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I am a physician, who had Lasik done by a renowned...

I am a physician, who had Lasik done by a renowned opthalmologist in NYC. Of course I did my research beforehand: spoke with prior patients, read the literature, surfed the internet. Saw the warnings. But figured the odds were in my favor, as I am a woman in my mid-30's, nowhere near menopause (which can exacerbate dry eye symptoms), without any other risk factos for complication.

Prior to surgery my eyes were both approximately -5.75. Now my left is 20/20 by the chart. My right is 20/25. With significant dryness bilaterally. All of which is fine. Even the dryness is manageable with drops during the day. However, I have unbearable pain in the right eye at night. So severe, I cannot sleep and must resort to NSAIDS, acetaminophen, and hydrating eye gels around 4am, every night.

This is destroying my life. I walk around like a zombie every day. My doc says the pain is caused by two 'dry patches' inferior to the incision on the right eye. I am told this will resolve but am not given a time horizon. The situation is truly horrific. I regret having taken this risk with my eyes.


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The risks do not outweight the benefits.

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