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I am a 40 year old mom of three girls and a...

I am a 40 year old mom of three girls and a grandma of a 3 year old boy. I would love to have definition and hourglass shape and be super flat, so I can wear my dresses without shape wear/ girdles under. I think Dr. Polavarapu along with Dr. Sonita Sadio can do an excellent job. Im excited and scared!! People go to Colombia Venezuela and Dominican Republic for some awesome results but I think his team can do the job, so I'm going for it. Pray for me!! :-)

1 day after surgery

Did good all night but in the morning I felt the pain whenever I moved. I was discharged today Friday valentines day and headed to my hotel room, as soon as Walked in the drain bubble came loose and fell to the floor tugging on it a little. I called the Dr. P who told me that if it still had suction than the drain was still in place and felt better, phew!!! So i took a little nap and felt better.

30 hrs after surgery

Did not set the alarm and at 5 am I woke up with excruciating pain. Took my meds right away, went to pee and back to bed, and said a prayer (fell asleep praying) woke up 2.5 hours later in no pain. Phew!!! Thank you Lord. Decided to head home 3 hour drive, so I had breakfast and left from N.Y to MA. Before the storm hit. We stopped for a walk (that seemed forever) use the bathroom and kept on. I was soooo glad to see my little ones and they were glad to see mom. They wanted to see and know all about the surgery. Dr. Polavarapu called to check up on me and remind me to order the 2nd stage garment size small.. Soon I'll post some preliminary photos. Monday I can take a shower and peek at the incision :D

before & After pics

I can already notice the difference and can't wait til Monday (REVEAL DAY)

48 hrs. po

Well ladies, currently I use a walker that I purchased at the Goodwill. The walker helps me be a little more steady, have something to hold on to when walking around the house. Liz my hairdresser, did a house call and washed my girls hair and mines. (something less to worry about). Glad she was willing to help..A recliner is great to rest and take naps. Next to it there's a table with hand sanitizer, also baby wipes and lip balm. Hope this helps

the dreaded cough

Omg!! It hurted like crazy!! The cough took me by surprise this afternoon. I panicked and rushed to the cabinets to look for cough syrup and cough drops (I emailed the Dr to see if the syrup was ok for me to take) but since I was scared and unwillingly to wait I just took it and glad I did. Other than that everything else is good. Only taking Xtra strength Tylenol for pain and the antibiotics. I get very stiff and sore if I sit for half hour, so im walking around the house often to avoid the stiffness.. :)

Reveal day

Wasn't what I expected. I was a little thrown off by the weird shape of my belly. Groin area was flat on one side, big bulge on the other side (uneven) thought to myself 'what happened?' not totally flat either, so my husband said you are very swollen and need to be patient and wait. In silence he helped me with a shower. I had my belly button covered with a clear water proof tape, but guess what?? Some water got in. Tuesday, follow up appointment - we almost had an accident again and I had a small break down (held it together cause the girls were with us) anyways the Dr. Helped me take my garment off and I could tell by her face & silence that she was expecting different. She mentioned she didn't think I was gonna be swollen. But at least it had evened out more, it looked better thanSunday night, which was a relief. The appointment was a little odd and quick..i get home 5 hours later due to weather and many accidents I decided to peeked again. The Dr had taken the clear protector tape off the belly button so I decided to take pictures. Clear my drains and was ready to update my review and upload them, when I checked my 8 yro (on the autism spectrum) delete the pics because she doesn't like mommy's new belly :-( sorry ladies!! I saw her face and those big green eyes and I just couldn't be mad at her..Anyways ladies, I'm not discouraged as I know everyone is different. By the way after the shower I dried the incision steri strip with the blow dryer and the doc said. That's a big. NO, NO!! A dusty filter blows dust to incision and can cause infection :-o. ...today it's been emotional. Flashback from the last 2 wks which I have omitted in my reviews are finally catching up with me and had to let out. I started writing about it and a call came in and I lost it allllllll!!!! Frustrating..counting with God this swelling will go down, so I can look the best. Also once I can be straighter too. I go back next Thursday for my drain removal and hopefully pictures :-) take care ladies


Dr. Didn't think I was going to be THAT swollen. (swelling is expected) I think I looked nicer when she closed me up in the operating room. I wonder! Humm!! Remember that unexpected cough that came with no warning? I wonder if that messed anything up? She asked if anything snapped or popped but the truth is I was consumed in pain holding my tummy trying to control the cough that I don't remember.. Ugh!! The wait is on :-)

