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Mother of 2 grown kids.. Very supportive husband....

Mother of 2 grown kids.. Very supportive husband. My life is great except for my body! I haven't gotten anything done yet.. I'm praying mid July ( cross finger). This is my story... 48 yrs old mother of two beautiful kids (grown) and a very supportive husband who backs me up 100%. I've always been a big since I was a child. When I met my husband 30 yrs going I was semi big meaning I was over weight but not obese. I was a size 12 and then a miracle happen my daughter was born. During her growing up I finally lost the baby weight ( 6 yrs later) guess what I got pregnant again.. After my son was born for the life of me I couldn't lose the weight!! Well in 2003 I made the decision to have the gastric bypass done ( thanks god I did) and the best decision I've ever made. I've lost over 130 lbs and so far I've maintain the weight off. I think I've gain about 30 to 40 lbs back but I'm more healthier and I go the gym regularly. Try to eat right. Do a lot if activity with my husband and my kids. Now my husband has told me countless times how much he loves me and that I don't need to have surgeries or tummy tuck or arm lift...but I had to tell him that I appreciate his opinion but this was not about him but this was about me.. It was time to make me happy.. It was my decision to do this and damn I'm gonna do it! Lol
So that's my story.. So I'm gonna post some ugly stomach pics and some ugly arm pics..

Before pic of my ugly arms!!

Every time I look at my arms I get grossed out. Haven't worn a tank top in over 15 yrs.. And if I do wear a tank top I always wear something to cover my arms...

My wish !!!

Hey I wish my arms and stomach can look like this....

Here they are...

Here they are my ugly tummy!!!!

Waiting patiently

At the doctors office now awaiting for my blood results.. Cross finger....
Jesus I'm nervous!!

I'm feeling happy today!

Went to the doctors office this morning and found out that my iron level went up and she has cleared me for surgery.. I was so happy I started to cry happy tears.. And I gave her a big hug. I'm very nervous and excited at the same time. I made an appointment with PS for tomorrow to schedule the surgery! God is good!!

I got my date!!

End of this month is the day... I'm so excited and nervous.. Today is a happy day!

Why the hell am I so nervous!!

12 more days to go..and for some reason I'm nervous all of the sudden... I think it's because the days getting closer. Order some compression garments on Amazon ..for my arms and my tummy.. How is everyone doing?

Days getting closer

Next week this time I will home from the surgery and resting up.. I think I have everything ready.. I have my tummy and arm compression garments ready.. Pain meds. I think I need something to cover my bed.. I don't to mess it up.. I'm so nervous I feel like I'm missing something. I hope and pray I will heal up fast.

4 more days to go!!

4 more days to go and I'm super nervous.. I'm thinking about having my favorite food this weekend because I won't be able to eat that for a while. I've been drinking a lot of water to cleanse myself. This time next week I'll be on the flat side!

Tomorrow is D-Day

I can't believe my surgery is tomorrow and I'm nervous as hell. My best friend just texted me no stressing and everything will be okay. Got the call this morning from the surgeon make sure I don't eat or drink anything after 12 midnight. Got to get my stuff ready for tomorrow.. Gonna get all the pillows I can find in the house...I'm finally gonna be on the flat side and skinny arms!!! Oh man my arms!! The one I want done the most! Finally after 20 yrs I'll be able to wear tank tops and halter tops. Wish me luck and say a prayer for me...

Omg today is here!!!!

Well woke up not felling anything just want to get it over with! I want this to go smoothly... I'm not showing it but I'm probably nervous and scared and exited but expression is saying nothing. Maybe it's my nerves. I had a bad stomach ache last night hubby said I'm probably nervous that's all. Well anyway I have to be at the place 7:45. Daughter is taking me but she's still sleeping I'll wait till 7am to wake her. She's going to drop me off and hubby going to pick me up. I'm hungry and I want coffee but I know it's going to be a while before any of that. Wow I'm going to the flat side and skinny arms!! Finally!!! finally!!! Wish me luck and I'll try to keep you guys posted! :o)

2nd day post op

Had the tummy tuck and arms done on Tuesday .. First day going home all I wanted to do is sleep. Then yesterday very painful walking and using the restroom. In so grateful for my kids and hubby for helping me anyway they can. Taking my medicine and antibiotics on time. I'm still in pain and soreness in my tummy not so much the arms. I'll let you all know how my day went for tomorrow.

3rd day Post -Op

Had the tummy tuck on Tuesday morning and this was taken yesterday.. I'm so sore from sitting on the recycler and I don't like it too much. I'm not in so much pain on my arms. It's sore but nothing like my stomach... I'm hoping to see some part of my arms today.. I'm walk more.. Drinking lots of water and taking my meds...I hope it gets better.

