I'm Ready! Nervous and Excited!! May 12th - New Zealand

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Oooook so this is my tale. I'm 28, 160cm Tall,...

Oooook so this is my tale.
I'm 28, 160cm Tall, 55kg, kiwi and I've wanted boobs forever! My husband was never fond of the idea, but after nagging him for years I finally twisted his arm to say OK, (but i had to save all the money :(). I didn't need his approval, just his support. And he is so lovely and does try to be as supportive as possible. No one I know has implants and everybody I try to talk to about them hates the idea, says i will look fake etc and try's to talk me out of it. But I figured, in the end its my decision and they can suck eggs. after i saved half and got a loan out for the other half :P I found a surgeon that I trust and I booked last year to have a consultation then a operation the next day (my surgeon that is quite far away from were i live, so he agreed to do the pre appointment then the surgery the next day so i don't have to keep flying back and forth). I thought it probably best to stop taking my birth control pill as I thought it may mix with the pills they give me or something. I think that was a bad idea as my pill has a lot of estrogen in it so when I went off it I became a emotional wreck. (has this happened to anyone else?) but I had taken two weeks off work and it was time to go to my pre op appointment. i was so nervous and a little unsure and i think that made my hubby scared. i got really stressed out and upset and canceled my appointment. I was so embarrassed. The doctor was really nice about it, but i hate that i got cold feet and was so mad that i didn't go through with it. But NOW I AM READY! i have saved ALL the money and re booked 12th of May and counting down the day!. My husband is fully on board. I have found this site so helpful and motivating i have decided maybe i can help someone else with my experience.

One week to go

Wow at first the time was dragging but now its NEXT WEEK!
Been very busy at work and when i'm not working i'm googling boob ha! i'm worse than a teenage boy.
My husband asked me the other day why i feel the need to keep looking at boobs. defiantly obsessed.
I've emailed the hospital a few times and they have been soo lovely and always emailed me back so quick. I'm booked in first thing in the morning 7am, so i'm pretty happy about that, get it over with right away. and don't have to starve myself all day :P
Also i am supposed to stay a night at the hospital, but i wonder if its first thing in the morning and if i'm on my best behavior i can get out early :P
Still so excited, More and more nervous tho. i don't like the feeling of being "out of it" and i'm hoping the drugs and everything don't make me too loopy. what a silly thing to be afraid of. And i suppose like everyone i keep hoping to myself for nothing to go wrong after the op, like capsule contraction, or infection etc.
BUT got some sports bras for after, gotta love Kmart, $8 and $10.
Had no idea what size to get i'm usually a 8 so i got a 10, but for $8 i can get more in a bigger size if necessary.
Putting up some before photos really gives you that unnecessarily extra push, yes i really want this boob job. :)

3 day countdown

Weeellll nothing new...still the waiting game. I suppose once their in its another waiting game for them to "drop and fluff" etc i hope they dont take to long to do that. I keep telling my hubby that they will be rocks at the beginning but dont be alaremed, and reassure me of that after a week or so aswell lol ive tryed to prepeare him for booby blues etc so he can talk me through it if it happens lol. Hes been and is so good. Im pretty lucky. It was really nice to finish work yesterday, now its 2 weeks off. This is getting real. Im alot calmer this time round which i think is a real positive thing. I get Moments of panic, is it what i really want? Am i just being silly it wont make me feel any better about myself and its alot of money, etc but it only last about 5 minutes and its ushally when im over tired or something, so when it passes im back to excited. Im on the pill and i thought it a fanatic idea to take my sugar pills a week earlier so i could have my period before the op. Day 6 of sugar pills and nothing ???? no period. Got a little panicked so i took a prego test no baby yay and so i thoight screw it ill take the normal pill if nothing is gonna happen and boom period. My genius plan backfired but its a really light one so its ok. Well thats my 3 day pre op ramble. And an update on my period.

