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Finally after 4 children, and putting their...

Finally after 4 children, and putting their financial needs first for all these years, I'm doing something for me. I've always hated the size of my breasts and have felt that I don't measure up. Now I'm going to do something about it. I want this whole experience to go well so have been doing lots of research on the net at sites like this. Husband says he likes me as I am but supports my decision to go ahead. So excited to begin my journey, better late than never!

Counting Down...

Wow, only 10 sleeps left before the dream comes true! I think I'm getting organised. Got the nightie, the sexy front closing bra, and will put my bag together this week with everything else. Surgery is not till 5pm so I don't think I'll need much in the way of reading material for my night in hospital. Husband has gone fishing to get away from all the talk about boobies!. That's ok, I'll make sure he's here afterwards, that for sure.

Biggest worry I have are my two dogs. I normally walk them 5km each day so they will probably get fat and bloated too while I recover lol!

I've decided not to tell anyone prior. It's really none of anyone's business and I'm a big girl now and don't need their approval or comments if they disagree, although I'm sure my daughters will have something to say afterwards. Hey, it's their fault I need this anyway - mommy breast fed the youngest for 2 years!

I was lying by the pool today thinking about what fun I'm going to have buying new bras and bikinis. Daren't buy anything until afterwards as I really have no idea at this stage.

I hate the waiting...

2 more sleeps!

And I'm getting nervous now. Haven't slept very well the last couple of nights as my mind just races with all the what ifs... Pretty sure I'll be out like a light before the anaesthetic. Worse part is all the second guessing myself. I think I'm just going to try and forget all about it tomorrow. In the meantime I've been playing with my sizers so here's a couple of pics. What do you think? Not too small?
Next photos I put up will be the real deal, wish me luck!

At long last

Finally on my way! Just want it all over now. Will keep you all updated. Good luck to everyone going today.

All done

Wow, can't believe it's happened! I haven't been able to take the smile off my face, I am so happy with the results.

I met with PS yesterday morning to finalise "my look". Original plan was to go over the muscle however PS decided that a dual plane would be best for me given that there wasn't a lot of breast tissue to work with. One of my concerns was that any implant would be visible so I was very pleased to not have to worry about that. After my consult I had till mid afternoon to chill out and relax before I had to be back at the hospital. Surgery was supposed to be at 5pm however due to another health issue Medical staff decided to make me last on the list for the day, however I completely understood their reasoning. My room was more like a 5 star hotel so there was no real hardship. Finally got trundled off to theatre around 7pm. The anaesthetist let me know that as surgery was only going to take an hour they would only give me what was necessary to put me to sleep, thereby reducing unpleasant side effects. And that was the last I knew.

About 8.30 they woke me up and showed me the results, not that I can remember seeing anything! Then got wheeled back to my room and my amazing nurse made me a coffee with a couple of plain biscuits. Truly felt like I was in heaven. Couldn't believe how hungry I was and managed to eat a full dinner an hour later.

I didn't sleep very well, but that was more from being upright (I'm a side sleeper) than any discomfort. Seemed to just doze from hour to hour. Felt a bit nauseous around midnight but my nurse immediately gave me something to take so I didn't have to put up with that for very long.

I was able to shower in the morning which was good because I was painted a delightful shade of pink from the neck down to my navel! I do have thick tape across the top of my boobs to keep the implants down, and also underneath covering the incisions, so seem to have these two nipples peeking out from between saying "let me out" lol. I think the tape is going to be the worst and will start irritating me soon. I don't see my PS until Monday so have to keep it all on till then. No special bra to wear after all, not sure I could fit one on over all the tape anyway. I also don't have to massage but have been advised to push my boobs together for a minute a couple of times a day just to help create my much wanted cleavage. It all just seems to be too easy at this stage. I have been taking my meds every 4 hours so I haven't had any real pain, more just a heaviness on my chest and my lower ribs are a bit tender. Managed to go shopping for a couple of hours once I left the hospital this morning and got home by lunchtime. I've had a quiet afternoon but did go for a 10 minute walk around the neighborhood just to keep moving. I've made dinner and will have an early night and try and catch up on some of the sleep I've missed out on over the last few days.

No photos yet but will get to that. Hope everyone else is coping well. Thinking of you all and hope you're all feeling as happy as I am!

3 days post op & feeling good

Only taking pain meds at night to help me sleep because I hate not being able to lie on my side. Otherwise all is great. Went through my wardrobe this morning and think I'm going to have to go shopping as none of my tops fit!

I'm so happy!

love the way I can now fill this up.

