24 Hours Post-Injection: Swollen and Bruised As Heck - New York, NY

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I had 7 CCs of radiesse injected into my upper...

I had 7 CCs of radiesse injected into my upper cheeks, nose and temple area yesterday to fill out my face, which has been getting noticeably thinner over the years. So far all I can say is that my face is incredibly swollen, sensitive and bruised. It looks like I got in a boxing ring and lost badly. Concerned, I went back to the doctor today but he assured me everything was perfectly normal and that he was very conservative with the injections. I trust that he is correct. He said the swelling would be even worse tomorrow (which is a bit of a nightmare as I have to return to work tomorrow since I took yesterday and today off). I had been assured the bruising and swelling would be minimal. I look like the guy from Mask.

Looking at my face and realizing that Radiesse is only good for a year makes me wonder how other people can do this year after year (not to mention the cost. I went to a top plastic surgeon who charges top dollar). I will try to post the recovery progress on here.

I'm now one week post-procedure. The swelling has...

I'm now one week post-procedure. The swelling has gone down considerably though one cheek is still fairly swollen. The bruising is also completely gone from my temples and my nose. One cheek has largely faded to that dull yellowy color (which weirdly also spread upward to the under-eye area). The other cheek is still pretty bruised, especially at the three injection points. The bruises are clearly very deep under the skin. It looks ok with Dermablend on it but a friend commented 2 days ago that I looked exactly like I had been punched in the face on both cheeks in the same place.

Jury still out in terms of final verdict. Will post again when the swelling has all subsided. All I can say at this point is that it sure had better last longer that 2 months...

So it's now been exactly two weeks since my...

So it's now been exactly two weeks since my injections. Here are my thoughts:

I'm amazed at how many compliments I've received the past few days about how good I look. That's really been an ego booster.
My face looks so much fuller and not so narrow and drawn out. The difference is pretty remarkable yet also totally subtle. I was at a wedding over the weekend and normally I am used to hearing over and over, "You look thin, have you lost weight?" from anyone who hasn't seen me in a couple months. (I have heard the same refrain for years and years, despite being the exact same weight for the past 20 years).

The swelling is finally all gone and the bruising is faded but the bruises turned my cheeks a deep yellow, like someone had taken a yellow highlighter all over my skin. It has been incredibly noticeable (fortunately the Dermalab cover up did wonders on that front but without it I would have looked like I was dying of jaundice or something). Today is the first day I don't need any cover up even though some of the yellow is still there.

So that means at least 10 days where I had to get very creative explaining why I was swollen and bruised.

My body seems to have reabsorded the Radiesse in one of the temple areas much more than the other. My nose looks somewhat bulbous to me (Radiess injections above both nostrils). My nose is fuller and not so sharp and narrow, which is a definite improvement but for the first 10 days it looked very red and puffy, a bit like an alcoholic's nose.

Overall, I'd say my looks are definitely improved and my face subtly but very pleasantly fuller. I feel much more confident too, I must say. But given the intense bruising and prolonged recovery, the expense (see comments....), and the fact this may last much less than a year, I'm not sure it is worth doing it again. My doctor did say that he wanted to try Radiesse once so I could see the possibilities and then after a year suggested fat transfers as a more permanent solution. Again, the cost was very high but this was because I chose one of the top plastic surgeons in Manhattan.

Comments/suggestions welcome.
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