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As you can see from the picture above my abdomen...

As you can see from the picture above my abdomen is basically split into an upper and lower stomach by a line. This "line" first formed when i was younger and used to wear my pants rather high (causing it to sit on my belly button). Overtime, from gaining weight my skin i guess started to crease and voila! a line of fat was formed. This line proved to be one of the hardest things to get rid of even after losing so much weight.

A little bit about myself: My HIGHEST weight was 250. At 6"2, i wasnt necessarily the fattest kid on the block or the kid with triple necks (haha). I was merely just overweight and discontent with myself and the clothes i wore. So, I decided to do something about it one summer and ended up getting down to 195. Standing at 6"2 and weighing 195 i began to feel more confident in myself. Although i could see a visible difference in my appearance i barely saw any on the line. Another physiological thing to note about myself is that i have horrible skin elasticity (as evident from the stretchmarks all around my body).

I decided that I would get liposuction because the area on top of the line didn't have a lot of stretchmarks, so, skin retraction was still possible and therefore finding a cure for this line was still plausible.

I wasn't sure when i would get lipo but when i came across this special on lifebooker for a mini liposuction at $1400 i QUICKLY jumped at it. I set up the appointment for a consultation and slowly waited for that day to come. When it finally did it wasnt everything i had hoped for. Upon arriving there I was greeted by the nice front lady. However, next to her there was also another patient there waiting to get some treatment. I think it was botox. Apparently when i arrived she agreed to let me go before her? which in itself was weird cause I had an appointment and im guessing she did too? Anywho, I was filling out the papers to be seen and i forgot my insurance info so i looked through my phone to find it. As im doing this, i suppose she thought i was just taking my time filling it out so she told me to "hurry up cause shes giving up her time for me" in a very loud and condescending way. So, i immediately got up and told her to chill and f*ing RELAX (in a very loud and condescending way :) as well). The front lady heard me and then told me that my insurance info was not needed that i could skip that part. I later regretted not REALLY cursing her out and letting my bronx side take over cause her time was not really "HER time" when i arrived there on time for MY appointment.

While they reviewed my info, i waited there and saw a cute golden retriever pop out of nowhere and stare at me. I thought it was cute for the first 10 seconds but then i thought how unprofessional it was to bring a golden retriever (not so small dog) to work. It didn't really bother me as much because the dog was really friendly and loveable but its just weird. Quite frankly, its the first time ive ever seen that in someone's practice. Initially i thought the dog belonged to the front desk lady but then after stepping in to the doctors office i could see it was hers because she had a dog mat under her desk. At least she was kind of enough to ask me if it would be okay to have the dog in here. To which i said it's no problem. Upon sitting down, i was very impressed with all the certifications she had on the wall. I thought "yayyy! she looks like a good doctor... im definitely not going to have no problems :)." After all was said and done, the actual consultation was pretty standard. She just informed me of everything i was to expect and gave me a printed sheet of what i had to do/buy before the surgery. I was kind of disappointed that the girdle wasn't going to be provided IMMEDIATELY post-surgery. For some reason i thought that they were a given and thus provided by every surgeon for free. The latex/spandex one were the ones i thought we had to purchase separately later on.

**** The day of surgery I wasn't as nervous as i thought i'd be. I was more excited then scared. I remember changing clothes to those scrub things or whatever and then going to the appropriate room. Okay so here is where the problem starts. The area im trying to fix basically requires that the cannula hit both the left and right side of my stomach. In order to do this efficiently and to the best of one's ability the bed which the patient is laying on has to be in the center of the room or in an area where the doctor can actually move to the left and right side of ME so she could position the cannula accordingly and maximize the amount of fat that is removed. The problem i saw immediately was that this was going to be impossible. The bed is placed right next to a wall. So she can't move AROUND me and liposuction my other area as well as the area that favors her. Do you guys get what i mean? its kind of hard to describe it. If she's sitting to my left the area that favors her hand and cannula while doing the surgery is my right side. So in order to do the left side of my stomach she has to get up, move the cannula to a weird angle and bend her wrist to do that side. All of this could be avoided if she could just move around me but thanks to the wall she cant. So she remains on one side only. Then to add fire to the flames when performing the actual procedure she makes the incision directly ON THE TOP OF MY BELLYBUTTON. So instead of doing the logical thing and making the incisionS laterally on both sides, she does the worst thing she could do. If the problem is meant for the small area directly on top of the belly button why make the incision there? This caused her to hold the cannula vertically. It would make sense to do that if i were doing my WHOLE upper abdomen but for the 1-2 inches of fat directly above my belly button it makes more sense to do the incision on my sides to have a smoother grasp and finish. While this is going on, i began to feel intense pain. She kept pulling the cannula further up my abdomen (because she made a dumb incision). At first she placed anesthesia to the area that hurt like 1-2 more times but clearly she didnt put enough because that same area still kept hurting like hell. After a while she just told me to hold it and basically suck it up. I immediately thought "wtf? lawsuit much?" but didnt say anything. She did eventually stop touching that higher area. After everything was done i did FEEL like she suctioned one side more than the other. Despite that i was still somewhat confident that she "may have" fixed the area so i hugged her and took a pic of the fat (wasn't a lot at all).

Would i do it again? Yes.
With her? No.

I dont find her to be a bad doctor in terms of "personality" at all. She was actually very nice and always smiled--- before and after surgery. During the follow up, she removed the stitches and was kind then too. She definitely made it her priority to know if i was okay (which i was). The only problem i have with her lies in her "craft." Despite being a plastic surgeon, i dont believe she's done a lot of liposuctions.. maybe her work was mainly focused on reconstructive surgery or something. I honestly have no clue.

The reason im disappointed with this liposuction procedure is cause the line didn't completely fade AT ALL and to top it all of i have another line.....a scar line....Scar lines are cause by surgeons not the patient's body. These scar lines never faded 6 months later. Instead of getting rid of one line i now have another. Now i may need to get a tummy tuck (something i was trying to avoid).

Being that im a college student i dont see myself getting that tummy tuck surgery anytime soon :/

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