Thanks for the support

SiliconeDreams, Mariambn, Lindzee36, sexylibra 6, thank you all for the encouragement, the I just realized I got my period uninvited and was a little emotional. lLuckily on this site being hormonal is accepted, cause we all can relate at some point. The emails with with tt swelling remedies(Mariam) were very welcome and appreciated. To SiliconeDreams and Cmedejas for their review which help me take the plunge and go for it with Dr. Polavarapu & Sadio. Which I think are a sassy, great team ;) ..Thanks to those ladies (Dr. P & S )who dare work on my toad belly and turn it back to a Barbie doll belly!! hahahha!!!! I truly believe in them. Although swelling & hormones got me thinking, I snapped out of it with your help and by faith everything will turn out great. Dr. Polavarapu & Sadio worked hard on me. Thanks for the kind words which got me in a better mood ladies. xoxoxo

7 days post op

I'm still VERY swollen but do like my new belly button. In my before pictures if you notice, I have a huge birthmark (like a map) approx. 4.5 inches high. Well that's almost ALL gone. Currently I only take Tylenol twice a day and it's because the muscle repair, still hurts. The tummy tuck incision itself & the liposuction site don't hurt. The tummy is actually numb. I haven't gotten constipated which is a plus. I don't dare to eat anything that might give me gas. I'm eating plenty of protein and fiber. Chicken, tuna, fish, egg whites, blueberries, pineapple, grapefruit and pomegranates, probiotic yogurt and plenty of water. I stay away from salty, greasy foods, pasta and rice. I don't eat after 6:30 and that started this past year. During the past year I have modified my eating habits, as I thought it was important for me and my family and I needed to be an example. Kids learn what they see. I have lost 58 lbs . The last 8 (4 from nerves before sx & 4 after surgery) i was walking on my treadmill in the living room While my kids were doing stuff next to me. Then i started lifting weights in the comfort of my home. My 24 year old daughter was not that comfortable with mommas changes. She wanted to know what was wrong with me? I said nothing what's wrong with you? (she ask dad if i was menopausal ;P) whatever!!! I ignored everyone's comments because i had my little plan !!! Jiji (SURGERY) plan A- change eating habits plan B- loose weight and keep it off plan C- exercise to strengthen and condition my body / then started lifting weights (and what a commotion that caused) smh!! Plan D Surgery. There is no way i was gonna spend that money without changing eating habits, cause Its not fair to my family. I needed to decrease all risk. So i drop the BMI (body mass index) to reduce the risk of embolism, decrease healing complications and let everything hang so the Dr. Could cut all off it at one time. Some people loose weight after the surgery and end up with loose skin and dog ears after the surgery. If I lost it before she could take more skin off. I did my part the rest was up to the doc...and here I am ladies in the healing process. i use a walker the first few days, to help me keep my balance, and not kill my back. Everytime I needed to stop and rest i had the walker as support. Now I'm on my own walking around better and a little straighter. We'll till next time :-)

7 days post- op photos

here are some photos. note: the birthmark on my side on the before photos and almost totally gone at the afterphotos

day 7post op

10 days post-op

Hello everyone. I've been doing good, walking a little straighter but if I move alot, where Dr. P did the mucle repair (the middle section, just under the breast) sort of burns/pulls. I don't know how to explain (hurts)'so I have to take 2 Tylenols. That's the only thing that slows me down. Yesterday was a beautiful day. So I went to the Mall, real quick and got my eyebrows threaded. Today I decided that if I could go to get my eyebrows done I could also go al least to Sunday school. The girls were happy and so was I. Swelling going down VERYYYY!! Slowly. So I reviewed the diet to see if there was room for improvement. I decided to cut the coffee intake (I said cut, not eliminate) and increase the berries and water. Drains are not bothering but have some tissue that no matter how much I squeeze out, won't budge. The fluid output in a 12 hour period is 15 ml on the right and 23 ml in the other. I had bought a recliner but haven't used it to sleep. Felt awkward to sleep in the living room. So I've been sleeping in my daughter's room (my bed is too high!) I need my legs elevated as they do bother me. I often have to get out of bed to get leg relief. Not resting much due to the leg discomfort. Can't wait to sleep on my side again. Totally dislike sleeping up high :-/. My friend came today and cleaned the house for me and now the hairdresser is here blow drying the girls long hair, since there's school tomorrow. My food consists of Tuna, chicken, salads, light soups, boiled eggs (egg white) vegetable omelets, humus, probiotic yogurt different kinds of berries, pomegranate and pineapple. Tea, coffee and water. Have a good week ladies :)

day 11 & 12 swelling down

Feb. 23 - swelling noticeably down, I couldn't stop looking in the mirror & feeling relieved. I took a shower, while my compression garment was being washed and dried (noticed the swelling go up) so instead of waiting for it to air dry , had to be thrown in the dryer, So I could put it back on quicker. The compression garment (cg) is fitting now loose and it rides up a little. By now I'm a pro picking up stuff from the floors with my toes.

