Upcoming Tummy Tuck and breast augmentation New York

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Hello, I was pregnant for 42 weeks. I was induced...


I was pregnant for 42 weeks. I was induced. I had no contractions...ever. My daughter was almost 10lbs. I gave birth naturally. Two years later I lost all the weight I gained. I have excess skin mainly below my belly button. I went to a couple of consultations (free thanks to RealSelf). I chose to go with Dr. Dana Khuthalia. She is located in Manhattan. She was very knowledge, thorough and sweet. She answered all my questions. Prior I decided to go with another plastic surgeon Dr. Jordan Jacobs (associated with Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan) however, Dr. Khuthalia performs tummy tucks without drains. Additionally, Dr. Jacobs assistant (who kept in contact with me) hasn't replied to me for more than a week now. My surgery date is July 21. Next month. I am nervous but excited. Dr. Khuthalia said a mid tummy tuck would be performed.

I was wondering if anyone has any personal experience with Dr. Khuthalia or a tummy tuck without drains? I would greatly appreciate any personal experience, advice, suggestions, etc.

I will post a pic of my tummy so you guys can see.


The aftermath of childbirth

My tummy tuck and breast augmentation is 15 days away!!! I am excited and nervous!!!

Surgery is today!!!

Hello all,

Today at 12pm is my surgery. I am nervous but excited. Wish me luck!

Day after surgery

Pain and soreness

Day 3 after surgery

Hello ladies,

The first two days were painful and uncomfortable but if you had someone who helps you (my amazing fiancé), you will get through this! Still pain and numbness but less. I am almost able to completely stand up straight and back hurts less. I took a shower yesterday and it felt amazing!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow I have a visit with my surgeon to change my bandages... Was this painful for anyone? I would like to prepare mentally .

I'll post new pics tomorrow after my appointment.


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