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Hi people, so I'm booked in for this procedure in...

hi people, so I'm booked in for this procedure in 2 weeks time, its been a long time coming, I'm 32 and no kids but the down there has never really looked right and quite uncomfortable when wearing clothes etc. I'm going to be awake during the surgery, it is the wedge method and have opted for a tablet sedation and local anaesthetic. I'm very very nervous about this, mostly the first injection. has anyone out there had this type??? and also is the initial local anaesthetic the worst??? :-0 no one yet knows I'm going to get this done so i have no one to talk to about it

before pics

ok so it just happened

hi there ladies, so the big day is here and iv just gotten home from the surgery. i was very nervous and had to wait for what seemed like forever to be admitted around 8am this morning. i was dreading the local anaesthetic. they gave me a tablet to help me relax and it seemed to work. the nurses were very friendly. they put you on the table and keep you nice and warm, the put on the music in the background for me and then put your legs into harness things, id imagine quite like having a baby. then the doctor marked out where he would do the wedge incision. you can't see anything at this stage which is a good thing. then the part i was most afraid of, the local. it stung very mildly for a few seconds, but was nothing i couldn't handle and way way less than i was expecting which was amazing, he did this 3 times and it went numb very quickly. to be honest i was not aware of him down there much and i chatted and bantered with the nurses the whole time. i didn't feel any tugging etc. he said i did well and then it was all over in less than an hour which went quickly. they give you a pad and disposable underwear and then i was able to walk to the recovery quite normally which surprised me, but you are still completely numb. i got dressed after a cup of tea and put my own underwear on. then off home. he gave me pain meds and antibiotics also a cream to apply.
its still so early but i looked down there quickly after i peed and its looking way better and so different (all tucked in) no more pink curtains in my office :) I'm not brave enough to get a squiz at the full car wreck of the undercarriage just yet but might wait until later on. then i will post a picture maybe tomorrow. its starting to feel a little stingy as the meds wear off so might ice it later this afternoon just don't know how soon to do it but fear not ladies, so far this is no where near as bad as expected and the surgery or needles don't hurt a bit. not looking forward to sleeping tonight as I'm always on my side but see how we go, any advice is appreciated. have a great day

day 2 post op

hi again beautiful ladies. ok so its the next day after my surgery 27hr ago. yesterday afternoon and evening i took it very slow, just lay in bed all day and got soon sick of being on my back but after 5 movies and successfully watching finishing youtube ;) day 1 was over. i hard tried icing a few times but it was quite hard through a pad so wasn't sure it was doing anything. sleeping was a bit hard as I'm normally on my side and i was quite achy in the morning. to my surprise my lady bits weren't too sore, just felt stingy and bruised, not as bad as expected. i had a salt bath and was trying to see the carnage of horror but it actually made me feel a little queazy so to be honest I'm not looking that much. i put the cream on by using clean toilet paper and then another pad as there is still a bit of fresh blood coming out (is this normal???) il attach the photos but be warned its not the prettiest ladybug at the moment as she has just been through the wars but once she is all healed and has make up on I'm sure she will be beautiful :)

day 3

i still bleeding, is this normal? like I'm wearing a pad and its got a lot of blood, I'm nervous as it doesn't seem to be clotting. I'm taking it real easy too…grrrrr. hope its ok

day 3 and 4

hi again ladies, so just to update, things seem to be going well, as for the bleeding it has slowed down and now just spotting, i left the pad off yesterday as i think it was rubbing against the stitches and irritating them so this seemed to help, yesterday when i had my bath i could see that the stitches were being pulled a bit when stuck to the skin of the swollen majora so this was causing the wound to tug and bleed (sorry for the descriptive visual, I'm just going to try be honest and give as much info) as you can see the bit i mean in the pic. so i spent the entire day yesterday on the couch with my bum elevated and didn't move around too much so it would clot and heal and i think it worked. iv iced only a few times but more just leaving it be to do its thing and not touch or irritate it too much….she gets angry when i provoke her ;) to be completely honest i haven't really had any pain down there only the odd sting or twinge here and there but the reason I'm taking the pain pills is at night to help with my back pain associated with laying down so much and sleeping only on my back which is the most of my pain and concern, funny right. I'm still on the antibiotics and also taking a pro biotic which will hopefully prevent any yeast infections or anything fun like that. I'm also taking a daily b vitamin and loads of vitamin c, also collagen tablets at night. its excessive but think it can only help.
iv been walking around fine with no pain but just a little like a duck. I'm getting a bit of cabin fever and feeling really unproductive. my partner has been home over the last 2 days as well and i finding that hard as i don't want him to see me go through it, i know it sounds really backward but i would rather be by myself and not having him see me walking funny or listening to me doing strange things in the bathroom as its embarrassing but thats just my independent personality, also its quite a big thing emotionally and I'm not sure he will understand, thats why i talk to you lovely ladies :)
anyone considering this please understand everyone heals at their own pace but you need to keep off your feet for a few days and let your body do its thing. take at least a week off work and try be as healthy as you can over this time to give your body what it needs to heal. I'm only on day 4 and still not out of the woods and not healed but I'm hopeful and don't regret my decision at all, it just takes time to see the result and i can't wait for the 4 week mark :) my photos are a little blurry and iv just showered so covered in water but this is me at day 4

