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I had Ultherapy of the lower face and neck done...

I had Ultherapy of the lower face and neck done this past Friday, 5/10/2013. As I write this review on Sunday morning, 5/12/2013, I still have a good deal of swelling (I look like a chipmunk storing nuts!) , numbness and sensitivity around my jawline and neck.

The swelling is the big shocker as I was not told during my consultation that there would be any swelling, nevertheless the amount of swelling I have.

While it was suggested to me that I take a NyQuil PM 1-hour prior to the procedure, the amount of pain was greatly down-played during my consultation.

Before I get to ahead of myself, here are some further details:

- I'm 49 years old

- I work directly with a chemist who specializes in cosmetic chemistry and customizes all my skincare products. This individual pinpointed the Plastic Surgeons office he suggested I visit (he recommended that I make sure an Esthetician actually performs the procedure, and that was indeed the case).

- My chemist felt that Ultherapy was a great option for me as I'm just really beginning to see some sagging along my jaw line.

- When I went for my consult with the Esthetician, she was actually unavailable (out sick). I met with her assistant who herself has under-gone Ultherapy. I did feel like I got more of a sales pitch than a consult from her (she asked me what I wanted to focus on and before I could get a word out she said she'd suggest a full face procedure. My response was ... um, no). While I do feel the office should have called me to reschedule my consult, at the end of the day I was set to have this done and don't feel it would have made any difference if I had met with the Esthetician.

- 90 minutes before the procedure I took 800 mg of Motrin.

As I mentioned, I had the procedure done this past Friday. The office called me yesterday afternoon to check in (it was the receptionist who called). I told them I had a great deal of swelling and she said that's normal. When I asked how long the swelling would remain she said a day or two. Quite honestly, based on the amount of sensitivity I still have along my jaw line, I find it hard to believe that tomorrow I'll awake with no swelling, but we'll see. I'm somewhat surprised that at no time did anyone suggest I ice the area to help reduce swelling.

During the procedure:

Seriously, the Esthetician could not have been nicer. She utilizes various "tools" (e.g., a back heat/massage pad; stress balls) to try to distract you from the procedure itself. She gave me small breaks as needed.

The procedure had two phases. The first phase they go over the area using a very high laser level. During the second phase they go over the entire area again with a much lower laser level. The first phase hurt ALOT. The second phase was a breeze.

My Chemist made it clear to me that in order for the procedure to be effective, the laser has to be set at a pretty high level. I hate to say this but it's somewhat the no pain, no gain scenario. In order for the laser to get down to the layer it needs to impact, it has to be up there. Quite honestly, for the money I spent, I rather have the pain now than find myself out the money with no results later.

That's about it for now. I certainly haven't seen immediate results as other have claimed. If anything, due to the swelling, I look worse post-treatment. Obviously, I expect this to be temporary and I'm hopeful that I'll see the results I want in time for my 50th birthday!

Before Photo

This photo was taken on 12/29/2012. I had Ultherapy done to my lower face (concentration around jaw line) on 3/10/2013.

1-Week Post Ultherapy

This photo was taken on 5/17/2013, 1-week after my Ultherapy. While I still have a good amount of tenderness and numbness around my jawline, all the swelling has receded.

5 23 2013_13-days post Ultherapy

All the swelling I had post-Ultherapy has resolved itself. Still a little tender around my jawline, but feeling MUCH less sore.

Seeing some minor lift along the jowl area (at least I think I am!), which was really totally unexpected this early post-procedure.

Retrospective - Age 17 - 49

At the end of the day, no one looking at you is just focusing in on what we consider to be our "problem" areas. As such, I'm posting a retrospective of me thru the years, from age 17 - 49. My picture selection was limited to what I had readily available and online already. Basically, I think it shows how my jawline has 'squared off' over the years. I see this change most noticeably from the age of 45 onwards.

Through The Year: Age 17 - 49

At the end of the day, I realize that no one looking at me is just focusing in on what I consider to be my "problem" areas.

While overall I'm pretty happy with the way I look, I really started noticing a squaring off of my jaw line around the age of 45. This is what I consider to be my "problem" area and I think it's pretty noticeable in these photos - http://s271.photobucket.com/user/susannyny/media/ME_zpsbced3cc6.jpg.html

I wanted to post this progression of how I've aged because I feel just posting close-ups of my jawline are not a true indication of how I look. I look at those close-ups and I'm like, YIKES! :)

With that said, for comparative purposes, I will continue to post a weekly close-up. At the end of 3 months I'll also post an updated full face photo.

5 31 2013_21-days post Ultherapy

Posting my weekly update photo. Had my Ultherapy done 3-weeks ago. Feel that I'm seeing some positive changes. My expectations remain that most of the upside is still a good month or two away.

1-Month Post Ultherapy

Photo taken 6/7/2013, exactly 1-month since my lower face Ultherapy.

1-Month Post Ultherapy

Photo taken 6/7/2013, exactly 1-month since my lower face Ultherapy.
No discernible, additional change from last week. Seems status quo for now.

5-Weeks Post Ultherapy

I've decided to take a week or 2 off from posting a photo. I will definitely post another prior to the end of June. The change has been so gradual, I want to see how noticeable they are using a longer time-span.

7-Weeks Post Ultherapy - Photo Update

It's been 3-weeks since I've posted an updated photo.
I will say that while the photos are helpful, they also can vary greatly based on lighting and slight angle changes. Obviously, these are not professional photos :)

Over the last 3 weeks its been difficult for me to assess whether or not there's been continued improvement. I'm actually hopeful that the office where I had the procedure done will be calling me in soon for my post-Ultherapy photos. I'd be very curious to see the changes from the Esthetician's perspective.

Likewise, in another month I'll be seeing my skin-care chemist. I'm very interested in hearing his impression as well.

06 28 2013_7 Weeks Post Ultherapy Photo

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