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Well this tattoo has a good message but it's too...

Well this tattoo has a good message but it's too visible and I can see myself down the road regretting it so why not start now asap!! Due the bad quality of the tattoo and very thin ink I hope this tattoo goes in 3 treatments or less but the doctor said 15 plus let's see. Here is the test zap results.

It's been 15hrs after my test zap.

The swelling went away and there is already some fading. What does this mean because this week I will come back for my first procedure and will request to put the laser at a higher setting, also maybe by my third I'll request picosure even tho I'm a skin type 5. What are your take?

1 day after test zap

The fact that this specific laser dr said 15 plus sessions is what it will take to remove this tattoo is really bothering me, I want this off in less than 5 atleast , the ink is extremely thin and I already see slight fading after 24 hrs since a test zap. The not specifically knowing is really bothering and making me anxious.

1st laser treatment

Hope this goes away quick;happy the process started.

After first treatment

This is going to be a long journey, I'm 100 percent ok with that. This is will be a unforgeting learning experience that I will take with me.

After first treatment

I'll fade the money rose and do a cover up and then eliminate the wordings. The cover up must be black ink.

After first treatment

Never mind I'm going to keep going with this process I'll dedicate time and patience to removing this tattoo. It's been a day since my first treatment and there is no real results. But I'll remain positive this mistake I made is just another learning experience as a young adult.

After first treatment

I didn't start treatment on the letters yet just the image on the top, July 9th will be my second treatment on the top and 1st for the bottom.

After treatment

It's been 4 days after treatment and the ink is breaking down and there is very slight fading.

6 days after treatment 1

By looking at the fading, I still believe this will be gone in 5 sessions

After first treatment

The area looks extremely wrickly but still shinny. Still have my head up and can't wait for July 9th.

Progress so far smh

Nothing dramatic,

2 weeks after 1st session

I hope I see atleast 70% by my 3rd session

Contemplating new technician

After weeks of research I believe the Q plus laser from Italy is better to eliminate my tattoo quickly. They said this laser is better than picosure and especially for reds and blacks and they also use all three wavelengths especially 1064 which is great for my skin. The before and after pics from that laser was very satisfying especially when finding out the q plus clients did it in very few sessions. For three sessions I'll stick with Tataway and there Revlite laser but if I don't see at least %70 by then then I'll go to someone with the Q plus Quanta laser.

2 weeks after 1st session


If Tataway can do this for my tattoo, then I'lol be satisfied and happy this image is the goal.

Delaying second treatment

Original treatment was set for July 9th but will push it back to July 30th. They said longer time in between sessions is more effective. I actual bought spf 80 sunscreen so I'll be ready for the summer and also I bought vitamin E oil and will commit to drinking atleast 5 bottles of water a day.


Forgot to tell you that another tattoo will be getting zapped as well I only have 2 and both will be going through the process. When these are gone idk when I'll do this tatt thing the rightway


It's been 3 weeks after the first sessions.

After first treatment

Lol this is going to be a very long process, thank God I'm only 20!

2nd session

Just did my second session I think like 2 days ago. Right now I'm not even worrying about this process but that session hurt like sh..t. Will space out my sessions every 12 weeks atleast just to save money and because of how much uncomfort that whole process is.

2nd Treatment 3 weeks after

Here it is, this is a process lol. Patience is key.

Next session 11/5 (3rd)

Next session is on Nov.5th than after that i'll take like a 3 month break. Been hitting the gym 5-6 days a week. They said blood flow speeds up the process.

After care tip (My opinion)

These two creams (Mederma gel) and Angel Cream which you can find on Ebay are literally in my opinion the holy grail of this process. This will help treat scars that you aqcuire during the process. But I definently recommend ANGEL CREAM.

4th session next month

Patience lol
Erica at Tataway

Erica performed the test zap

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