Going on my 8th Session This Week and So Far Nothing!

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I finished my 7th session last week and having my...

I finished my 7th session last week and having my 8th tomorrow. I am getting Vela on thighs and butt area. I was told since I have a lot of cellulite (almost stage 3 - that it may take 6- 8 sessions to see a difference). I am not expecting miracles but I was definitely expecting to see a smoother, a little better look after 7 and so far nothing! I bought the 12 session package and was expecting to use 8 in a row and start maintanence after that (per my understanding of the service). At this point, I cannot believe I have NO results. After doing a ton of research, it seems like the therapist is doing everything right- Using lotion, covering the areas properly with the right amount of heat. I am not sure why its not working. They told me I just have to keep going until it works.. I cant imagine buying another 8-10 sessions with no results. Do I bother to keep going and invest in something that is giving me no results??

To give you an idea of my body type, im 5'6 , 139 pounds, eat very healthy, workout 3x a week and drink a lot of water. I am starting to think nothing will make this cellulite go away and I should just give up. I asked the woman who does treatment on me if she sees a lot of people who get no result and she said Yes. To my astonishment - it does not work for everyone. She explained if you have very light cellulite or a tiny area, it will eventually smooth it, but if you have regular cellulite on your thighs, like what I believe I have - that is noticeable when wearing shorts on the majority of your upper thighs - then it may not ever smooth it.

Also, i started getting some back spasms lately and pain in my thighs ive never had before. I am hoping its just from working out, but its always worse after Vela for a few days. I am getting nervous this may be damaging to my body. Anyone have any ideas on this?
I plan to finish the last 5 treatments but if the pain gets worse or doesn't stop, I might just call it quits. I will repost after the next one, but would love to hear if anyone else had back or leg pain for a longer term period? (not just brusing or swolleness after the treatment - but real joint and back pain).

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