22 Years Old, NY, 2 Veneers and One Dental Implant with Porcelain Crown, Looking to Fix Old Veneers. New York, NY

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I'll try to condense this as much as possible! I...

I'll try to condense this as much as possible! I was born without one adult lateral incisor, and broke an adult front tooth when I was in middle school. Over the years, I have had my front tooth bonded. Naturally, the shape of my tooth began to change as getting it rebonnded (due to yellowing/staining) would make it bulkier. My general dentist told me that it would be best to get veneers, so in 2013 I finally went in for the procedure.

My experience with his dentist was horrible (I do not go to him any longer). I told him that I did not want to change anything about my teeth, I loved the shape and just wanted the new veneers to look exactly like them. He suggested that I get 2 instead of just one for the broken one because it would look more exact as opposed to trying to match a single veneer to my other front tooth. I agreed with him.

When I got the temps they looked good. Then I got the real ones and he changed the shape of my front teeth! He made them shorter and straighter on the bottom, which I don't like. I liked having slightly larger, natural looking teeth.

Anyway, what bothers me most about this whole process is the COLOR! The veneers are so yellow/grey compared to my regular teeth, even yellower than my crown/implanted lateral incisor. When I told him I thought there were too yellow he told me that they were fine and he knew what he was talking about. Nice right? I figured I was being too picky and eventually like them, but 3 years later I still hate them just as much. I'm finally going to get them fixed.

I had absolutely no say in any of the process of my veneers the first time so I want to make sure this time I have much more to say in it! I have a consultation with a supposedly trusted DDS this May, so I will keep updated with how it goes. I went to a dentist earlier this month and he was a nut job - telling me I needed 4 crowns instead of fixing my veneers, so I got the hell out of that office. The reason I am writing this is because I want to let others know they are not alone in feeling miserable and insecure after a botched job.

I plan on getting 1 new crown and 3 veneers - so I'll have a set of 4 new, matching, whiter, symmetrical teeth. I want my front teeth to look like my old ones again.

I'll be sure to keep posted on what happens!


So it has been a while since I last posted on this page, but the whole process of finding the right Dr. has been exhausting. I have finally found a dentist that I believe will do an incredible job with my veneers.

For the past 7 months I have been using custom made whitening trays (made by this dentist), to brighten the rest of my teeth to the shade that I desire for when I get my veneers placed. This dentist has made me feel so comfortable during this entire process. When I am finished with everything I will write down who he is!

Yesterday, I got my temporary Veneers placed. I am in love with them! they look so much like my old teeth and even a little better. Since I have not been posting on this for months I will also include a picture of the wax model he made for me the visit before this last one. I will write a much more thorough review of everything when I have more time (since school keeps me pretty preoccupied).

...But I wanted to share this for all of those who are interested in veneers, or have gone through something similar to what I went through. There is light at the end of the tunnel!


I'm in love with my new porcelain veneers!

This entire process has been quite a journey for me! And now that it is finally over I want to share my story with you in a little more detail:

(Before I continue I want to remind you that I had 2 veneers on my front teeth, and one implant / crown implant on my left lateral incisor)

July 2016
I first started seeing Dr. Gold at the beginning of the summer. At my very first consultation with him I explained everything that was bothering me about the veneers that I had. Besides their shape, the biggest issue for me was their color. My two front veneers were much yellower than both my crown and my natural teeth. I also told him I wanted to veneer my right lateral incisor. Even though this tooth was perfectly healthy, I felt that veneering it would create the best symmetry in my mouth (because I would have the front 4 all matching with the same material and color). He was very thorough and asked a lot of questions to get really understand my goals. At the end of my first appointment, he told me the first step we would take was to whiten my natural teeth. Once my teeth would reach the level of white I wanted, then we would continue on to the next step in the process (making the temporaries). At the end of the appointment he took a mold of my teeth and then I left.

