41 Years, 5 Kids, Flat Chested - New Zealand, NZ

Just starting out. Was A cup before kids and now...

Just starting out. Was A cup before kids and now left with very little breast tissue. Going for a natural/soft look. Not to wide apart on the chest & a bit of cleavage would be nice.

Trying to get more information on New Zealand surgeons. Interested in booking with Dr Julian Lofts and a second opinion with either Drs. Greg Taylor, Adam Bialostocki, Meredith Simcock. Hoping to hear from other women who have used NZL surgeons.

Ideally like to have my first consultation in the next 4 to 8 weeks.

Pre breast implants

Hoping to lock in some appointments now. Just a mission as I live quite a distance from Auckland. As you can see, quite deflated after 5 breastfed babies.
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