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Hi Everyone. I am Lovelymish1 and I live in the...

Hi Everyone. I am Lovelymish1 and I live in the beautiful city of New York. I am 5ft 3 inches and I weigh 240lbs. In February I was at my highest weight of 255lbs, however, with diet and exercise I was able to lose 15 lbs struggling. I am struggling with my weight since birth. I was a 10 pounder at birth LOL.... have been on Real Self since March of this year and I must say that you guys have been so supportive and your posts have all been motivating. It has given me that extra push that I really needed to begin my gastric sleeve journey. At first I was a bit skeptical,
however with all the support that you guys have given me I'm so ready to start a healthier lifestyle. I really appreciate the support everyone on this website has given me and I will continue to share wonderful experiences that will become a reality very soon. I did my consultaion yesterday, May 29th and It went well. My insurance require 3 mths of weight management. I did the 1st one yesterday and I have the next one on June 30th. I will also get the packet soon to schedule the tests before surgery. The only test I need to do are the psychiatric evaluation and blood work as I do not have any co-morbidities. My surgeon is pretty cool and I'm really looking forward to this. My husband is supportive to an extent as he keeps telling me he is with me but I really don't need this surgery as I can lose this weight on my own, however, I got this! I'm tired of losing then regaining even more.... time to get my sleeveeeeeee!!!!!! yupppp!!! Love you guys you are all my family now.... Shhhhhhh .... Dont tell my mom she will have a nervous breakdown LOL... As I said I got this!!!

On my way

On my way!

Hey there !

Psychiatric Evaluation Today ...

Everything did not go well today. Psychiatrist was just like my PCP who thinks I don't need this surgery... He kept telling me how dangerous this surgery is and he doesn't see anything wrong with me and all I need is some liposuction in my abdomen and I will be fine.... There it goes again just like my husband.... Men never understands what we go through as women... The psychiatrist even went further to say he gets the impression that have a problem with my body image and I see myself as larger than what really is. I'm so frustrated... I know I'm thick diva who carries my weight well but I'm really tired of hearing the same story over and over... The only person who thinks I need this surgery is the surgeon...and he is so freaking crazy to ask if I'm certain I don't want the gastric bypass ... OMG.. The nutritionist said she wouldnt recommend it unless I'm diabetic and also have acid reflux..I'm really getting frustrated now and tired of these folks....I know I have to change my lifestyle too and stop packing everything I own on this treadmill and use it more often but sometimes it's really hard, but I do eat heathy stuff most of the time ... But can't live without my coffee ...WOW!!!

Nutrition class and Support Group - June 30th

Really enjoyed participating in Nutrition class and the support group was great even though it was held in a very crowded auditorium....huge turn out....I also met real people like the ones in this forum who are struggling with their weight like myself. It was really interesting to see some individuals were open and willing to share issues of concern and also ask questions.. The before and after pictures in folders that circulated in the room were all beautiful....
This was truly a wonderful experience and I'm getting super excited now that I'm interacting with individuals who really understand my struggles.. The nutritionist acknowledge my weight management form that I did with my PCP and mentioned that my process will be this nutrition class was my 3rd and last one. Have one more support group to do ... Moving along nicely!

Moving along Smoothly!

Hi Everyone
My vacation was awesome! Got home July 27th.
Participated in last support group on 7/28 and nutrition class 7/29. Planned everything well before my vacation... luckily I did not gain any more weight while on vacation. Nutritionist said "huh, you maintaining but I'm good with that, at least you are not gaining.... I'm so happy cuz I really did eat ...Lol....but I also work out a few days. I also sweat like crazy! It was like I was thawing out from a long winter...Wow!

Got my work up packet!

I'm so excited! I only have to do blood work and
Psychological assessment. Went to a psychiatrist before who was no good so I'll be seeing another one. I also complete my nutrition classes and support groups. BTW from the 1st visit to surgeon I was told that I won't have many requirements. Basically the surgeon and PCP are within the same network and they do have my medical history and records. I know I am healthy but I'm still concerned about not doing all the other requirements. Has anyone had the same experience? Please give me a feedback. Thank you.

