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Had my surgery 5 days ago. So far have not told...

Had my surgery 5 days ago. So far have not told anyone yet.
Mainly doing this to keep as a diary of my progress. Sorry for not writing much right now, about to go to bed.
Main thing I wanted to note was the tightness has increased since the first couple of days after surgery. Today I tried going back to work and looking after my kids and my breasts felt rock hard like they were going to burst out of my skin or burst the stitches.
There is no redness or pain associated or bruising. Just the discomfort of tightness of 2 torpedo rocks on my chest. From reading other reviews this seems normal for the first week, so trying not to panic.
I also every now and then feel that warm and tightening feeling like the 'let down' when you breastfeed. Not sure why that is.
So far have had to tell my son I hurt my shoulder and that's why mum needs help lifting and opening stuff including the dishwasher drawers etc.
I feel so terrible lying to people about why I need help doing stuff.
Can't wait to be at the point where I can do more for myself like wash my hair and keep up with my kids.
But otherwise there is not much pain, just discomfort.
The lower band of the bra digs in and also it itches now and then where the dressings for the incisions are.
Not meaning to sound like a downer- just trying to give an accurate description of how it is all feeling right now.
I know I need to just be patient and I'm looking forward to seeing how they look in a few months compared to now!
For now I would rather not put much identifying me but I am happy with the surgeon I had, the whole surgery exceeded any expectations I might have had.

Feeling so bloated today

My tummy is all swollen again today like I'm 4 months pregnant.
But feeling a greater range of motion in my arms, only woke up once last night, so sleeping better. And more able to sit up from sleeping, on my own.
Also ravenously hungry all the time still.
Must be the healing process at work.

Drove (a short distance) today

I decided to try to drive my son to school (a less than 5min drive) today.
Annd.. not going to try that again for a while!
I felt that I had to use a lot of strength that I have been avoiding doing for a while, to turn the steering wheel.
I could feel the implants moving around whenever my muscles would squeeze to turn the wheel -especially turning corners, moving out of a parking space.
I still feel like a T Rex -mainly because I am squeamish and worried that I might do myself damage by over exerting myself or pop a stitch.
It is hard to take it slow when you have a whole lot of cars around you, too, as in a school drop-off.
Going to try to just walk, taxi or train as much as I can til I get used to the feeling when the muscles squeeze.

Is this bruising or hematoma

Just noticed this tender purple coloured area under the dressing where the drains went into my right breast. I also woke up this morning and felt a stabbing pain in that breast when I sat up. That breast does not appear to be more swollen than the other. Will see if the bruise has gotten bigger in the morning.
I am booked in to see my surgeon tomorrow, so hopefully it is okay to wait til then.

Some 1 week pics

Finally got the dressings off. They were soo itchy.
Starting to see how they are going to look in clothes and quite happy with how they look so far.

More used to them but still stiff

It's been about 2 weeks now.
I can pretty much move around like I used to now -move my arms around, shower, drive, go for walks.
Only annoyance is probably the itchiness still at the incisions and where the drains were.
Swelling has gone down a bit on top my boobs, but they are still very firm to touch and look just stuck on to my chest like, well, fake boobs! I think I was hoping they would be a bit softer now and move a little bit.
Back to waiting more to see how they change.
So far when I wear clothes you can't tell I've had an augmentation.
Only maybe in low cut tops I now have cleavage that looks like I'm wearing a push up bra, but with no bra. No more gaping tops!!
Dr Anonymous for now

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