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I bought a Groupon for $200 for 9 sessions, the...

I bought a Groupon for $200 for 9 sessions, the spa wasn't all that fancy (and location was terrible) but I decided since it wasn't anything invasive I would give it a shot. My thinking was that I always had the option to leave during the appointment at any point, and at that price, I wouldn't have minded taking the loss.

I've gone for six sessions so far. I'm 5'9", weight about 145-150lbs. My diet hasn't been as clean as it should have, but I do eat in moderation. My rear end and legs hold most of my extra weight, I generally have a flat stomach and smaller waist (not bragging in any way, just giving you an idea of my body type). Cellulite was always a problem for me though, even while very active in sports growing up (basketball & softball), but now I'm about to hit 30 and it's just the worst it has ever been.

Procedure: 25 minutes, back of thigh, once a week

First two sessions were painful. I two different technicians over the course of my first few treatments. It seemed one focused more on the suction aspect (the suction was higher and less heat) vs the other focussing more on the heat (hotter with less suction). I believe the higher heat had better results, so I have requested that technician. I also felt during my initial sessions that I was going to end up burnt to a crisp (it was really hot!) and was very uncomfortable but I've been seeing results so I stick it out. Thankfully no burns, just some bruising, as was expected. Today's session didn't hurt nor burn at all, which proves that it does get better/easier with time.

I had serious saddle bags. I lost about 1.5" EACH leg in circumference (started at 25", am now down to 23.5" each), I measured it myself, the place I went to never did before/after pictures nor any measurements.

So yes, I've definitely seen some reduction in circumference, now let's talk cellulite. I still have cellulite. It is better, but I still have it. I understand when women have stated that sometimes it might look worse after starting the treatments. I felt this way a few times, but continuing to go has made it better.

My non-professional theory is that you're melting away the fat and it's coming down in layers, all inconsistently. The technician may have focused on one area more or your body just didn't respond as quickly as other areas. Or maybe there was more fat in certain areas so that the cellulite wasn't as prominent prior to the treatment because the extra fat was filling it out. I'm not sure what it is, and in all reality, coming up with theories isn't going to change anything.

All I know is that the more that I go, the better it does get. My mother has certainly noticed a big difference (she is very honest so I know she isn't just being nice). I don't have many more sessions left, so I am going to make an effort to hit the gym and eat better to aid the procedure. Also this is what I will have to do to maintain the results, so I might as well start now.

I will say that if you have a specific region you want gone, say it, point it out, and be very thorough. I was way too general when I said 'back of thighs' and I think she spent too much time on the lower part of my thigh, where I'm more concerned with higher up. Next time I go I will make sure to ask them to concentrate on the saddle bags/area right underneath my buttocks.

Is it worth the money? This is a tough question for me to answer for you. Was it worth the $200 I spent??? ABSOLUTELY! Would I spend $2000 on the procedure, if I could afford it, maybe. Will I spend full price to continue or maintain the results? At this point, I can't afford the full price unless I find another deal out there, this will just have to do for now.

I def. kicked myself for not purchasing more than one deal, since I think I would have best results with 18 treatments. I believed the hype when recommendations were 6 treatments.

If you take anything from my review, note that it will most likely take 9+ sessions to see significant results in the cellulite. If you're doing any less than that, it might not be worth you paying for the procedure, depending on how bad your cellulite is.

Overall, I am content with the results so far. Especially since I didn't expect much at all, based on the price tag.

I am a little disappointed that reality hit and I learned the hard way that this procedure is, as stated just about everywhere online, a cellulite reducer, not eliminator. I just hoped my case would be different.

I have 3 more sessions to go though. Maybe a miracle will happen! :p

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