Got Clearance from my PCP Today!

Awesome news! Got clearance today when I went for my physical appointment. My PCP is completing the letter and I'll pick it up next week. I'm doing my blood work tomorrow so my PCP didn't bother to do it today as she will see the results as it's the same network. To the lab I'm heading tomorrow people! Yup! I will also make an appointment to see a new psychologist tomorrow who will not discourage me ... Way to go!

At the lab.... 7:30 in the morning!

I'm here

Requirements completed! Yessss!

Today I went to see a psychologist in Rye Brook, New York. About 17 miles from home. Well I had a much better experience than my previous encounter with a psychiatrist and was happy to get away from the city. I also wasn't able to get an earlier appointment date in the city and I really just wanted to get everything over and done with. I'm sharing some pics of the peaceful neighborhood I visited today to get my evaluation done.... Lol .... I'm a trooper! Wow!

Got Lab results!

Everything is fine except my iron level is low so my surgeon call in my prescription for High Potency Iron. I have heavy periods with this IUD...just one of those things....

Got my Sleeve Date! Awesome News!

September 14th is the big day! Even though I'm nervous I'm so excited..... Saw my surgeon again today and I told him how nervous I am, however, he assured me that I will be just fine....
I'm just gonna leave everything in God's hands cuz he knows best! I was really happy that I got this date as it will be a Jewish holiday and I will be off from work the day of the surgery, the following day and also 2 more days the following week ..... So awesome! That means I won't have to take off too many days from work.... Yesss!
BTW I also did some more testing today which was great... I did EKG, Chest X-Ray, anesthesia consultation, more blood work and urine sample... My surgeon is so confident and friendly.... Way to go!
My dear sleeve family I will keep you all posted and please remember me in your prayers..,
Love you all!
Lovelymish from New York????

This is Hilarious!

Is it normal that before surgery you are trying to eat as much cultural foods as you can...... Lmao .....for some strange reason I probably have misconceptions in my mind that I won't be able to eat foods from my culture again that I really like.... Oh Wow! I went down to 238 lbs but at the rate I'm going I will be in the 240s again soon. Last Sunday I had a salad with grilled chicken for dinner and we didn't go to Cold Stone to get ice cream but to Peach Wave to get frozen yogurt.... Now I started to cooking like crazy again and have certain menus and food ideas that I haven't prepared in a long time .... What is going on my dear sleeve family? Oh Wow! This is really strange and my family also notice it! Lol

Bariatric Pre-op class.... Then Shopping for Essential Supplies

Pre op class was great! Basically just to reinforce most of what we ready knew...pre -operative instructions, high protein diet, diet after surgery ect.
I also had a wonderful day interacting with my sleeve partners, some will also have surgery on 9/14. We exchanged phone numbers so we can touch base with each other..which was great!
I then went shopping for some essential supplies... Let me know if I need something else.

Oops I forgot


I'm Readddyyyyyy!!!

Hi My dear sleevers
Well it's been a while struggling with this pre-opt diet... Today when I got home from work I was starving I had my dinner right away... I do pretty well throughout the day with the liquids, however, I'm always starving by 4pm. I can't believe I'm getting closer to my surgery day.! I'm so Readddyyyy!!! They called me twice today from the hospital ..I have to be there by 7:30am on Monday 9/14.... Please pray for me guys... I need it !!! Thanks ... Lots of love to all of you who help to prepare me to reach this far on my journey to healthier new life... xoxo

Today is the day!!!!

Up from 5am. I slept well. Not so nervous again. I'm more excited than ever. I was more nervous when I had a
I will touch base with you guys later when I up to it!!!! Xoxoxo

Doing good!

Went in surgery at 2pm. Right now I'm nauseous, drowsy and having gas pains. . . The pain subsided. I'm hanging in there. Right now I'm sipping, sipping, sipping and walking, walking, walking... I'll be just fine

What a wonderful Feeling!!!!

