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I wanted this tattoo for years and a week ago I...

I wanted this tattoo for years and a week ago I decided to get it. But now that I have it I hate it. I love he design and the way it was done but the placement was a bad decision. I got it on my forearm and now I'm depressed looking at it. It's huge and I'm not that big of a person. After I got it my family and friends where upset at me for getting it. Most said they loved the design it's the placement that was a problem. So now I feel like I should have t removed. I've been depressed ever since I got it, we'll ever since people started giving their opinions. Now I just feel bad.
I've struggled with self image for most of my life and now I just feel worse. Everytime I look at it I get depressed. But then sometimes I love my tattoo, it's on and off.
I would like anyone's opinion on the situation. Also is tattoo removal a good idea will my arm look the same. It's all black ink and just a outline. I've had it for less then a week :(

tattoo decision idk if it's bad

Here's a photo

Thank you for everyone's support.

Thank you for everyone's support. I decided to keep the tattoo I got use to it and everyone that was bothering me doesn't say much about it. I love the design and I brought light sweaters to cover it up with. The job that I'm going for actually didn't mind my tattoo since it wasn't offensive and not as big as people where making it out to be. Thanks you guys though!
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