28 Years Old , W225 H5'3 Always Had Weight Problems. I Want Kids in the Future & an Active Healthy Lifestyle ! - New York, NY

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Well tomorrow 11/25 is my surgery & I am excited...

Well tomorrow 11/25 is my surgery & I am excited yet nervous . I'm excited to start this healthy journey . I really want to live a healthier lifestyle & have a family is my main goal here. Doctors have told me it is safe to have children after. I'm 28 years old weigh 225 and I'm 5'3. I have Hypothyriodism which means basically my metabolism energy everything is super slow. I'm happy to sign up to realself because I will be asking questions and reading others stories during my journey starting tomorrow ... Thank you all wish me luck :)

7 days post-op. The worse part about this is the gas burping coming up after every drink and swallow.

Hey updating on my post-op at home time. After every sip or swallow the worse part is the burping and waiting to drink water every 15 min. It should take you 30 min even an hour to finish . Well in my case I have yet to finish a whole 30g of my shake. Btw I am still on full liquids I buy Chocolate Premier Protein from Walmart. They have all flavors I prefer Choco. Well I'm able to swallow 2 30mls of protein and then I'm done I wait 2 hours and do it again. I also walk around the house for 10-15 min. Lol so boring but relieves gas and digestion. Good side of all is I can see the change in my face and weight loss, oh and my scars omg annoying ! I'll try to post a picture ! I have a question for mu Sleevers ... What vitamins are good to take for immune or calcium etc . Which ones exactly & any specific ones for hair ? How many vitamins per day should I be taking. Thanks loves besides the gas & cramping from my hernia removal ... I have heeled great I even was able to walk around the mall and shop twice during the weekend lol. Now I'm resting ! :)

Feeling sick & feverish ! Ugh is this normal ?

Howdy ! So I'm 7 days post op. I've been doing well. Full liquids & I just started about 3 days ago multivitamins. But today I've been feeling feverish, head cold, my bf says I feel hot. But that about it... This morn my throat was a little sore but it went away. Ugh has any of my Sleevers experienced this ?? What should I do ... I have my follow up Thursday . Thanks xo
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