Went out today with my husband to his doctor's appointment... My husband drove... Then I walk, walk, walk and sip, sip, sip. People were looking at me like I have some booze in my cup... Lol
Can't go too far with that in NY... Cops will stop and frisk you ... Lol

One Week Post Opt ... Back to Work at 12lbs Lighter!!!!

I'm feeling wonderful. Believe it or not I'm back to work and taking it easy.

1st Post Opt Doctor's Visit

It was wonderful! My surgeon was impressed that I lost a pound each day since surgery and I followed the guidelines. Got lots of hugs and high fives.!!!! The whole team including physician assistant, nurses, nutritionist were all happy for me!!! My surgeon also advanced me to Stage 2 : Purées ... Which is great ! I can now have my yogurt!!!!! Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!

Best Decision I ever made!!!! No Regrets!!!

Hi Beautiful Sleevers out there in Sleeveland!!!!
This is your girl lovelymish checking in from the Big Apple... Today I am exactly 4 weeks post op and I now weigh 218 lbs... unbelievable !!! I am a whopping 20 lbs lighter and also losing inches like crazy... I'm so excited! I'm here getting out my winter clothes and tried on a coat that I couldn't wear last year as it was too tight.. Boy isn't it amazing when you try on clothes and it just slip right on... It's such a wonderful feeling!!
Now that I'm still on purées I have more variety in my diet so it's great and life is good. I have lots of energy and I'm also walking on my treadmill as I stalled at my 3rd week and I have to keep dropping dem pounds....I'll keep you guys posted on my journey!! Love you guys and good luck!

Feel so Sexy! Had to pose for the Camera

Had to take a quick pic this morning.. Even though I only lost 20lbs so far.. It makes a big difference. ... Feeling sexy and lighter! The pouch is going away too... I have lots of energy!

Six Weeks Out !!!!

Yesterday I went to my six weeks appointment with my surgeon. Everything went well. My surgeon is pleased with my progress so far. I lost 24 lbs so far I now weigh 214 lbs and I feel wonderful. I also moved on to Stage 3 diet so I can now have solid foods which is awesome. I am taking my time chewing, chewing, chewing. I was able to eat a Sausage, Egg and Cheese Wake Up Wrap from Dunkin Donuts this morning and it went down fine. I will see my PCP next week and I know she will be happy to see my progress. I will post two collages with my before and after pics. I will also show my face this timefor those realselfers who wanted to see my face. I will keep you all posted on my journey. Im now 14 lbs away from Onederland. Wish me good luck!!!

Six weeks out!!!

Before pics collage

Six weeks out!

Before pics collage

Six Weeks Out!!

After pics

Six Weeks Out!

More After pics... Couldn't send them together

PCP visit Yesterday 11/4

Well I saw my PCP yesterday who was really impressed with my progress. I weigh in at 212 lbs and according to her records I have lost 30lbs since my last weigh in with her before surgery. Interestingly, she is even thinking about inviting me to speak at support groups at her office which also a part of the montefiore network. Reallly doc????? I'm not a talker .... Lol. I also did blood work and she also checked my incisions which healed nicely. I will be able to log into My Chart to see my results in a few days. Overall it was a great visit and she really encourage me to continue following the guidelines. She has that great sense of humor also,she did mention that will need to do clothes shopping soon... Lol

Struggling to get to Onederland!!! Stall Stall!!!

Im struggling right now to get to onederland. I'm at 208... But guess what Im so happy cuz I no longer wear plus sizes. I can fit in medium tops and large pants.. yeah!!!!! I'm so happy as I can also zip my boots all the way up and these are not wide width boots!!! I feel great and thats what counts but I need to break this stall!!!

12 Weeks post op

I'm twelve weeks out and 35 lbs lighter.. I feel great and I'm so grateful for this surgery. I could not have done this on my own. I now weigh 203 lbs.

Hit Onederland!!!! Yayyyy!!!! Best Christmas gift Ever!