sleeping - couldn't find the compression socks (have no clue what I did with those) so I gave a try to lindzee36 advice. My left drain its not so much to the edge/side. So I tilted to that side and my hubby put pillows to back and between my legs, and took a Tylenol pm.. I slept like a baby 9pm - til 5am. No leg discomfort and got up well rested. Had a coffee and 2 boiled eggs. Lost 2 pounds just by using the bathroom LOL.

embarrassing discovery - you know my tootsie or (moms pubis/ pubic area) whatever you want to call it, was lifted/repositioned and lipo was done..we'll is very sensitive now (in a good way) ;) I like where it is NOW!! That's a plus there (embarrassing, but, has anyone else noticed a difference??) also noticed my boobs don't match my body now ( humm!!!????) thinking, thinking ;)....

hubby & house chores- he was stressing this morning, getting snacks, backpacks, long hairs, breakfast ready. The girls were taking their sweet time, not staying on track cause they were distracted w/ the t.v ..did I mentioned I was quietly smiling and faking I was still sleeping?) hahaha!! Yes, I enjoyed every minute of it (the girls missed the bus) so he had to drive them to school. Then come home to do dishes, vacuum and mop cause friends were coming over (forgot to tell them they cancelled ;-). Oh well!! I'll. Help him later..im happy that I can see more curves when I look in the mirror :-)

d-14 drain removal

Hello ladies. Today my drains were taken out and to my surprise there was like 12 inches of tubing across my tummy..i thought those drains were like an inch in, until Dr. Polavarapu pulled and I felt it come out from across the belly. They didn't hurt just felt weird when they came out.
1. Incision is thin and looking good
2. Switch to Fbs stage #2 garment (marena.com)
3. Massage incision w/ bio-oil or any product of my preference
4. Can start cardio exercises
5. Might need x-small garment
6. Return in 2 weeks 3/13/14
7. Wait one day to take a shower after drains are out to allow drain sight to close.
8. Bring USB so she can store my photos and give them to me
I will put pictures in the next few days as I ain't taking this thing off again (I almost needed Vaseline to get it on) stage #2 doesn't have zippers on the sides.
Note: I noticed than when I walked more (without overdoing it) the swelling would go down versus when I rested more. The leg discomfort is better. I still walk hunched, and as much I try to straighten, I can't. So far, I am very happy with my Barbie waist and thin incision..Love it!! Thanks Dr. P & Dr. S

Day-16 steady progress/Nice Thin Incision

Hello to my ladies!! I'm happy to report steady progress. Today, I walked a slow on the treadmill for 30 minutes (slow) but just to stay on track. Today, the drain removal site was less sore. I took a shower and washed my incision with Hibiclens (specially were the drains were recently removed) applied Aquaphor to my incision and outside of belly button and massaged for a good 10 minutes with my fingers w/ a rotating motion. Then with a small massager, I went over the incision, belly button and surrounding area to help w/ a healthy healing. Today I also started my vitamins (Hair, Nails & Collagen).. I had to sneeze and I can't sneeze as loud as I used too, lol..the belly doesn't expand like it used to (maybe cause the compression garment??) so, is like a cat sneeze. I'm still a little hunched and if I try to straighten up the upper muscles gets annoyed, so I rather not mess with it.. Overall I'm very happy with the steady progress and I thank God, cause getting to the flat side wasn't easy..Pre-op days many things happened that threatened my sx to be cancelled, but God is good and took care of me. Thanks to the advice of a RealSelf sister who last night gave me advice on products she is using. she suggested Biocornium for she incision, she also uses a board and a waist cincher on top of the compression garment to help with the hourglass shape....Well ladies, till next time..Happy healing to my RS sisters who made it, to the flat side and those who are thinking about it! GO FOR IT!!! :) xoxo

Day-18 Shopping

So I'm on my 18 day post op and all alone. I snuck out. Getting in that huge conversion van was a mission, but I did it.

destination- Burlington Coat Factory ;D
I was like a kid in a candy store. I picked up like 6 blouses and a few other things (for the girls) and proceeded to the fitting room. One shirt was tight and got stuck getting it off. Omg!!! There's was no one close to help me and because I'm still hunched over and cannot stretch it took me forever to get it off. Bt then I was sweating and exhausted..I always used loose shirts/blouses in order to hide my belly but today I tried a smaller size and I like what I saw in the mirror. My shirts always needed to be longer to cover my muffin top. Nothing that would show my front belly pouch. Today, I had a bigger selection in blouses & dresses. A size smaller too, cause i have no more bulges to hide. Hubby kept texting to see how I was doing, so I rushed home. I sit down to catch my breath and he texted again. 'Are u home?' me- yes, I'm sitting here...^_~. Evidence was hidden so wouldn't get the speech and I'll stay put for now...

