Finally have the surgery date!!

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Hi all! I'm a 21 year old female from New Zealand....

Hi all! I'm a 21 year old female from New Zealand. I have had no kids! I'm a 34 b.... Roughly. About a size 8, but a curves size 8.

I've been wanting boobs for a long time now, I think I have found a surgeon in Auckland, Julian loft. A friend of mine got hers done with him and they look really amazing!

However I have concerns like everyone else! First of is money, I already have a loan for a car and the bank has said I can extend it to provide for the extra 13k. I can afford the payments, but of course do I want to be paying a loan of still in a few years.

Next concern is my breast and if il suit it. My nipples more point towards the side than to the front. Also quite far apart, so I wonder if I got implants would it mimick my original breast placement? Anyone have this problem before breast implants?

Because I have had no children... I wonder what my breast will look like when I'm breast feeding and after breast feeding... And whether or not I could breast feed! Anyone on this subject? Anyone had to get them re done?

I don't want them looking to fake! And do they soften to almost feel natural again?

Any help would be awesome!!

Another thought

I have this one bra, which is one of those "wonderbras" it may sound werid, but I hate wearing it. I can't quite put my Finger on it... My uncomfortable and I feel like a cheater.... And even when I wear my clothes over the top it looks funny.... Anyone else get this before a BA? Is it cause I'm not use to boobs.... Or do I not like te look of boobs in clothes?... So scared of messaging my boobs up. I'd rather have them the way they are now than not be happy with them after I've spent all the money.... Awwwww anyone else like me before the BA?

new photos

Old ones seem to have disappeared. But here I am after losing a few kegs (55kgs now)

thinking about thailand...

I spend a lot of time on this website... like a lot... haha. I'm sure my friends just think I'm a perv!
But the more I look the more I realise its 50/50... there are just as many bad reviews on local surgeons as there are on Thailand surgeons. Does anyone know of any good or bad stories that they can share? Or good Thailand Ps? I'm about to post a question to the doctors about the type of implants they would recommend. Have a peek and let me know yurt suggestions!

It's finally happening!!

So yesterday I booked the date! I will be travelling to Sydney on the 22nd of October!!! For a consult and then surgery on the 23rd!! My surgeon is dr nyugen at the Sydney cosmetic institute!! I'm starting to wonder now what size! What kind, mod or high profile... I'm pretty sure I have a wide bw. Six weeks out I need to start moisturising my tatas! Anyone have any suggestions?!

The count down is on!

So excited!! 31 more days! I stuffed up my original plane ride to Sydney, so had to spend another $100 to change it. Blonde moment!! Starting to realise the whole boob greed situation. At first I was all, yes il be modest, but the more I look at other BA accounts (especially on instagram) the more I'm like, oh wow she's the same as me, should just get my money's worth! I tried on 400cc and that's out of te question! I look so silly haha, 315cc I didn't mind at all... Love the way it makes me look more hour glass figure!! Who else had the same dilemma? X

A few wish photos

Thought I'd upload some! I have my list of what I want to achieve!
1. Nipples slightly pointed up (a bit more sloped)
2. Side boob so my silhouette is more hour glass
3. At least a three cm gap between my breasts.
4. Upper pole would be great, with the lines, but not overly fake looking.

Basically I want to be a more noticeable natural...

A bit more up and close of me!

Here's just a quick look at where I'm at. Nipples do sit further apart. Not a lot of breast tissue, and a noticeable difference in size :( sorry about the oil! I've started to massage them now :)
Dr nyugen, cosmetic institute

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