Had Tuck and Some Lipo May 16th and Still Blue - New York

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I want to know if anyone else had the experience I...

I want to know if anyone else had the experience I had. I have been so blue since I had my surgery and still have not snapped out of it. I don't feel comfortablle in my own skin or in my body and everything is still so sore. It's hard for me to be a good wife or mother because I just feel down.

I think surgeon did good job and things looking pretty good, but I wasn't prepared for the soreness, the scars, the hormonal feelings.... Also, I struggled for a while to make the decision and to decide which doctor to go with. There seem to be so many techniques and my doctor chose to float my belly button to fix my muscles all the way up and then said he reattached the stalk so it wasn't really moved lower.

I feel like I am the only person who has had this technique and everything just looks odd right now. Also the cutting the cord thing has really bothered me for some reason even though he said he did reattach it. Has anyone out there had any similar experiences or know anything about this. I am working hard every day to get better - wow it's hard!!

Today is 6/4 and my surgery was 5/16 and i am...

today is 6/4 and my surgery was 5/16 and i am still struggling - i just think i made the wrong choice for me - i looked really good before and was a size 0 and all i had was a tiny pooch and umbilical hernia. i kept listening to people that i was so tiny and should get my belly button and hernia fixed. I thought about the surgery for 3 years before doing it because i was so not sure! again i tell people to really be sure because if you are on the fence you will not be happy at all! it does not make your life better in any way unless you are truly ready for it. i may feel different in a few months because for sure my pooch is gone and my hanging out belly bgutton is gone, but too in and of that itself makes me feel very vain and my children were so worth the pooch. Love yourself inside for who you are and accept yourself fully first and then if you still want the operation go for it then.

Had to go on meds t try to deal with the aftermath...

had to go on meds t try to deal with the aftermath of all of this and I have good results! I;m really skinny though and had no room to lose any weight - I had no excess so my face is gaunt and it is hard to eat! my scar is long, my tummy is swollen, i don't feel attractive or sexual and then I am depressed. before surgery I was felling sexy and happy and all was well - ready for my great summer and now I am in the dumps and it cost me 20k! This is outrageous! Doc lipoed some areas to give "balance and I went from 100 pounds to 91 pounds within a few days" just ridiculous what I did to myself and I regret it very much, feel like an alien and afraid I won't get my life back - scary stuff - I feel for anyone else who has suffered through these feelings, but would love to hear your stories and of salvation - how you got through it thanks

I'm better but still struggling to get used to my...

i'm better but still struggling to get used to my new body and all the feelings. anyone else had this experience? did you have a full or mini tt?
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