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Just starting out. Was A cup before kids and now...

Just starting out. Was A cup before kids and now left with very little breast tissue. Going for a natural/soft look. Not to wide apart on the chest & a bit of cleavage would be nice.

Trying to get more information on New Zealand surgeons. Interested in booking with Dr Julian Lofts and a second opinion with either Drs. Greg Taylor, Adam Bialostocki, Meredith Simcock. Hoping to hear from other women who have used NZL surgeons.

Ideally like to have my first consultation in the next 4 to 8 weeks.

Pre breast implants

Hoping to lock in some appointments now. Just a mission as I live quite a distance from Auckland. As you can see, quite deflated after 5 breastfed babies.

All booked! Dr Sanguan 14th August 2017

Accommodation and flights booked. Surgery date 14th August. So far he recommends tear drop, breast fold incision, dual plane pocket, M+, 330 to 375ccs. Obviously subject to face to face consultation. Would love to hear from any other of Dr Sanguan's patients?

Surgery Complete!

Transport - Arrived in Phuket on Sunday and greeted by the PPSI driver. Our flight was delayed so I was a little worried I'd missed my transfer. I was given an envelope containing the medical soap. Transfer was a comfortable 4WD. The journey to Patong was approx 1 hour. I was collected @ 7am on the day of my surgery from my hotel, again this is organised by PPSI. The drive was probably 20/30mins from Patong.

Check in - on arrival was required to fill out multiple forms and they took a copy of my passport. I then progressed to the PPSI lounge area and had my ECG, CXR and bloods. It's so fabulous to see so many other people there waiting for surgery too. I met a really cool NZ couple and have been hanging with them both.

Consultation - waited no longer than 10mins and then taken for consultation with Dr Sanguan. Tried on the different sizers and was recommended 295cc over 330/375 - so I went with his recommendation. Tear drop mentor, dual plane. Consultation was about 20mins. I had forgotten to organise my wish photos but I think I was just too anxious and over thinking about it.

Payment - 5 mins later was required to sign a few more papers which reflected my agreed discussion, in particular the cc with Dr Sanguan. I paid with VISA.

Surgery - 10mins later I was taken to my room. There I was greeted by the anaesthetist & signed the forms for anaesthesia. The nurse promptly got me changed, line put in, menu for food completed and then off to theatre by two porters. There I was admitted by the theatre staff and within 15mins I was asleep.

Recovery - woke up 1.5 hours later in recovery and felt pretty good. Chest pain was about 8/10. Was transferred back to my room. Observations completed, medication given for when lunch arrived.

I'm truly impressed so far at how quick and easy the process was. There were many nurses involved at different points and they are very good at what they do. My husband is with me and they have a cool couch for him to sleep on. He has been acknowledged by the Dr and staff here throughout this process.

This evening the pain is about 6/10.

Pre and Post Op photos

1 to 3 weeks post op

After all the build up and surgery, I've found the recovery a more lonely journey. Trying to figure if all is healing normally or not. Anxiety of any complications is also annoying as you just want to relax and accept your new boobies. What I've come to realise is that you really do have to ride out the first 4 weeks (as I'm 5 weeks post op tomorrow) because so much does change over those first few weeks.

Anyway here's my diary for those that are unsure what they should feel post operatively:

Day 1 - Feeling weak. Breasts feeling well supported in the bandages. Drugs onboard. Morphine, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory. Having my husband by my side has been great!

Day 2 - 6/10 pain. Right side more comfortable than left. Sharp pains right outer lower quadrant. Maybe overdone it walking

Day 7 - check up with Dr Sanguan. Both breasts tender and tight. Pain 7/10

Day 8 - notice feeling in left breast of implant under the skin (outer/upper pole).

Day 10 - notice feeling in right breast of implant under the skin (outer/upper pole).

Week 2 - pain in right more than left. One day felt like breast was going to pop - feels like engorged breasts. Sharp pains from time to time. When reaching up or across, feel like the implant unsticking from my tissue inside - weird feeling.

Week 3 - right breast now settled and pain free. Skin still over-sensitive bilateral. Nipples still sensitive, left more numb. Left breast sore. One day felt like breast was going to pop. Left breast settling somewhat towards end of week 3. Right breast looks to be fluffing but not sure??

Thinking the bras aggregate the left breast due to over sensitive skin. One night without support bra was bliss!

Week 4 - right breast dropping and settled. Skin only a little sensitive. Left breast sitting slightly higher and tighter but is softening. Skin over sensitivity reduced but not completely gone. Both nipples still numb. Feeling my implant again when on my knees hand mopping my floor.

Went for bra fitting and came in at 12c/12d cup. Pretty happy :). Still wearing bras with no underwire. Breasts finally starting to feel part of means not foreign.

Out walking fast. Lifting my 2 year old son. Have started breast massage as per PPSI instruction sheet.
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