Putting it back to where it once was: Breast Revision with Lift and Tummy Tuck - New Zealand

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I am 36 years old and have three children, aged...

I am 36 years old and have three children, aged 16, 11 and 10 and I am finally putting my body back together.

A bit of background information. I had a breast augmentation about 11 months ago and originally I was happy with the results. I had mod profile, silicon, 420 cc round implants in the subglandular position.

I wanted quite full looking breasts with a narrow gap between a reasonable amount of projection and I wanted them to look natural. In order to get them in and because the distance between my crease and nipple was very short my P.s lowered my crease. As I said at first I was quite happy.

Fast forward 9 months and I have lost 13kgs and there is some shadowing under my breasts and my breasts look quite unnatural. I have a very full upper pole but very little in the lower pole and I have a wide gap between. They also look quite flat underneath. The fat I did have in my chest has now gone and this has affected the shape.

If you are even thinking of losing weight, hold off on the B.A as even a little bit either way will effect how you look.

Now 11 months later. I am getting the exchange of implants with a lollipop lift.
I will be getting 405 or 464 cc , full profile and full height anatomical implants placed in the sub-muscular position. So quite a bit different from my original operation.

I am also getting a full tummy tuck- I am very, very happy about this. I wanted to lose weight so that I would get a better result- more skin and muscles tighten so the weight loss in this respect is a really good thing.

When I had original the consultation my P.S recommended a mini tummy tuck so like I said I am very happy with the shift ????

8 days and counting.

So today is the day...

I have just checked in and am waiting in my room for the nurse to go through my admission form. I can't believe I am finally here.

So update. A few months ago I noticed a shadowing in one of my breasts, just underneath the original crease and above the new one. Being the good girl I am, I went and saw my original ps.

Now when I saw he he said that the fat I had on my chest had disappeared due to the weight lose . And that weight lose can do inpredictible things to breast when you have implants. He recommended a crescent lift.

I had been thinking this over for some time and really felt that if I was going to get a lift then perhaps I should get a full one done and maybe an implant exchange as I really wasn't happy with my boobs.
I visited another ps, one who is well known in my area for the right reasons. He felt that the implants were not right for me and that I needed a lolly pop lift and placement in the sub muscular position.

So I emailed this all to my surgeon and he actually agreed and this procedure would work and that would be the gold standard. So moving on that option.

Fast forward last night and I get a call from the nurse saying that the operation may not go ahead as my implants haven't cleared customs !!! They came from Australia but seriously?????? So we decided that I would wait mid morning till we know whether to go ahead or not to go ahead.

Fast forward today lunchtime. I had finally decided to give up all hope for surgery today as I had not heard anything- mid morning deadline not reached so I make myself some lunch. Phone rings. Apparently my implants have cleared customs but missed the Morning courier so someone is collecting them at 1pm.

I was scheduled for checkin at 1.30 for a 3.15 surgery. It is now 3:01 and my surgeon is running an hour late he was on time but apparently something has happened.

Will keep you updated. Sorry for being a downer but I was really excited to be getting this done and now I am just stressed and sad.

Done and dusted

It's been less than 24 hours since my surgery and what a roller coaster. Went in at 4pm and work up in recovery at 8pm .I was quite sick last night and needed some meds to feel better, the sea leg bands were not quite doing it. Didn't sleep well at all but was very groggy so cat napped for an hour here and there which worked for the nurse doing my obs.

I don't think you can be warned enough about the pain. Yes it is painful but it's more annoying than anything else. There is of course dull pressure/ pulling in my chest as to be expected and it does feel more u comfortable than last time as we went under the muscle and I did get a lift. I haven't really seen my new breasts yet but have had glimpses. They do look smaller than my last ones but they also project our further. As they are under the muscle and anatomical with 465 cc I know they will be bigger so I'm not worried.

