Inna FLAT state of mind! TT, MR, Flank Lipo and HR

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Hi ladies!! I'm trying my hardest not to be so...

Hi ladies!! I'm trying my hardest not to be so anxious. I have consulted with three doctors that I have in mind to perform hr and tt. I am very petite and have always been on the slim side prior to having 4 c-sects. Originally I was only considering a tt, to get rid of this horrible budge and saggy skin, but I recently found out that I have a hernia which needs to be repaired. Being that I now have no choice but to get surgery done I've decided to have the tt too. I've followed this site for a while and I'm so grateful to be a part of a community that not only shares a wealth of great information and advise but can also, relate to my situation. So who have I consulted with?

Dra Duran (Dominican Republic)

POV: She doesn't speak English very well, she's okay though. She says she's able to do what I need done...buuuuuuutttt....I'm not so sure I want to do this overseas thing with a dr. that doesn't communicate so well and that I don't really know much about.

Doctor: 2
Dra Robles (Dominican Republic)

POV: Her inclusive package seemed reeeealllly attractive that is until I read a few reviews about how a couple patients woke up on the OT, her equipment is old, the food was greasy, she's hard to get in touch with, the rooms are tiny and not so nice/comfortable, her staff isn't exactly pleasant...and wait for it...wait for it..she didn't even thoroughly complete one patient's procedure!?!?! Uhm, so don't think I should go with her, especially since she hasn't answered my question if she's qualified to remove the hernia.

Doctor 1:
Dr. Tehrani

POV: Way too pricey, but I have faith that he can do the job and then some! I like his staff, his office though undergoing construction was pretty decent. Tehrani seems caring and knowledgeable, but I don't really like the leave same day thing. Yeah, not so sure about that.

I know you all maybe wondering well why not just choose Tehrani??? The fact is he's too freaking expensive. I guess it's because his office is somewhat like an hospital? Anyway, I just want to make it SAFELY to the flat side.

This has been a up and down emotional roller...

This has been a up and down emotional roller coaster, but I have to say I still feel very good and extremely excited.

Nothing against the doctors but, I don't think it's the best move for me so, I've decided not to go overseas. It is much more pricier but I'd rather pay for the comfort and convenience of being near my family and home.

Anyway, I found out yesterday that the hernia is very small but there are also tiny kidney stones on both sides. Not happy about that but was told not to worry. I've chosen my ps for the surgery and my date is set for April 15th. He will remove the hernia and do the tt. Haven't mentioned the stones to him yet we'll see what he says, hopefully that won't put a damper on things. I'm actually wishing that someone cancels so that I can get in earlier. I know...I know that's not nice. But I'm so uncomfortable with this hernia thing and just the thought of no longer looking like I am 5-6 months pregnant makes me way too anxious lol. I'm nervous but I'm not overcome with fear. I just want to get it over with. In the meantime I guess I need to start preparing for the new me!

Hi everyone! I re-posted the pics I had up the...

Hi everyone! I re-posted the pics I had up the other day. I confess it was a little hard to see those pics of me so I removed them. But as of today they will remain up. From now on I'm viewing them positively and I see them as an inspiration that I'm making the right decision to do this great thing for myself.

I will use these pics to keep me motivated and focused on the goal at hand as well as during my healing process. They will serve as a reminder that no matter how many adjustments I make, I will always be who I am, so it's imperative that I embrace "that woman" in all stages! And at the end of the day, that would be my words to any woman feeling embarrassed or uneasy about her before pictures. God has made no ugly thing and I will not refer to myself in that way any more...

I feel blessed ya'll, just waiting for my day.

Did I offend? I wasn't considering how what I said...

Did I offend? I wasn't considering how what I said may be taken in the wrong way lol. I truly hope not to have offended anyone with the intentions of going with Dr. Duran or Dr. Robles, OR to Dominican Republic for that matter. I've read that it has been great for many ladies. They've gotten the results they've wanted, loved the way they were treated and saved thousands which I am all for.
This is a major surgery and my prior consults didn't go as smoothly, but after further research I made my decision to go with Dr. Tehrani. I like him. He gave me the time, answers and attention I was looking for. His patient coordinators treated my husband and I wonderfully. During my consult he was called for an emergency and the staff provided us with light snacks and tea. When he returned he didn't rush me, I was able to take my time ask all the questions I needed my husband asked all of his questions and shared his concerns as well. Dr. Tehrani confidently answered all questions and reassured me that he was going to do a great job and that pretty much sealed the deal for me.