day 5

hi again, i thought i would post daily updates as i found other ones helpful as i was preparing and also recovering to see where i was at, and know others were experiencing similar things. so its day 5 and i still taking it very easy. so so so bored now tho so iv been doing some study and a bit of housework, and I'm current in all seasons of the bachelor :) I'm trying not to be on my feet too much as i don't want to discourage the healing. i can move around fine, nothing is pulling or hurting which is great. i did have a spot of blood come out of one of the stitch sites this morning which was frustrating as i thought it may have closed up by now, the swelling has gone down a lot but still looking purple and bruised. iv started using cold pressed unrefined coconut oil on it (thats why the pic is greasy looking) i heard this may help. and its made walking around easier as it lubricates the area and nothing pulls. last night i could finally lay on my side but i was very careful. i had a big pillow rolled up between my knees and this worked but i was nervous to put too much pressure on the area. iv been feeling a bit of a weird stingy itchy feeling but its hard to know where its coming from so might be the healing which is good. i have only iced a few times and did once yesterday but haven't been too swollen i think. I'm still cleaning the area really well with salt water in a drink bottle every time i use the bathroom and use a blow drier to dry excess moisture before the cream which works well. so far so good, for the last 3 days i can honestly say absolutely no pain associated with the surgery (just my back) let me know how others are feeling :) happy healing sexy ladies xx

day 6 and 7…one week anniversary of new V-J

hi again spunky ladies. so after my last update i had just started 2 days ago using cold pressed virgin coconut oil on the area, as its a solid i would heat it up in the microwave for about 40 sec then use a cotton ball to soak the entire area….and O…M…G!!!!! what a difference. within 24 hours and overnight it seemed to sped up the healing process. the swelling of the majora greatly reduced and the purple colour went down, its amazing stuff, its really helpful as well with not letting anything stick together so much…I'm a believer now this stuff is amazing. i even put it on my face at night and its a light super moisturising cream alternative. i would recommend waiting until all incision sites have closed before using it just incase. so as you can see in the update photos i now have a normal-ish looking vagina when looking straight on. and the other view is still a bit of a wreck and looks like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed ;) the white area are the stitches from the wedge incision…and guess what, now the swelling has gone down i just found the stitches from the hood lift, they are a purply colour and were hidden inside the majora lip. no wonder I'm more swollen on one side.
so feeling wise its still super sensitive down there, especially around the clit and where the stitches are so i need to be careful when touching around there, so far i have lived in my baby track pants as iv been home most of the week and these are the most comfortable. however on sunday my partner wanted to take me for lunch. this made me nervous as it would be my first grand outing and i was trying to get away with wearing the trackies, but after my an looked at me with a smirk i knew i should get changed haha. jeans were so very uncomfortable and rubbed..however i managed, just walked really slowly and with that i was re introduced into civilisation…success!!!!
anyway its my one week anniversary and i will be going for my check up today, fingers crossed its all ok down there. to celebrate her and i will have a romantic bath together ;)
i think I'm healing well and thats because i really did nothing but put my feet up for 4 days straight which i think helped. for those considering this once again take a lot of time off just incase to really rest and relax. anyway i will update again soon but so far so good, and a big thank you to the other amazing ladies out there on this site who have helped, educated and inspired me with your own stories. i really appreciate it so much :)
have a good day.

day 15

so far so good, just over 2 weeks now and its all feeling ok. just getting a bit itchy now and I'm still using the coconut oil twice a day. the swelling is fully down now and the stitches are starting to fall out and unravel. its still comfortable to sleep with a pillow between my legs. il update another photo next week. happy healing ladies x

almost 3 weeks

hey spunky ladies, so I'm at the 3 week mark tomorrow and here are a few update pics. the majora are still a little swollen and look a bit weird so not sure if they will go down any more but it still looks a tone better than before so I'm not too worried, its healing well and i can hardly see any stitches anymore. I'm waking up now and forgetting that i have had it done so thats a good feeling…my entire days are no longer revolving around looking after my lady bits and trying not to upset her, which is good yay!!! i went to the gym today as well which was sooooo good as i put on a few kgs in the last few weeks just sitting around so was good to get back into routine :) I'm still using the coconut oil twice a day and it has really helped. i haven't been really itchy like iv read a lot of other reviews, I'm not sure if this is normal or is it yet to come???? hows everyone feeling??? have a good day girls, happy healing x

5 weeks today

hi again, just a quick update, I'm at the 5 week mark….wow where did that time go. i have my appointment with my surgeon tomorrow to check up. I'm feeling really good and it seems to be almost healed, i don't really think about it anymore and have been looking at it less and less. there is no more pressure or pain when I'm sitting or squatting down. I've been back at the gym for the last few weeks doing all sorts of leg exercises which is great. still haven't worn underwear yet which is kinda funny but not quite sure why, (lol don't judge my freeballin) just hesitant to have anything that close just yet as i only wear thongs. maybe this week. there is only one concern and that is the left side and as you can see in the picture I'm worried it hasn't healed completely and the top of the incision looks like its not joined at the top. its not hanging or in two bits like iv read when it comes to incision splitting but it worries me that its not looking strongly connected like the otter side does. i will talk about this with my doctor but my main concern is what happens if it tears during sex :-0
that would not be cool. anyway let me know your thoughts or if anyone has had or seen anything like it before and if it came right. I'm scared for another stitch…eek.

2 month post op update

hi again lovely ladies, its been a few weeks since my last update, everything has healed up now and to be honest i don't even think about it anymore, so funny to have one part of your body the only thing on your mind the few weeks post op and now its all in the past. it feels normal down there now, the part i was worried about has healed up and I'm so happy with the result…..199% happy i got it done, it was well worth the money, mild pain and healing discomfort. i would recommend this procedure to anyone looking into it for the self esteem boost and general comfort when wearing clothes, no more tucking in or adjusting which is amazing…yay. i had sex for the first time last night (i know its been soooo long lol) and everything felt fine, no discomfort or bleeding and best of all no extra bits to contend with woo hoo. so anyway i hope you are all doing well and those recovering i hope its all going well. xxxxx
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