.
At my appointment my surgeons nurse removed the heavy white tape leaving me with just the scar tape in place. She made me so happy when she told me I could shower normally again - its the small things right? My surgeon came through appearing almost surprised at the size of my girls. Happy how everything looked he left and I made another follow up for next week.
Happy healing ladies!

1 week Anniversary

I've been living with these girls for a week now and its been a love/hate relationship. To be fair I'm more in love with them than not. I'm thinking they are bigger than I was planning but having looked at so many reviews over the last few months I knew it wasn't going to be certain what I'd end up with.
I decided on my anniversary I would have a play with the few bra items I have kept. The results are mixed, will look forward to going and getting sized in afew weeks :)
As far as healing goes, things are good, no bruising but still quite a bit of pain on my sides. Totally managable with mild painkillers.

Bikini before and after

I wasn't one to be out in my bikini top much but found this pic as a bit of a comparison.

Almost 2 Weeks with Boobs!

I can't believe I'm just shy of two weeks post op already! Its gone so fast and physically its been a little draining.
Pain comes and goes, I've had afew shooting pains through my boobs - almost like a lightening bolt from my nipple inwards. Last Friday I felt quite ill, hot, in pain, my boobs were stinging it was just really unpleasant! I did come right but it was horrible at the time. I am still having pain in my sides but I'm putting that down to the extra stretch needed to house my implants.
In clothing I don't think they look obviously 'done' which has been good at work - I only told my boss as I needed to go to a post op appointment. When I get the ok to wear nice bra's then I'll dress them up a bit and show them off. My husband is totally in love with them which makes me feel even better about going through this process.
Hope everyone is having a positive experience. Happy healing!

Just a quick one....

I have been to my surgeon today and they are very pleased with everything. I am now on the 5 days on 2 days off with my incision tape, I haven't had a very good look at them yet but will post pics tomorrow when I do. They feel very sensitive uncovered but I guess thats to be expected.
I'm going shopping tomorrow to hopefully find a dress for my birthday dinner in a few weeks. Not sure whether I might go and get sized while I'm at it - still thinking its too soon (or I'm not ready to know).

First Look at Incisions

Well I'm pleased with how my incisions are looking. I was expecting them to be more raw looking or maybe even gruesome. Obviously they still have a long way to go but I'm confident it will be a good result in the long run.
Looking at todays pictures it really appears there is a difference between the 2 - my right (your left) looks lower and bigger, maybe exaggerated by the camera angle but hopefully this will come right with time. As my husband said this morning I need to be more patient!
I went out shopping today for an outfit for my birthday dinner. Its a whole new process trying to dress these girls. Needless to say it wasn't completely successful - I got a skirt, the top is still a work in progress :|

3 Weeks!

Well its been 3 weeks already and the change in feel is amazing. They are so much softer and a looking more and more natural. In clothes I don't think they are that different but its winter wardrobe time so its easy for them to get 'lost'.
I do feel I could've gone bigger but at the end of the day all I really wanted was to restore the fullness - I love them naked!

4 Weeks

4 weeks with the new additions and they are feeling more like my own. They are (I think) very natural looking and they have softened so much and evened out alot in the dropping stakes.
My incision area on both breasts have been very itchy and scratchy to the point of uncomfortable but I'm guessing thats all part of the healing process. I am still yet to get back to the gym but have started doing some homebased workouts to feel like I'm doing something. After the indulgences of my birthday celebrations this coming Saturday I will have no choice but to get back into it ;) 7 weeks out from a girls trip the pressure is on!
I think I'm going to have to give in and get sized. I'm 'window shopping' bras and its just frustrating not knowing. My main focus will be on getting some really supportive sports bras to take me back into running - next half marathon is October so need to start some light training.
Hope everyone else is healing well!

Where has the time gone??....

I have gone to write this update for sometime now. To honest there's not a lot to tell. I'm fully back at the gym and my headspace is all the better for it. I am yet to do a proper run - I'm still quite precious about the girls :/
My 6 week check with my surgeon got pushed out a week because he was going to be out of town. He is very pleased with the result, as am I (and my husband), even using the words 'wow' and 'spectacular'. He also told me to 'go and buy myself some nice bras' - I had already gone and brought a couple of good sports bras one being an F cup! I am yet to go and do the pretty shopping. My darling husband came home with a set of lingerie he had picked out as a surprise for me, unfortunately I will have to take the bra back as its a little too small lol. Hopefully I will get the chance to go shopping soon.
Overall I am still absolutey thrilled with the result although as most would probably agree, I think I should've gone slightly bigger ;) They aren't perfectly symmetrical, but I like that because it makes them look 'not done'. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending the process to anyone considering it.
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