Be Aware of the Possibility of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

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Yes, it was painful. If you have had other facial...

Yes, it was painful. If you have had other facial treatments before it is a step up from that painwise. It hurt. Please be aware if you have side effects to the medications they give you. (Valium, other). I don't ever take those pills and I felt wonky for a long time after. Also, I felt a sharp electrical-type shock at one point and my nerve on the top of my head on one side still feels numb, it didn't feel right that it happened, it really jolted me, but I've read that there is some numbness with these procedures and it is eventually going away.

A surprising side effect was vertigo the following day. It progressively got worse for up to a month (spinning when I lied down) and I went to my GP who referred me to an inner ear specialist. They diagnosed me with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and treated it with a unique physiotherapy movement. Essentially this can occur when you are bumped in the head -- inner ear crystals dislodge from the fluid and float away, these crystals help maintain your balance. A simple "adjustment" to "refloat" those crystals back in to the inner ear fluid and sleeping upright for 3 days and two weeks of no exercise cured it.

The doctors speculate it was the vibrations from the ultra sound. My main worry about this is that I don't know if it was something that is related to me personally and how I'd respond to this type of treatment because perhaps I'm vulnerable to ear things? I have no idea, I don't think I'm vulnerable to these things, but one will never know until you do it! Or, if it was the individual providing me with the treatment who may lack experience? But I doubt it, she does this a lot and was very good. She was excellent, the office is reputable and I would use them for other services. But it was a reality check that these things can happen and when you mess with your body - you better make sure you are aware there are a small percentage of side effects that could effect you.

I should let you know that when I told the offices about my vertigo they were perplexed and didn't think it could be the treatment. This was before I went to a specialist that said otherwise. But upon further research, think about it, an ultrasound on the face? It very possibly effected me. I had great skin before, I have done many different treatments before -- I was forwarned that would mean my before and after wouldn't be dramatic. What I did notice is that my face is much, much firmer. I noted this several weeks after. I have my jawline back. I have a "lift" around my eyes for sure - in fact, I have what looks like a slight pull on my forehead. My skin feels very taut. People think I've lost too much weight around my face - I didn't lose weight, I just tightened up, which I LOVE! And I should also tell you - I'm a treatment know it all. I LOVE trying new things and I still will consider new things. I'm just hesitant about doing this one again after my first scenario. I also don't think I would need it!

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