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Hopefully everything went well as I expected.........

Hopefully everything went well as I expected....... See Dr.Kevin Tehrani twice already I even watch his video ( I hope it work) so wanted the shape before summer..... He said I can make it in time if I do in no later than April. :) I show him the picture I wanted he said he can. Oh what I mentioned I'm so scared is if it went out wrong again..... Pain to me is not a problem(because I been though before ) shouldn't be any worry hopefully.

Second day after surgery

I am coming home with draining tubes
This is about tummy tuck redo
So exciting to see my result. Pain on the procedure day is 1-10 is 3-4
Today I'm having more pain 8-9 Ouch a big different maybe because from the draining. Will post more later when I get time.....

4 days after..

still on draining tubes course lol ahhh man I have went for a visit and check up everything goes alright. They show me how I am swollen still a lot can't yet known the result yet. It hurt and feel very heavy when they took off my garment.. To show me therefore I can't take pic yet. I'm happy I get to shower finally....will see them again next week.

Been 12Days

Getting much better Have one of my draining tube out (left side ) say bye bye Still have the right side in due to still draining : which I know because my right side always slower then left......


Still swelling a lot from the top tummy and lower A lot... But its better a lot. Also I used to have a lot of bruising my low back and right and left thighs now is gone. Went for a massage at there place for better result in future hopefully. Will post more in next month.

Almost 2 months here are my picture

Please ignore those red/dark red spots I got it due to heat rash not from the surgery reaction..... I'll post again next month
New York Plastic Surgeon

One thing :: he does give u that happy smile and make u feel more comfortable when talking to him

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