My dear realselfers I hit Onederland on this beautiful Saturday morning before Christmas... Stepped on the scale and it reads 199.3 Santa Claus doesn't need to stop here... I'm good!!!! Best Christmas gift ever!! I'm still screaming and I squeezed my hubby so tight ..., OMG ..., This is Awesome! Don't remember ever weighing in the 100s as an adult.. This is Super Super Fantastic. Do you all understand how I feel right now?

30 more lbs off to reach my goal!!

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is doing great! I'm doing good. Losing weight at a slower pace but I'm still grateful and guess what? I only need to lose 30 more lbs to get to my goal. I presently weigh 190 lbs and my goal is 160 lbs. I'm so happy for this life changing experience and I'm also even happier that I weigh less than my husband. Awesome!!! I'll keep you guys posted. I have a follow up appointment with surgeon on Jan 29th. God bless you all and I wish you all success on your journey!

Clothes that couldn't are now too big!!

Had the nerve to try in stuff in my closet that couldn't fit last year this time and they are too big Lol....BTW last year this time I weighed in at a whopping 255lbs. That was my highest weight ever. I am now at 190 lbs and couldn't be more grateful for this tool. That's a 65 lbs loss from my highest weight and 52 lbs down from my surgery weight.. Wow!!! I'm so happy I did this!

6 months out .... Feeling Great!!!

Hi Realself family
I'm now 6 months out and still happier than ever. I'm doing great and have lots of energy!!! I will be going for my 6 months check up with surgeon on 3/22 and will be doing my my blood work next week. I'm presently 185 lbs and can fit in a size 11 jeans coming from size 16/18 I think that's great! I wear medium tops and can even fit some small coming from 2X.. This is a great accomplishment even though my weightloss has slowed down. I'm really happy!!!
Lost most of the belly fat and still have a nice butt... Lol.. Saw some family members I haven't seen in 8 months they were surprised to see me and told me how great I looked and didn't lose my butt. That was really nice to hear instead of you gained weight again...
Love you all !!! Will keep you posted

6 months Out

6 Months Out

6 Months Out!!!

Losing Belly Fat like crazy!!!

Butt still in tact!!!

Losing belly fat like crazy!!!

Sleeve life is great !!

Enjoying this beautiful day in New York City... It's beautiful outside!!!!

6 months Doctor's Visit Today

Well I went for 6 months doctor's visit today. Everything went well. He is impressed with my weightloss. I'm also happy with my weightloss even though it kinda slow down now. I have so much times I'm running instead of walking. I'm like an energizer bunny. I'm so grateful for my awesome sleeve. He said its normal to slow down at the 6 month mark as this is the "honeymoon period " bloodwork is great!! Before surgery my iron level was low it's 95. My vitamin levels are high...B12 is extremely high so he told to take my multivitamins every other day... WOW!!!!
No more omeprazole after 6 mths.... I was really getting tired of them... LOL.
BTW we also discussed my tummy tuck which is covered by insurance when my weightloss levels off... Isn't that great??? Then I'm gonna be a real hot diva... LMAO... Amazing!!!!.. Can't wait !!!
HW 255 lbs
SW 242 lbs
CW 182 lbs.
I've lost 60 lbs since surgery and 73 lbs from my highest weight... Unbelievable!!!

So Fit!!! That's what I'm talking about!!!!

Working out like crazy!!! A few months ago I had no energy to run on this treadmill. It was collecting dust.. Lol

About to hit the 170s ..... OMG!!!!

Hi guys
Still losing losing but surely. I broke the stall!!! I'm presently at 180... Unbelievable!!! 170s just around the corner. Today I tried on new bathing suits and wanted to share with u guys. Tummy Tuck needed badly but I'm hanging in there....Lol

It's a blessing!!!

I'm back!!!!! Had a wonderful vacation. Can't believe I lost weight while on vacation! Unbelievable!! I'm now down to 175 lbs and is currently 15 lbs away from my goal weight of 160 lbs.

I'm Blessed!!!!