August 2016
This was the appointment in which I received my whitening trays and equipment. The brand that he used was Opalescence (35%). The whitening kit came with my custom trays, and syringes of whitening gel. The gel was to be applied the trays and to be worn for 40 minutes at a time. Because my teeth are sensitive, I did not whiten them every day (rather did every other day) which is why whitening for me was the longest part of this entire process.

October 2016
The greatest part about the whitening treatment is that I was the one who decided when I was finished. He told me that if I felt they were not white enough that we would continue until they were at the shade I truly wanted. In October I went to my third appointment, in which I would review the wax up he and the lab created based on the things we discussed at my first appointment, along with the mold of my mouth he took. I was IN LOVE with the wax up model he made, which meant that I was ready to take my old veneers off and put on the temporaries!

November 2016
The next appointment (right before Thanksgiving) was to get my temps put on. This was a very simple appointment. He numbed me, took the old veneers and crown off, and placed the mold in my mouth with an acrylic substance that shaped over my teeth to replicate the wax up model. The temporaries came out perfect! However, there was one problem the doctor came across while taking my crown off: I had a dental implant with a crown placed back in 2011. The surgeon I went to put the gold screw in so tightly that actually it stripped the screw! Dr. Gold tried for about half an hour but the screw was not coming out of my mouth. This became problematic because Dr. Gold wanted to replace the gold screw with a zirconium screw, which blends better underneath crowns and looks more natural, especially in outdoor lighting. Now, matching the crown to the rest of my teeth and hiding the gold color underneath the material, would be more difficult. However, this was not Dr. Gold’s problem, rather the malpractice of another doctor. The appointment took about 2 hours.

December 2016
This appointment was the first to try on my porcelain veneers! The dentist reminded me that because they are the first pair that they most likely will not match or fit right and that is totally fine! He put them in and we both decided that they were too grey / not as white as I wanted, and the crown did not cover up the gold well enough and was too opaque compared to the rest of the veneers. Dr. Gold wrote down the observations, and we put on a new set of temporaries.

January 2017
My last appointment! We tried on the second set of veneers and they were just right! I was extremely nervous about not knowing if I would ever like the veneers or if I would ever know if they were the “right” pair. Trust me when I tell you, you just know when they are the ones for you! Dr. Gold put them in and I loved them!

I only have two minor complaints about the veneers: one being that the crown is a little brighter than the rest of my veneers, but I also understand that this is about as good as it gets. It will never look the same as the rest of my teeth because it is an implant, and I know that. The second complaint is that I feel that the veneers where placed in slightly crooked. I had mentioned this to Dr. Gold and he told me that they are not crooked, rather one tooth is thicker than the other. I find that this is odd because why would one be thicker than the other? Also, they were perfectly straight when he was just trying them on before he cemented them in. However, I really don’t mind it because I feel that them being slightly off helps them look more natural (I hate the look of perfectly straight, obviously fake teeth). Even if I were to make a stink about it and demand he replace them, he would then have to take them off and remove even more of my underlying tooth structure. I just don’t think that ruining my teeth even more would be worth it. Plus, if I keep chasing after perfection, I will never reach it because it doesn’t exist!!

Other comments:
I would have to say Dr. Gold was overall a great doctor to work with. He is pleasant and a good listener. He is very thorough with his practice, and explains everything in great detail to you before he performs it on you (he even explains how long it will take in exact seconds!). His office is clean, and his staff is great. He had a receptionist at the office named Alexa, and she was awesome. They were really easy to contact and talk to. They never made you feel like you were annoying or being a pest. I even called them a few times while I was wearing my temporaries, telling them small adjustments I wanted the lab to consider while making the veneers. Alexa would call the lab and make sure they got the message. If you are in the area I would highly recommend Dr. Gold., here is his website: http://robertgolddds.com/

More pics

Robert Gold, DDS - Smiles on Hudson

One downside was the wait time in between appointments. You were not able to get an appointment any sooner than a month from when you call.

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