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I am a 37 yr old, wife and mother of two. I have...

I am a 37 yr old, wife and mother of two. I have been dealing with this "Raisin" stomach for 14 yrs now and it's time for a Plastic Surgeon to Take It Away, LOL! I have been saving money up for this surgery and it's now time.
I have lost 43 pounds because I got tired of my husband with all fat jokes. But plan on losing about 10pds more before my surgery date. I gained alot of weight after I got married (been married for 7yrs now); I just woke up one day, took a hold of my life (body). And, having this surgery will get me one step closer to my ultimate "Sexy-fied" goal.
So, Jan. 9, 2013 is not coming fast enough. I AM SO EXCITED.......

On Tuesday I go to the doctor for my pre op test....

On Tuesday I go to the doctor for my pre op test. Not worried about the test results. I have been exercising 1 hour a day/4 days a week to try to lose some back fat. My doctor doesn't do obsessive lipo so he recommended that I concentrate on my back and waist. I don't want to have broad shoulders with flat stomach and small waist, smh

Ok, I had my pre-ops test done last week and the...

Ok, I had my pre-ops test done last week and the doctor called and ok'd me for surgery. I should be happy right but I'm not. I'm a little worried and my husband doesn't think I should get the surgery. He believes having this surgery is a waste of money. So, because of his thoughts I am having second thoughts. In addition, I'm not prepared, other than reading realself post and exercising I haven't done nothing else to prepare. I wonder if I will need a recliner or not? Not sure what I am waiting for my tt is in 18 days.

I found this terrific website about how to...

I found this terrific website about how to minimize a tummy tuck scar
I also read that other options for healing scars are: micropore tape, silicone sheets, mederma cream, massage or oils. Has anyone ever used any of these products for scar healing?

Here is another website I found that provides...

Here is another website I found that provides helpful information on products that help to heal scars (please consult with your doctor before using any of these products): and I found some helpful hints from a post from ZiZi on Realself':

Hello Realself fam I am disappointed and sadden...

Hello Realself fam I am disappointed and sadden this morning. My ps called me this morning to tell me that he will not be able to do my surgery because I live too far from NY and the attending that is to assist him doesn't want .to perform it. I can't believe that he has known my address for 2 months and now telling me this. So I guess I will have to postpone my surgery. He did say that he will ask another attending if they will assist him with the surgery. I was planning to stay in NY for 3 days after the surgery before I traveled home.

HI RealSelf Fam I was notified today that my...

HI RealSelf Fam
I was notified today that my surgery is back on....yeah!!!! I am so happy. But, now I have to run around and do last minute shopping. I pray that everthing goes well. I will be sure to keep everyone updated on my progress. Oh, I forgot to mention that my surgery is scheduled on my birthday Jan. 10th.....what a terrific birthday gift.

OMG, I am so nervous that I can not sleep. I have...

OMG, I am so nervous that I can not sleep. I have a little over 24 hours to go before my surgery. Again, I am so nervous. I still have alot on my to-do-list. I have been rethinking this surgery all day. I have people in my circle that are supportive and some that are not. I am trying to stay positive and not think about the negative. I guess the negative is one reason why I am rethinking the surgery. My Dad will be picking me up from the hospital (24hr requirement). But, he cant pick me up until 3pm; I don't think they will let me stay that long. I will call to find out if not I will have to see if someone else will be able to join me in NY. I will be staying in NY for a couple of weeks. The first couple of days I will be an a hotel (extra pilows will be needed). About to say prayer and head to bed. Good Night!

Ok Ladies. Tomorrow is the big day. I am so...

Ok Ladies. Tomorrow is the big day. I am so nervous and I could not sleep at all last night. I went to the store today to stack up on my laxatives and liquid food. I didnt purchase a recliner like I was suppose to and I don't know how I am going to sleep. Does anyone have any suggestions? I wish everyone all the best and happy recovery to all!

Unfortunately, I did not go through with the...

Unfortunately, I did not go through with the surgery. It took me two weeks to have the courage to post my disappointment

. There were several reasons why I didnt go through with the surgery:. I was traveling from Baltimore to New York City to have the surgery done my surgery was scheduled for January 10th and my family could not come down to support me until January the 11th do to work constraints. It was arranged that my dad and i would stay with family forvtwo weeks but none of my NY family could rearrange their work schedule to sit with me

.Due to that I had multiple fears that overwhelmed me the morning I was supposed to board the bus to head to New York City. The day before the surgery some of my family and friends kept calling me telling to be careful and I should reconsider having the surgery done they were just telling me a bunch of negative information that basically got to my head. I tried to avoid those types of phone calls and ignore them, which worked until I had to board the bus at 1 a.m. My husband drove me to the bus station and on the way to the bus station he started crying and determined to have this surgery i just ignored his cries. He started saying oh you just want to have the surgery because you want other men to look at you. I told him to continue to drive me to the bus station.

