30% Under Lower Eyelid Peel-New York

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I have given myself several 30% TCA peels. Let me...

I have given myself several 30% TCA peels. Let me stress though, that I have had a dermatologist give me glycolic peels yearly since I was 27. I am now 46. I also have used retin-A off and on since I was 18. I have educated myself on the use of peels, have tried lactic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, all in different strengths. For me, personally, 20% salicylic and 30% TCA are the ones I get best results with. I just completed a total face and neck 30% TCA peel, with double application under my eyes. The results are amazing. Down time is about 5-7 days and ALWAYS use SUNSCREEN! Even in the dead of winter. You get more sun damage in a year walking to and from your car and doing your daily routine then you would a 2 week vacation in the tropics in total sun. Your new, peeled skin is delicate-treat it as such! I easily pass for 28-30 years old. I just had my 46th birthday and people in my office wanted to see my drivers license to prove my age. I LOVE telling my real age and seeing the disbelief on people's faces. PLEASE remember, everyones results and reactions to these acids are different and I always tell people to consult with their dermatologist before they ever attempt this type of regimen on their own. Good luck!

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