9 days post op

Well, to all you ladies about to undergo your BA - don't stress too much! I can honestly say that it's been not too bad at all and I was expecting way more pain than what I got. The operation and effect from that were relatively easy and the majority of discomfort I got was from having to sleep on my back for a week afterwards. Lots of pillows are the answer here. I bought a memory foam one to place lengthways in the bed so that my lower back had support and then used a triangle pillow on top. This wasn't ideal but did give me the most comfort. I stopped taking pain meds after a couple of days and was back to walking 5km by day 3. Even went on a 2 hr uphill bush walk on day 5.

I have had my post op consult with PS and he has removed all the wide tape from above and below breasts - oh the relief from that, I felt so much more comfortable afterwards! So far everything is healing nicely and I don't have to see him again for another month.

I'm 5'8 115 lbs and had 240cc moderate dual plane. This surprisingly has taken me from a 32a to a d/dd cup. My goal was to be a full c so I got more value for my money and I'm not complaining as even at this stage it looks very natural. Husband loves my new look which is great as he wasn't keen for me to have it done in the first place. The girls are somewhat firm at this stage but I expect them to soften up over the next couple of months with the dropping and fluffing. Will add photos soon

Day 9 photos

The best thing I've ever done for myself!

Another week has gone by and everything is still going well. I've been a little more uncomfortable over the last few days. My nipples are extremely sensitive. I'm putting this down to the fact that breast numbness has almost gone so I think I'm feeling it more. Went and bought a bra today that really cups each breast and that has made a big difference. I think by wearing the camis the fabric was rubbing slightly and making it worse. In this latest one nothing moves!

I also weakened and bought a couple of lacy bras I couldn't resist. I'm pretty sure the swelling is almost gone now so I don't think I'm going to change in size too much, maybe just shape. Can't wait till I can wear them. It's wonderful being able to bypass all of the padded bras in the shops. Hubby says that this BA is going to cost way more than what I paid my PS! Loving it...

6 weeks post op

What can I say! I love my new boobs! Went for my 6 wk check yesterday and everything is going well. Boobs have softened up nicely although the sensitivity has not got any better and still hurts like hell. PS says it's just a matter of time and I should be over the worst. I sure hope so. DH loves my new look, although he is always quick to tell me he was happy how I looked before. He thinks they are the perfect size and has been very enthusiastic! I guess I have been more comfortable with my body now and let me tell you that makes a HUGE difference.
I'm back at work and no-one has said anything, but is don't wear anything revealing at work anyway. I'm also back in the gym trying to get rid of the 4 kgs I gained. Ate my way through recovery! Will try to post pics later. Best wishes to everyone about to have their ops

6 weeks post op pics

8 weeks post op

Another week gone by and everything is starting to feel great and more natural. I even manage to go a few hours without thinking constantly about breasts! They have softened and settled a lot over the last week and the shape is looking natural too. The sensitivity is slowly resolving and not as painful as it has been. The only downside is that I'm a side sleeper and these girls get in the way! I find myself waking during the night to tuck them in lol. One of those silly little things that I had never given any thought to. I'm back in the gym doing lots of cardio, and this week started back into using free weights, though not going above 8 kg. doesn't appear to have caused any problems but I will continue to be careful. The old boob greed is starting to kick in and I wonder whether I should have gone bigger, although I was adamant I wanted to look natural and I'm not sure I could retain that if I had.

8 week photos

8 weeks

1 year post op

hi, thought it about time that I updated my profile. Can't believe that the year has flown so quickly. I'm pleased to report that I have had absolutely no problems to date and am thrilled that my PS gave me exactly what I asked for! I've ended up with a 32DD which sounds big but really isn't. The girls are not "in your face" but I can dress them up when I want. Yes, I have days when I suffer from boobie greed however one of my main concerns was that I retain my lean look and I think if I had gone bigger I would have lost that. Nobody has commented on them, however everyone now tells me how well I look. Before, my chest area was so bony that I looked ill. To all those about to embark on your own journey, good luck - it's wonderful not worrying about how clothes fit, how small you are etc. I've realised how much time I spent stressing about those things beforehand and should have done it years ago!
Dr Charles Davis

PS has made me feel very comfortable and is very aware and agreeable to the look I want, which is very natural. I don't want lots of forward projection and size has been determined by wanting more volume and some cleavage (yay!) I'm wanting to go from a 32a to a 32c so am having 240 cc moderate profile silicone implants. Mr Davis has been very honest and informative about what was going to be best for me. Emails have been answered quickly and he is always available to address concerns. He talked me through every step of the process and made sure that I understood everything. I really felt that he wanted what was best for me and the end result is exactly what I was hoping for.

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