I saw a friend of mine today who I haven't seen in a long time. She hugged me really tight and was in tears cuz she couldn't believe it was me as she knew how I struggled with my weight and where I'm coming from. God is good!!!

Loving the new Me!!!!

I'm truly blessed and I'm really loving my new look and having fun on this Memorial Day weekend. Good luck to everyone who has there surgery coming up soon. I'm certain you all will do great if you stick to the program.

8 months out!!! 70 lbs lighter !!!!! No regrets

Had my follow up appointment today with surgeon. Everyone including nurses,PA and nutritionist told me how great I looked. It was really nice getting all those compliments. When I walked in doctors office I felt like a super star all heads turn looking at me.. Lol. I was rocking that dress really well. I also discussed my upcoming tummy tuck with the surgeon and he mention that as soon as my weight levels off I am ready to get my tummy tuck. Can't wait!!!!!! He also thinks I'm doing great as I've lost 70 lbs so far. I'm down to 170 lbs now!!! 10 more lbs to get my goal of 160... Please cheer me on!!!! Yeahhhhhh!!!!! It's amazing but it ain't easy as some people think cause you got to stay on track and follow the guidelines in order to be successful. I did meet patients today will gain weight after the sleeve and had to be referred to the nutritionist. So it's definitely not that easily outs as some people think. Good luck to all my beautiful friends out there in Sleeveland who are doing a wonderful job and those of you who are about to be sleeved just hang in there, be patient, follow the guidelines and you will succeed .Love you all. Love you all

I've come a long way baby!!!!

So happy!!! Can't believe I was slowly using my teeth to dig my grave. God is good!!! Those of you out there considering this surgery. Do not hesitate... Go for it !!!!!Nine months out..No regrets!!! It gets better each day!!

What beautiful day!!!

Had wonderful day today with my family celebrating my daughter's academic achievement. She will be going to the University of Vermont in the fall on a full scholarship. Majoring in Bio-chemistry. I'm such a proud Mommy!!!! Woohooo!!!! Thank you Jesus!

Loving the new me!!!!

Hi guys
I miss you all dearly. I've been very busy. I was away for awhile at my vacation home. I'm doing great!!! Still no regrets.!! 8 stubborn lbs won't go away but I'll take it as I'm really happy and glad I made this decision.

One year out yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

I must say today Sept 14th is my surgeversary!!! I'm so excited. Words cannot express my wonderful journey. I have not reach my goal of 160 lbs but I'm pretty close. I've lost 76 lbs from my surgery weight and about 89 lbs from my highest weight. I'm presently at 166 lbs. I feel awesome and have no regrets. It has been truly an amazing journey and I consider myself to be blessed. Anyone out there who is considering this surgery and is still undecided, do not hesitate go right ahead!!!!! Thank you guys for being so supportive. God bless you all

Fisher Doll in the Making!!!!

Hi Everyone
Sorry I haven't been in touch more often. I'm doing great at 164 lbs. I booked my surgery for February 2017. Can't wait. Doing a. BBL with 12 areas of liposuction. Girls I gonna snatch this waistline and turn it up!!

Help! Struggling with low hemoglobin

I'm about 7 weeks away from surgery. Trying to build up my hemoglobin level. I'm presently at 10.5 My surgeon said if I get to 11.9 he can still do my surgery. I also realize I was not taking my iron right. I use to take it after meals now I sticking to 1 1/2 hours before meals to help with absorption. Please pray for me guys I really don't want to have to cancel. I have a whole lot going on right now too. My husband's daughter ( my step daughter) passed away in Jamaica so we will be traveling soon. Just waiting on funeral arrangements to be finalized. It's such a sad time right now. I will post a few pics of me trying to decide what to wear .... OMG.

Dr Fisher is Bomb!!!

Had my surgery on Valentine's Day with Dr. Fisher and maan he did deliver that booty. I'm still recovering, still swollen but everyday is less painful. Luckily my husband came along to take care of me. I'm now 6 days post op.
New Rochelle Bariatric Surgeon

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