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Two days prior to surgery and I wandered upon your...

Two days prior to surgery and I wandered upon your site,
My biggest fear the large cut and scar. I do not have stretch marks, weight loss, extra weight. I am 56 and in pretty good shape, size 4 and can still wear a bikini. The loose skin from prior lipo or age bothers me. Years ago plastic surgeons would tell me to go home, surgery not needed. Not this time! 2 days to go!

10 days post op.

Still very swollen, I look pregnant. I can walk around but get very tired. I am still having a hard time sleeping. Can't sleep on my side, stomach. I am definately not myself yet. I am not on pain meds, because I don't have any left! Lol! I don't need them, but they do help me sleep. I won't look straight in the mirror yet, too nervous to see cut. I will keep updating. Still very black and blue.

post op 3 weeks

I had a setback yesterday! I felt like week one. Hunched over, pain upon getting out of chair or bed. back hurts when I lay down. I do not have painkillers, and I do not find that the ibuprofen works. I was supposed to be back at work this week, thank goodness they let me stay another week. I go to Dr tomorrow. I get a spasm under my right breast, it feels like it swells up and then goes away. The numbness is a very weird feeling, its numb on my back but yet it feels like the skin is being torn apart when I get up from a laying or sitting position. I just want to sleep on my side or stomach! I thought I had the most comfortable mattress in the world, not anymore. My back feels as if I am laying on concrete. The tt is not the problem, its the lipo that bothers me. Hopefully the DR tell me that this is all part of the healing process. The swelling did go down alot, but I am still swollen on hips and tummy.

just returned from dr

Having a better day today. The Dr. told me everything I am complaining about is normal. I guess everything is healing. I sat up in Dr's office and I did not have a muffin top! I am still swollen below belly button and on my back. But time heals all.... I will post pics next time.

Tape removed almost 4 weeks post op

Went to Dr. Today, had tape on stitches removed. I cannot believe the scar is not even red! Not bad! I was expecting so much worse! I need to let it heal a bit more, then I will start silicone strips. They are not cheap, 200.00 for pkg of 5. They are reusable to a degree. Still swollen under navel. My back still hurts from lipo, but a lymphatic massage did give me some short term relief. I will have another this week. I am done with my Dr visits, unless there is a problem. I still need to take it easy. I think if I were younger, I would have been back to normal already.

5 1/2 weeks post op

This is my latest pic. It's not always this flat, swelling comes and goes. I will post preop also

Dial anti bacterial soap

Just an added bit of advice, once drains are out and you are able to shower, I was told to use dial anti bacterial liquid soap on stitched area. I still used my shower gel on the rest of my body. I am 6 weeks post op and still use it.

Finally figured it out!

I have a good week, then a bad week. When I wake up, if I can roll out of bed without pain, I know I will have a decent day. If instep off bed and have the "tightness" and pain, it's going to be a painful day. I just want to feel like myself again! I am glad I did this, but thought recovery would be quicker.

I rolled over!

6 weeks po, I was having a bad dream last night and I rolled over on my stomach! First time! I can actually get a massage while lying on my stomach! I've been laying on my side for the massages. This is exciting to me. I still have lower back pain, tightening, burning, when I get up from a relaxed position. I guess I can get back to gym soon. My wound is drying up nicely. I can't wait until I can use silicone strips!

7 weeks post op

Just an update......still getting back tightness and stinging from lipo, but much better than before. My problem is after sitting or sleeping, when I stand up I feel the burning and tightness. I was worried for a while it would not go away, but it is much better than before. Sometimes I get a jab of pain in abdomen, nothing crazy. Now for the good part, my stomach is flat?, I look like I even have a 6 pack, well at least a 2 pack! I stillmwear my, spanx and other binders, I feel naked and guilty without it! The only time that cg is off, is if I am in shower. I now know this will all be worth it in the end. My back is still swollen and hips from lipo. Work in progress. My shorts and pants are falling down on me. There is so much room in waist, a size 2 is falling to hips!

It's a miracle!!!!!!!!

After all of my rants about my back from the lipo, I took Lyrica and the pain is 80% gone! I can't believe it! Big difference. I am going to buy a fajas today. That is a Spanish term for corset, it's a very tight fitting garment to give an hour glass figure. Hopefully it works. I have spanx, maiden form and others, and feel it gives too much after a while. I will let you know how I make out. I am 8 weeks po and going to dr Wednesday, she feels I need debridement. Here we go!


8 weeks I have fever, uh oh.....

9 weeks update!ready!!!!

So....... I am healing very nicely, but. I am going for a d and c tomorrow, I had fever at the beginning of the week, and I now have a canker sore! I still have back pain. When does it end? This was the summer from hell!

But my tummy is looking good, I am too ill to enjoy it. I just want to get back to myself. I had to stop all bromelain e because of surgery tomorrow. Sat I will be right back on schedule. Will I ever get back to the gym??? I will totally relax this weekend, I believe I went back to work too soon. I am drained and worn out!

Thanks for the vent!

10 weeks po.

Still have back pain, but not like before. I went walking the other night, and jogged slightly. I tire easily,still. All of my pants need to be taken in on the waist, no complaints here! My clothes look amazing, I can actually wear certain fabrics that I couldn't before. I just started wearing a brakes shaping cami. By MeMoi. I got it at loehmanns. It feels good to wear a non girdle compression garment. It's very tight, about as tight as spanx. It's a nice change.
New York Plastic Surgeon

Fantastic, very, very personal. Spends a great deal of time with you. It's as though you have your own private dr , 24/7! Please do not quote me on price. My fiancée paid and I do not want to misquote. That may be less or with anesthesia. It's a ballpark figure. She was wonderful. Also, I am very very swollen. Pants will not fit. I am 7 days post op. hard to see final results. I will update on whether I would do this all over again.

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