Once we arrived to the bus station all these thoughts started going thru my head in the fear that I was hiding started to you come forth and I started crying and became overwhelmed and I just didn't have the courage to get on the bus. Now I didn't have any fears of the surgery in general i trusted Dr. X I was just sad to know that once I came out of surgery none of my family members will be there to support me until the following day when I would be getting discharge from the hospital. I believe that fear was the number 1 reason why I did not get on the bus. I asked my husband to just pull off and take me home but 10 minutes later i realized that I needed the surgery I have been dreaming about the surgery for the last 3 years and I need to overcome my fears. We turned the car around and the bus was gone I never cried that much. I was so disappointed in myself I didn't even have the courage to call the hospital ahead of time and to tell them that I missed my bus because of my fears. I couldn't even catch the next bus to New York City because it would have got me to New York too late for my surgery

.I was depressed for about 1 week I didn't want to move out the house I didn't want anyone coming to see me I didn't wanna talk on the phone I didn't want to text I didn't want to update my post on real self my husband tried everything to make me happy my friends try to take me out I just didn't want to move I was so disappointed and depressed very much depressed. just typing this message is rekindling so many negative fears and negative thoughts and I'm just trying to move forward. I still want to have the surgery. there has not been 1 day since the surgery that I wish I had some kind of magical power to rewind time and have had the courage to get on that bus. I sit here looking at in the mirror at this ugly stomach just thinking of how beautiful my stomach would be if I would had the surgery

. I called the surgeon the same day and explained my situation to him he was very forgiving he went through a lot to get me approved for the surgery and I felt so bad. I asked him if I could have the surgery in April or May of this year and if he would still be around to doing do my procedure and he said yes. I started my graduate study classes this semester and I will not be finished my the semester until early May. I plan on still getting my tt and lipo then.

Sometimes I think things happen for a reason I say this because the day before the surgery I went to the bank to get a cashiers check for the amount of my surgery I never had to go to the bank to get a cashier check before so I was unaware that certain things have to be done to the check before I can take it out of the bank. a week after the surgery I decided to take the check back to the bank and redeposit it into my account it wasn't until I spoke to your the bank teller and she told me that she could not re deposit the check into my bank because the check with not signed by the bank official. I had to take the check to the bank that processed it for me. so long story short even if I had went to New York anyway I wouldn't have gotten the surgery done because the check was not signed by the bank official. The bank manager told me if the check is not signed and stamped it isn't any good.

So, yes i guess things happen for a reason. I will be calling Dr. Xipoleas next month to get scheduled for another consultation.

I just called Dr. Xipoleas's office and was told...

I just called Dr. Xipoleas's office and was told that he is no longer accepting consultations for tt or lipo. He will be leaving NYEE in May. I was told to call back in June when a new resident is assigned. I am so disappointed and sad. When I had the chance to get the surgery I should have gotten it. Now I am back to the researching and waiting game. I guess I will call Lennox Hill. If I get the surgery performed there my vacation money (due to the $2000 difference from NYEE's price) will be used and I need that vacation. I am even considering Mt. Sinai Hospital even with their 300.00 consult fee. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about Harlem Hospital or Jacobi Hospital?

Update on my tt journey - Well as you probably...

Update on my tt journey - Well as you probably read by now I didn't go thru with my tt that was scheduled in January.
However, I decided to again start my research. I went for a consult at University of Maryland and I was quoted $8271.00. Yes, this quote is from a teaching hospital! That price is ridiculous! And, I was not comfortable with the resident.
So, I made a appt at Mt. Sinai for a consult on April 26th. I am still weighing the decision to go because of the high consult fee ($300), which is not deducted from the final price of the tt ( I guess I ned to reach out to some of the other RS ladies who had their tt performed there). And, then I have to decide when to get it done because I am a student and my classs will be ending the first week of May but I wanted to get a summer job and I have two vacations scheduled for this summer. So, it's either don't get a job or cancel one of my vacations. I was hopefully thinking I could get the surgery done the late part of May. But, not sure if my body will be healed enough for me to vacation for the 4th of July.
Or, if I will even want Mt. Sinai to perform my tt or if I am qualified to get it done there (They may tell me that I need to loose weight). I'm still a work in progress.

Patiently Waiting

Im a little pissed right now. I have been patiently waiting for Johns Hopkins Resident Program list to open up since March 2013 since I was told to call back in June. I called today they the receptionist told me that the list is closed and will not open up until next year. So pissed.....I guess I am back to my original plan of going to NY to get my surgery performed...SAD FACE!!!
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