My tummy is achy but they did take a lot off my tummy including my tattoo so that is awesome. I had always wanted that tattoo removed as what you might want at 18 you don't necessarily want at 36. To all those who have had tummy and boobs done, I take my hat off to you.

I have had the drain taken out as I was not releasing much blood and am taking it easy. Still groggy and not quite me yet but I am being kind to myself and not expecting too much.

Have uploaded some pics from last night , not the best but will give you an idea

And here is my tummy

Sorry these aren't the best photos, generally felling quite achy and the binder is just annoying but it's only for a week. Will update with some better ones later.

Day two

Feeling much better today and am able to get around much more easily. I had a better night sleep and although I woke up a few times I was able to drift back off with no problems.

I have been doing the deep breathing which has meant the pressure on my chest has been reduced. I am also walking a lot straighter than yesterday.

I can get in and out of bed with greater ease now. I have found that I am not hungry at all, did anyone else find this? I had my protein shake for breakfast a soup for lunch and then basically snacked on almonds. I have been drinking lots of water so maybe that's why my appetite has subsided.
My breasts are not sore now which is great and they are very soft- which surprises me as they are behind the muscle now. My tummy is very flat, from what I can see, so I am pretty happy with the progress so far.
I see my ps on Monday and then u can ditch the binder which I am looking forward to as it digs into my breasts and is so uncomfortable .

One week on and feeling more human

So it's been an interesting week and recovery has been great. The first few days are definitely the worst but I am pleased that i didn't have a drain to deal with ( mine was removed on the day of discharge- day after op). I heard the drain makes things difficult especially if near a nerve.

Day one was the worst day, it wasn't the pain but the queasiness that I had to contend with but also the restriction in movement which I didn't like.

Day two was better. I mostly slept but was mobile enough to give myself a sponge bath and go to the toilet unassisted. The binder is beginning to annoy me at this stage.

Day three beginning to feel like myself. Had a better night sleep and cutting out the meds. Feeling pretty stiff but able to move around albeit at a slower pace. Bi der is really annoying me now and thinking about getting spandex or similar as the binder rides up when resting. I am now able to wash my body and hair- oh this was heaven, I feel wonderful.

Day four and med free. No medication now apart from paracetamol. Went to the mall today with my girls and had a mani-pedi also picked up some control briefs and have burnt the binder ( told my ps after the fact- he seemed fine with it). My movement still isn't lightening quick but I look good while doing it so that's a plus. No napping or resting and just going about things as I normally would. Oh was driving short distances from day three onwards :p

Day five and Morning boob is kicking in.
So I am moving well enough around and getting up and down is much easier now. Morning boob is kicking in, I had forgotten all about it until it happened. My ps did reccomend pressing down on my implants so that they wouldnt ride up but I also have a foam band tape strapped over the top to help, which is now peeling off due to the rockstar hour-power-showers I have been having recently.
Day six and the tape comes off.
So during one of my epic showers I decided to take the foam tape that is accross my boobs- well it's coming off today anyway. Paid a visit to my ps, who seems constantly amazed my my high pain threshold, I'm sure he's just planning some wicked experiments in his head. Dressings get changed and we have the regular chit-chat you know - almost a kg of fat and skin taken from my stomach ( I have photos) and how my ps wished he had thought to take photos of me with one side implant removed and one side with it in ( I told him off for his lack of forethought) apparently the fact he put in 465 cc amuses him greatly. In NZ we don't tend to go for really huge implants well not so much for women in their 30's and 40's maybe those In their 20's. I work in corporate so I definitely would 't feel comfortable rocking implants in the late 500 + range

Anyway healing is going well and we discuss the
Implants and positioning of the nipple. Due to the implants needing to settle and the breast lift scar he didn't go too high with the nipples as if they settle too high it can become difficult to reposition them so we will wait awhile and see where they sit and then he will perform a crescent lift under local if they need to be raised a little.
Next visit is next week

Day eight and I toss the control briefs as well. Have decided that i don't like the control briefs with the high waist as they are annoying to get up and down when going to the bathroom so now I'm in regular briefs- I'm thinking I will text my ps now to let him know.