Good morning everyone!!

Today is my 4th day post -op and seriously I'm feeling so much better and walking a lot. Don't get me wrong still have some uncomfortable pain from sitting down or laying down so much on the recycler. This morning my drain was almost even 25cc .. The lower it gets the better. Going to see the surgeon on Monday and I'm praying to get the drain out.. It's seriously annoying. It's hard to reach because of my arms. The arm lift went well the stitches look good so far. My left arm was little bigger then the right but they still look better then before! I'm happy so far with the results.

5th day Post -Op

I'm a damn emotional wreck right now. I feel like a beach whale .. Haven't washed my hair in 5 days which sickens me and haven't had a decent shower in 5 days ( mind you I take 2 showers a day everyday. I have damn blisters from the tape. I have drain tubes sticking out from my hips I feel ugly as hell. And feel dirty. Then I feel like I'm such a burden to my family. Heard someone saying that it's annoying and I'm picky about everything. I don't think they get that if anything happens to them I would never leave their side and I would wait on hand and foot for them. I'm crying cause I don't know if I made the right decision. I don't know now if it was worth it.

8th day post op!!

Didn't get too much sleep last night because for some reason my right arm was in so much pain.. This whole week I didn't have any pain in my arms and all of the sudden my right arm was hurting.. Ot too much painful but enough to keep me up all last night.. I think I had about 2 hrs sleep. I took some Oxy for the pain just made me drowsy that was all. Hopefully it'll be better.. Still wearing my compression garments.. My stomach looks good so far.. Walking more and little by little getting my appetite back.. Drinking tons of water. Oh and I know it's TMI but I pooped today for the first time..omg what a relief! My kids are still around helping me out a lot and hubby is back to work! Have a great day everyone!

10'day post op..

I love my results. My PS did amazing job so far. No complaints yet. Feeling better and standing up nearly straight. So happy I did it!. Haven't worn a 2 pc in over 30 yrs. a new beginning! :o). Have a nice evening ladies!

2 weeks and 4 days post op

Took a pic today and wanted to see if there is a difference.. Can you tell??

Update!!! Today is my 5 week post op!!

Today I am 5 weeks post and I'm feeling much better.. My scars are looking good so far but still way to early.. I've been back to work and feeling lazy cause I've been out for a month. I'm gonna post some pics but they were taken at my 3 weeks post op... And the one with the gym was my 4 week post op I think.. Have a nice night ladies.... :o)

Happy 5 weeks post op to me!!!

Today is my 5 weeks post op and I'm actually feeling good.. Not great but just good. Trying to make the best of it... and yesterday I went to the gym again with hubby.. Just walking on the treadmill for 1 hour.i had to get out of the house and do something. I am still feeling little sore from the lipo on my back. Still feeling uncomfortable when sleeping but trying my best to get as much rest as possible. Working midnights is taking a toll on me but hanging in there for next year cause this time next year I will be retired and never have to work again. Just counting the days!! 360 days to go! This Saturday is a very special day. I'll let you know Saturday...Can't wait for it.. Here is me at the gym.. Lol

Took some pictures

Last night took some pic and so far so good in my opinion.. Feeling good but not 100% yet..

49 years old yesterday

Yesterday was my 49th birthday and I looked and feel fabulous!! Bought this dress size 12 and hopefully next year size 10.

49 yes old yesterday

Yesterday was my 49th birthday and I looked and feel fabulous!! Bought this dress size 12 and hopefully next year size 10.

I'm 6 weeks and 4 days post Op!

Today is my 6 weeks and 4 days post op. I'm feeling good but my stomach is still swollen but not too much. I am feeling little hardness in my stomach though but I will let my PS know when I see him on the 15th. I really want to go and get a massage done. From the lipo I'm still feeling some soreness. I hope this is normal. Will post pics later. Have a nice day ladies and Gents! :o)

Today is my 7 weeks post op

Hey today is my 7 weeks post op and I'm feeling good so far... But at times my stomach feels tight I hope that's normal. For some reason today because of the weather I feel like my stitches on my arms are bulging out more.. Maybe it's a little cooler out. See in the picture my tummy still swollen...

7 weeks post op

My scars are getting better.. Stomach still swollen and it's kinda hard in the middle like little below the belly button area.. But over all it looks good. I've been using the palmers coco butter therapy oil for scars....What you think?

9 weeks and 2 days

Back to the gym and back to spin class!! This is one happy chick!

9 weeks already!!!

Wow it's been 9 weeks already.. here's photo I took today.. before and after ..
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