225CC subfacial transaxillary Dr Veerawat Phuket Thailand - perfection !

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Sometimes I read a review or post and think it...

Sometimes I read a review or post and think it expresses my exact feelings or situation , in particular the wish to not be big , but too just simply feel like a girl. Thank you all for your honesty and photos , the before photos are so enormously helpful , we are all different and yet when you see a before shot that seems like you then it helps to relate to that persons journey even more.

On my way to Phuket .. 200 cc over muscle ? Dr Veerawat

So I must say it's been a roller coaster 6 weeks , research , endless hours reading other peoples stories , ... and I cannot believe how many images of other peoples breasts I have saved on my iPad :) .
I am 47 , have a very active lifestyle , and up to a few months ago had never seriously considered a BA. I have always been small , in fact at the moment I am probably the fullest I have been for years , and still only measure a 34 AA
My usual size is even smaller , as I compete in ironman distance triathlons , and the training depletes any surplus layers ..
Anyway , I am tired of living a life in padded bras ... I love the feel of being bra less but would never leave the house without one , not because I need it for support , but because they give me shape and size ..
My goal : nice perky breasts , but full and shapely .. Not too big that they are the first thing people notice , but that look good in sports clothes .. And naked ! and I want to still be able to run comfortably .. so maybe a C up at Maximum ...
BA in New Zealand is incredibly expensive , and so I have researched Thailand clinics .. By the reviews on this site I have seen that DR Veerawat is a talented surgeon , and so I have a consult with him next week ... and I leave in 2 days time
I will post before shots from Phuket in the next few days .)

Consult is today ????

So I've been in Phuket Thailand for a few days already , and I must say this is a fantastic place - I chose a nice hotel so that I can recover in comfort , and I am extremely happy with the B Lay Tong , it's perfect. Its been great having a few days to get about before the surgery , I've been to yoga and the gym a couple of times , and spent hours in the pool .. I love the water , and excercising , so that may be the hardest thing about the recovery for me .. no excercise / swimming .
Today is my consult , the clinic is sending a car at 0830 , which is 6 hours away , and due to time changes I'm already wide awake. I have already been to the PIAC hospital on my second day for a dental consult , and it is a lovely , clean , professional environment , so I am not at all nervous about that. .. I am getting some old fillings replaced , and after consulting with the surgeons team by email before arrival he is happy for me to do this ( providing there is no tooth or gum infection) . I shall post some pre op photos and stats later today after I have seen the surgeon .
PS : I have actually thought a few times in the last few days that I'd be happy to stay as I am , I do like my body and am very comfortable in a bikini , it's when I put on clothes and want to add shape and size with a padded bra that I feel flat .. I've just read a review by Mrs Di that has helped me immensely regroup my thoughts .. so i must post a thank you to her now :)

Surgery day

so yesterday I came
In for the consult . The surgeon was running about an hour begind even though my appointment was for 0900. The great thing was that when I did get to see him I never felt rushed at all , he was very thorough .. the choosing of size was much more complex than I imagined , and I wish I had more time t think about that. I am limited to size due to nipple to crease distance and a lean chest. I'm also having the implants placed over the muscle because of the physical activities that I do , so all considered I only have a choice of 2 sizes , 200 and 220 , and yet I can't decide !!!!' The 200 looks perfect to me , but that's because it a similar to what I would look like in a padded bra ... sooooo need to decide soon , like in the next half hour ????

Pre op stats and rambling ????

so pre-op stats are :
47 yrs 167cm tall (5ft 6) and 68 kg , 34A
surgery will be 225 CC silicone round transaxillary incision , sub facial

post op

okay guys so I woke up from surgery feeling so good ! I have no pain as such , it's a discomfort equal to overdoing flys at the gym.
Sure the pain relief has helped , but I also know that this surgeon is a star. The theatre team and after care have been incredible , my aneathisist was delightful , as was the main theatre nurse , both young men with great English. Dr Veerawat came in and I was instantly at ease , during the consult he seemed a little jaded , but then who wouldn't be having to answer all the questions from nervous women every day -
In theatre however he has such a caring professional presence , like that's his happy place and he seemed genuinely excited to be in theatre . I have drains , and am bandaged up so can't see anything , but from what I can tell the size could very well be perfect.

2 days post op

so , 2 days post op and I feel amazingly great. Still a little sore to raise arms above head but I was able to wash my hair over a bath this morning and put a t shifty over my head !
Surgical procedure was transaxillary with endoscope , over muscle , with 225CC moderate plus silicone round mentor implants.
For me the result is perfect , the size is just what I was after and I am stoked ! I am filling out a 34C standard sizing bra ( not VS) and I guess that may change so will see what happens. Dr Veerawat uses boob tubes post op for his patients and I much prefer that to the surgical bras :) I can't seem to get good pics in my hotel room but I did try .. :)

day 3 ... some better pics

Another brilliant sleep albeit aided by prescription , but rest is important ! Didn't take the pain relief this morning and feeling great. Need to take care when standing up from lying down as it feels odd , but otherwise all good !
Boob tube is very tight so wearing a slightly less tight one that I already had for a few hours this morning to give myself a break.
Plan today is to chill by the pool in the shade , sunblock on , reading and wishing I could swim!

Try again with photos !

12 days post and update

I had my stitches out on day 6 as I was returning to NZ. At this stage one side was feeling perfect already and the other side felt a little bruised in the breast tissue and tender under arm where the in incision was. I has apprehensive about the stitches being removed but it was absolutely painless . The surgeon checked me over and discussed massage and return to activities. Massage is for the next 4 weeks and increases in frequency , and I can resume all other activities in 2 weeks , with care. I already have full movement on one side as over muscle is less invasive. Since then I have travelled home and today was first day back at work , 12 days post op. Aside from jet lag I've been feeling great. I need to wear the boob tube another 2-3 weeks to try and keep them lower as I was marginal for needing a lift due short distance between nipple and crease. Swelling seems all gone and now at day 12 feeling comfortable on both sides and. An sleep how ever I like !
Went shopping for a soft bra today and was a 34 D in every style aside from a sports bra, which I was a very full tight C

5 weeks update .. return to all physical activities :)

So at 5 weeks I finally felt comfortable and confident to return to full physical activity - although I haven't had discomfort since the first few days I was wary of damaging the healing / results and placement of the implants.
After week 4 I started swimming and Bikram yoga , and at week 5 started running again. I have to admit I was a little nervous , i had been able to run bra less I I wanted to all my life due to my
tiny pre op size , and although I only had a relatively small implant at 225 cc it resulted in a now confirmed 10DD cup size !
Although this sounds huge to me it's actually not that big in the grande scale of breasts , and on my frame they seem perfectly proportioned. I am SO glad it didn't go bigger.
Anyhow , for running the key is Definately an awesome sports bra. I have a couple to start with , the VS Incredible , and my favourite is a white Triumph Triactive .. if is ridiculously comfortable and provides total zero bounce support. The thing I have found is that even though cup sizes have changed significantly , I still needing to wear small , Xs , or size 10 ... so yoga tops , swim gear and soft sports bras all still fit ... and are snug enough to provide support :)
Am happily now running an hour a day , no problems at all :) ..
Thailand Plastic Surgeon

I am booked in with Dr Veerawat at PIAC in Phuket Thailand

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