44 Years Without a Chin! - New Zealand

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I have hated my profile for as long as I can...

I have hated my profile for as long as I can remember due to my weak recessed chin. As I have aged and got some fat under my chin it looks even worse.
Price is in NZD. I had a consultation in January. I felt assured that he would do a nice job.
It will be day surgery with a general anaesthetic.
I'm all paid up and ready for my op in a week.

I have a chin!

Just on my way home from hospital. It was a great experience. Every person I met at Auckland Surgical Centre was friendly, professional and reassuring. Had GA woke up in recovery, no pain just numb chin/lower face. Eating has been funny but I had to do it as I had not eaten for about 15 hours by the time it was over. Initial results look very pleasing. Won't see properly until dressing off and swelling goes down.

Taking it easy

It's been a week since my op and I am taking it easy, lots of snoozing lol
Feeling pretty good, very little pain this week until yesterday when it started to hurt along jaw line.
My disolveable stitches have gone but the scar is further forward than I hoped.
I am keeping it firmly taped to support the neck muscles that he tightened. I like how it looks but it will change as the swelling goes down.
I wish I had been able to do this years ago!

Not so sure about it now

It is now 5 and a half weeks since my op. My initial results were great but now I have developed a lump behind the scar line that looks a bit like a permanent double chin! It is very hard to touch but not sore at all. Am seeing my surgeon in 2 weeks but really hope I won't be stuck with the lump for ever .

Wish I did it years ago

I'm so happy with my result. It's not what others may consider 'perfect' as I do have a scar, but not a bad one and still have a lump of scar tissue from the mini platysmaplasty he did to give me a better angle under my chin / neck. I love it, it looks real and I had an open mind about what to expect. After no chin at all this is way better.
Zac Moaveni

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