I sincerely wish everyone a safe and successful outcome as my intent wasn't and isn't to step on anybody's toes ladies, but to share my experiences while on this new life changing journey of mine.

Hi beauties! Miss you and thanks so much for ...

Hi beauties! Miss you and thanks so much for being so inspiring and kind. I apologize for the hiatus but so much has happened! But to fast forward as not to bore you my day is coming May 8th! Unfortunately, though it won't be with Dr. Tehrani. My new PS is Dr. Ruth Celestin (I welcome any advice/wisdom) at Lennox Hill Hospital. I love, LOVE Dr. Tehrani but it just made more sense to save $7,000, if anything I can use that on shopping for the sexy body I soon will have *wink. I also appreciate the fact that I am staying over night. Well I'm not really nervous at the moment just excited, all I can do is trust God that I will make it to the flat side. I put my trust in him, so I am confident that everything will work out the way it's supposed too. Quick question: Did anyone put bactroban ointment in their nostrils prior to surgery? A bit of good news, I weighed in the other day and I'm down three pounds, which is cool and encouraging for me. Eating healthier and making time for myself has been a priority for me . I already feel like a new me! Well, much love for now ladies, until next time.

3 days to go yikes! I've been busy getting things...

3 days to go yikes! I've been busy getting things in order, but now I am taking it easy. Everything's paid and I'm focused on keeping calm while awaiting my big day. I am so grateful for this opportunity. If I could describe my emotion, it would be overwhelmed with thanksgiving. My husband is awesome in supporting me, he's even set me up with a few days in a really nice hotel for after surgery while he's with the little ones so I can have a bit of peace before returning home. I'm still feeling good so far, no fear. Believing God for a healthy, and safe recovery for all you ladies as well. Can't wait to see the "new me!"

Well the days of waiting have come to a close....

Well the days of waiting have come to a close. Tomorrow is the big day, yaaaay I'm so excited! I still feel good and strong not having any second thoughts, but we'll see how I feel when I wake up in the morning lol. I've only been able to lose a few pounds but that's better than nothing. I spoke to dr. celestin yesterday she answered all of my questions, and I was able to set up my private nurse to escort me to the hotel the next day after the surgery. The nurse will be pricey but I feel well worth it. From here on out I'm just looking forward to a good and speedy recovery.

PO Day 2 Hey ladies I feel amazing! I give thanks...

PO Day 2
Hey ladies I feel amazing! I give thanks to my father in heaven for bringing me through healthy and safely without any complications. And thank you so much for all your prayers and well wishes. Currently I don't have any complaints except I find the drains annoying. They're not leaking much and doc says might be able to remove them on Monday. I actually would have updated sooner but hubby took the phone home with him. Doc says I didn't have much fat, she took off about 3 lbs of skin. Yuck! I haven't seen my whole belly yet but just looking down can see it's so flat and I'm ecstatic. So far, not much swelling and I've been able to walk around without much bending a few times a day. I'm still going to start drinking the pineapple juice and cucumber water to keep swelling at bay just in case. Don't take the meds as I don't have any major pains (so far) though I did wake up a little sore this morning but nothing unmanageable. For the ladies that are up next trust me YOU CAN do this! And I wish you all the best.

Advice: Def make sure you ask all questions in advance. Do not just take everything for face value follow up with the coordinators to make sure they've done as they said they would. Always touch base with your Dr. to make sure you two are on the same page at all times. Take care of your part, don't have the dr waiting on info or feedback from you. Be polite even if you are upset about something they've done or said. Have everything you need at least three days to a week ahead of time. Know where you are going and plan to get there 30mins to an hr early so no one is waiting on you. You don't want an upset or anxious dr operating on you. Most importantly do not pay for the procedure unless you are positively sure that this is the doctor you're going with and certainly don't be afraid not to go with a dr that has made you uncomfortable in any way. Money isn't everything so do your research well. Research meaning check with other ladies here on the site, check background info on perspective doctors ask to see pics of their work. Ask how long they've been doing this work and what they love most about what they do, and what's their ultimate goal when they are performing the procedure(s) you're having done. It's your right and it's ok to ask questions. Remember this is your life and you are paying a lot of money for a service and you want to make sure you are given quality in return.