Two weeks on and getting back to normal

So it's been over two weeks now and things seem to be settling.

my chest is still stiff but I am really happy with the shape and size of my breasts and can't wait till the soften and relax.

I am now on paper tape for my tummy incision and I am pretty impressed with the healing so far. My stomach is slowly becoming flatter and less swollen and I am finding it much easier to get around- albeit a little stiff. Already I can see definition in my stomach which is just awesome.

I have started cycling and doing strength for my legs as I can't resume my pre op workouts but I am happy to be moving. I'm planning on going for a bit of a hike tomorrow if the weather is good. I missed exercising so much!!

Keep you updated ????

One month and impatient for amazing results

So it has now been a month and things are settling. I am feeling more like myself as for quite a while I have been a little flat and this had been noticed by a number of others too. My ps noticed this at our last consult and actually brought it up. I personally blame the GA for this as it really stuffs with your head.

The scars are settling and are a lot thinner and less red. I am getting the odd stitch popping out and I have to make sure I cover it otherwise I spot blood onto clothes which is not cool on white. The puckering on my tummy scar is softening and I am looking forward to when it is flat which I know is some time off. The actual scar is much higher than I expected and I wish that I had talked to my p.s more about this prior. I'm sure my underwear will cover this but let's be honest, I e never worn a bikini in my life so I highly doubt I would start now.

My boobs are healing so well. Scars softening and even those they are months from settling, the shape looks a million times better than before. The implants still need to drop more and once this happens the nipple will move to a higher position which is what I want. The Morning boob has past however I still have muscle pain in the morning just under my right boob. It feels like ripping muscle and is quite unpleasant but doesn't last for long.

With the tummy and boobs fixed i can't help but notice that I could do with some lipo around the hips and definitely the thighs. So glad to be able to excercise fully in another two weeks so I can work on my problem areas before I take lipo too seriously. Agh first world problems.

5 months on and things settling

So it's be a while since my last update, this has partly been due to work and the need to let my body do it's healing thing.

All and all I am happy with what I have done, I like my boobs far more than before and my stomach is definitely flatter than before. The scars will take some time to fade and they will need alittle revision as there are some small areas I am not happy with. Areas such as a few small dots left behind from the removal of my stomach tattoo, a slight jumping/ lift in scar due to cutting the tattoo and some minor dog eating and scar thickening around belly button. But I will wait until I've had a full year of healing before I get the revision done mainly so I have given my body the time it needs and to be honest, I think I've been hyper focused o "fixing" myself and want to get back to normality.

Revision of implant

In August of this year I had a car accident and the impact from the airbags meant the one of my implants rotated.

As I have anatomical implants this Has meant my breast look unnatural. There is a huge gap between my breasts, when I lift my arms my implant moves in and unnatural way.

Thank goodness for ACC, I was able to get my breasts corrected which is fantastic as the surgery is really expensive.

My left breast is quite swollen , although quietly I think I prefer the size over the non swollen one.

Things are looking better

It's been a little over 6 weeks and the progress is great.

The gap between my breasts has been reduced and is looking good. I still have a long way to go for lefty to drop as there is still swelling and the breast hasn't fully settled due to the pocket needing fixing.

I haven't done any chest exercises since before the surgery and I'm feeling it now but it will be worth it when everything has settled .

Fingers crossed that I won't need to have the girls fixed again.

And now I have ripples

It's been some time since I had my breast repaired and at first it seemed to be perfect by now I have rippling.

Is it wrong that all I wanted was to have breasts that weren't disfigured or had any problems. I'm not sure how this has happened but the one that's been fixed looks bigger and the nipples are pointing in opposite directions. One out and one to the front.

I'm so upset that potentially I need another fix up. So much money and time spent on these boobs and they're still not right.
Mr Charles Davis

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