Todays the day

Ok well in half an hour i will be at the hospital. And an hour after that in sugary. Im calm on the outside but a big ball of nerves on the inside. I tryed on heaps of sizers yesterday thinking i would definitely want 350ccs plus but the 270s look huge and are as big as i go. So out of 270cc and 240cc.....im thinking 270cc better go the bigger. Their so similar in size i put one sizer in one side and one sizer in the other and got my hubby to look and squeeze and tell me which was which. He was really certain but got it wrong lol thats how similar they are. Ok time to go to the hospital.

Its done yay

Ooook so all done everything went smoothly so im told. Was so nervous beforehand the nurses and everyone is so nice. I have sky tv internet and my room even has a little window into the garden. Now that their in i feel totally at ease. Not to mich pain at the mo, maybe a 4 outa 10 kinda like ive done a really hard chest workout. No nausea ate a big lunch. Im pretty lucky. there is a nurse that come and checks on me ever half hour and she is so wonderful. I got 270cc under the muscle textured medium profile. My surgeon would normally go over the muscle for about 80% of this patients but he said i have very little fat tissue so best to go under so im happy about that. Sorry if this is a little all over the place. Still feeling a little sleepy.

more in depth of the surgery and recovery

Ok its about 3am I had the surgery at 8am yesterday. the nurses here are so lovely actually everyone here is lovely. I have to say im really super happy that I went with Dr Charles Davis, hes been awesome and so has his whole team. All the nurses, the anaesthetic technician made me feel very comfortable and at ease.
ok more about the surgery. I was feeling so nervous before hand, to many things were running through my head all the what if's. What if I woke up all drugged up and crying to get them out and making a big scene. I was wheeled in to the op room, and made to feel real comfortable. They had a heated bed that they transferred me to and chatted to me fora while while they put a needle in my arm nothing was put over my face or anything while I was awake, my anaesthetic technician talked about kayaking and after that was straight up while me and told me he was putting in the stuff to make me go to sleep, and that it would take about 10 - 20 seconds. I remeber saying I think its kicking in cas my vision was kinda blochy and then boom I was awake with boobs. Best sleep ever! I felt great and not dopy I was really chatty tho, but I thought I would wake feeling like I had way to much to drink but nope felt really on to it. I was wheeled back and my husband came back (I had sent him away to get himself some breakfast etc I didnt want him waiting around stressing) and we chatted for a while etc he later said I was a bit slury with my words and a little outa it but nothing bad. I felt awesome, not sick at all. My surgeon came and checked on me, apparently when I woke up I was very happy and saying "yay I got boobs" but I have no memory of that. now I have Just taken one codeine, I can have more but im trying to stay off to much if I can and stick to panidol. Im only sore if I stay still for to long. More like incredibly stiff, so I was doing ok with the light pain relief but then went to sleep and woke up when the nurse came to check my blood pressure etc and since I hadn't moved at all was really stiff, so codeine it is, with a side of hot chocolate and biscuits yum. So far the only advice I can give is to move your arms about a bit maybe walk around your room if you can. Ill put up photos in a bit. Back to sleep for me now

home and resting

well nothing to exciting to report. When i got out of the hospital on Wednesday we went back to my hotel and i got really bored so my hubby took me out for lunch and some shopping. On Thursday was our long drive back, took 12 hours to get home. i do not recommend it after surgery, stiff, sore back and uncomfortable, but still better than flying. and for some reason my hand started flaking like crazy. its stopped now but i have no idea what that was all about. I took Panadol every 6 hours and and one tramadol in the morning and at night. Friday my hubby and I spent the entire day watching all the Rocky movies and then saving private Ryan. He has been excellent, i defiantly recommend having someone on hand for the first few days, but now its Saturday and hes back at work. Im just sticking to panadol now. i can move around a little better but still stiff. my right side hurts more than my left. the most discomfort i have is in the morning when i have to get out of bed, sitting up after being still for so long feels bizarre. My boobs are all taped up till Monday, the tape is alright really, but im looking forward to taking it off.
Dr Charles Davis

Such a wonderful man. Totally professional. Im so glad i went with him. He made me feel totally at ease, answers all my questions, is honest, very respectful, completely understanding. His whole team is lovely.

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