As far as supplies, I bought:

- lip balm
- my own bottled water
- long t-shirt from target 18.00 (tinker bell) "its cute"
- 1 long dress target 27.00 (will wear to post op visit)
- crackers
- pineapples
- bendable straws
- honey cough drops

As for home care:

I recommend someone you can trust and rely on to help you for the first few days at least for going to bathroom, freshening up, taking meds if you're taking them, meals and etc. I didn't go with the recliner... I'm on the couch with plenty of pillows (works just fine, less expensive) sorry I haven't personally answered everyone but its my first time getting to the computer. Will be in touch and post pics soon!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! PO Day 3 & 4 Yesterday...


PO Day 3 & 4

Yesterday was another good day, but I have to tell ya the drains are the worst! I'm doing well without any meds thank God, but I do tire very easily. Hubz helps with washing and I find using my office chair as a walker when needed as a big help, (kinda reminds me of wheeling around the IV in the hospital). I forgot to mention that I bought protein shakes, apple sauce and jello too prior to the TT. I'm on a reg diet but don't have much of an appetite as of yet. Just eating light and drinking lots of water. Sorry this is short or less than interesting, but I don't have any real complaints other than I hate the drains, there's a little swelling and I'm really tired. I see Dr. Celestin tomorrow so I'm very excited and hoping to remove these drains. I posted some pics will post more after my Dr. visit tomorrow but in the meantime I hope you ladies have a wonderful Mother's Day, and happy healing to you all.

PODay5 Okay so went to PS yesterday and...

Okay so went to PS yesterday and everything looks great. I weigh 129lbs and walk almost completely straight up. There is swelling but to me it's nothing crazy. And great news ... the drains are no more! Yaaay those little suckers are out! They didn't act alone in making me miserable, the gauze rubbing up against them was in on it too. It hurt like the 'dickens' taking out the drains I couldn't stand it lol. She told me I could shower and wear the spanx. Very cool being totally clean and drain free. Posted new pics, my tummy looks similar to my pre-pregnancy days apart from the swelling. PS removed majority of the stretch marks so very happy about that. Still can't believe she took off about 3 pounds of skin. Was gonna wait until this morning to put on the spanx but that CG kept digging in my back so I ended up ripping it off and putting on the spanx to indulge in a good nights sleep! I also notice that my throat is sore and the pineapple juice seems to irritate it so I fell back on drinking it. My appetite is still small, but full of protein. I've stayed away from anything that causes gas. I love the Kellogg's Protein shakes, fresh juices (carrot, lemon, lime and cucumber) and drink lots of water.
So far I am pleased. This has been an awesome experience. Dr. Ruth Celestin gets an A++, I (((FN))) love her! I'd refer her a thousand times over. We meet again, beginning of next month. This was a great decision and I'm glad I followed through. It was nerve wrecking not 'really' knowing what to expect but in the end so worth it. Worth all the time, and every dime in my book. I hope that my good experience is inspiring to ladies thinking about doing this for themselves. At 6 days post-op even with swelling I feel amazing and you can too :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

*PS. Now I'm ready to go shopping lol!

New pics!!! Check me out after two weeks.

Hey ladies, hope everyone is well and in the best of spirit. Haven't been on for a while but there wasn't much going on to post about. Most of the swelling has gone down and I continue to feel amazing with each day. I added a few more pics today. Dr told me I wasn't going to be completely flat prior to the surgery because of the shape of my body, and I'm okay with that. I have to say, I'm coming along nicely and still feel like I've made a great decision. Wishing all of you that are going in for your surgery soon a safe experience. And to those already on the flat side a healthy and speedy recovery. :)

Another pic

SWELLING- Need I Say More?

Ughhh! It's been 3 months and I still have that minor swelling thing going on and at this point it's truly annoying. Also a weird thing my lower ab in the middle above the pubic area feels really hard. Haven't mentioned it to Dr. Celestin figuring it may just be due to swelling, that would eventually go down/away? On the bright side of things I have started back exercising about two weeks ago. I've been weighing myself consistently since my tt and I'm down another five pounds as of last month and feel amazing. My scar is healing very nice I like it. Even through the swelling I have to admit that this was indeed well worth it. Some days though I feel like I wished I'd gotten work done to my thighs too ... oh well too late now, to the gym it isl!
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kevin Tehrani is a great doctor. However my procedure was performed by Dr. Ruth Celestin @ Lennox Hill Hospital. She was wonderful in every way. Professional, courteous, honest, straightforward even funny but most importantly attentive to my needs and concerns. She gets a A++ and should I need another procedure done she will be the one I go to no questions asked. Victoria and Yelena coordinator and nurse were absolutely amazing. Very helpful comforting and knowledgeable. I had a great experience.

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