on another note. Everything that I wanted from the kitchen cabinets were high up, out of my reach (since I can't stretch) tuna, the tea,soups, the peanut butter.. So ladies, make sure that what you need is low and within reach. I choked eating a raw carrot and yikes! My belly button hurted (burned & pulled) ugh!!
also got on my treadmill and walked slowly for 30 minutes cause I had cake and bread today and felt guilty :-o ... I have to be good tomorrow..the food t.v commercials don't help when I'm bored. So needless to say tomorrow I'm tagging along to one of the job sites (even if is just for support) need distraction...my mother in law told my hubby today that she was mad at me for not saying anything, but I just didn't want to deal with negativity or sermons. I was stress as it was dealing with my 24 year old who wanted me to cancel...oh, I'm using a Velcro binder (waist trimmer) over my compression marena garment. I'm still swollen but that's normal. Looking forward to spring & summer :-)

It's SHOPPING TIME!!!!!!! Love It!! ;D

I'm currently 3weeks. Walking 85% straight (w/ CG)but for some reason when I take my (CG) compression garment off, I sort of hunch over even more. I put it back on, and I'm straighter (I think it provides more support). My 2nd garment is fitting loose by now and I've had been having moderate swelling. I had already ordered a xxs garment and an abdominal board. Thanks to Sonja a realself sister, who told me about it. The company sent me a wrong garment and I had to reorder ( No support with a loose garment) and by then my swelling was not pretty. I looked square and under my breast was very, very swollen. The board arrive and I contacted Sonja on how & where to place it? she said "wider part goes right over the bottom of stomach" the board goes against the skin,then put the garment over (since my garment was big) I slid it down (between skin & garment) she said she also use a waist cincher over. I had a white back support binder and I put it over the other garment & board. 8 hours later I took it off and to my supprise my swelling had gone DOWN ALOT!!! and no it wasn't cutting my circulation as it was adjusted to support without being overly tight. needless to say, I aint taking it off..Tomorrow my new garment arrives and ill have better support. I put a photo of the things that I needed and used. When I had the incision scabs, I used Bio-Oil, Aquaphor & cocoa butter to massage and moisturize the area. Now (week #3) I started using Kelo-Cote - A gel to reduce redness, and soften and flattens raised scars ( I also order other stuff) I have aloe vera (the actual plant)..The halls (cough drops) when I had the dreaded cough. Hibiclens which is an antiseptic/antimicrobial skin cleanser ( I still use it on my incision) since where the drains were, the skin is still healing to prevent any infections. My friend doctor told her not to expose the incision to the sun in the summer or it would get darker (her surgery was in June) so im glad is not summer. Im babying my scar and taking proper care cause anything I can prevent, Is a big plus. My husband has been cooking left and right, looking for new recipes which I told him he was sabotaging my diet. (he said 'I did put a knife on your throat to eat it!!) o.0 Really!! I told him, I wasn't going to starve!! (yeah, right.. there are plenty of healthy stuff around) anyways, I'm back on track and he said he was sorry! no more chicken puff croissants, lasagna , pasta soups, etc.. that doesn't help w/ the swelling..

SHOPPING- Currently a size 6 & 8 and blouses are Medium (since I don't have to buy a large to hide my belly) and on the smaller side on the waist. Now I have a wider selection of dresses and skirts. since im straighter I was able to try several dresses. I felt sooo good!! Wow!! I kept staring at my waist!! Oh my gosh!! I love it.. I put some sample pics of the clothes that I can now wear (which I could before) cause my midsection was so big.....Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!!!!!! (I could leave out pretty night wear of course) should have seen hubby's big grin!! I wonder where his mind was??? hum??? anyways ladys happy healing and if you are thinking about it loose all the weight you can and do it!!! its worth it!!!!! xoxo

What I used after surgery

Sorry!! forgot some of the photos. ; These are some of the stuff that I used. The walker is in some previous photos. The walker saved my back, from being hunched over and not being straight. I bought it for $5 at the Goodwill.

6 wks post-op

Hello ladies!!! Currently VERY FLAT and super happy. Swelling kept decreasing as the weeks went by. I've had stitches coming out left and right aka as (spitting stitches) x8 now. They are supposed to dissolve, but some don't. I've been massaging like crazy 2 & 4 times a day. Currently thinking, thinking what's next???!!! Boobies or a booty????? ;);););) Hum!! Anyways I still got time to think. Since my car decided to brake and while waiting for parts had to get another one delaying plans. Currently focused on my continue healing.

I had a scare the other day . I had what it looked like pus coming out of my incision.I called Dr. Polavarapu who told me to go right away. Except my car was in the dealer. So I called a friend who agreed to see me the next morning to check my incision. I was sooo
worried. Anyways, she carefully and meticulously checked my scar, took some more stitches that were sticking out and told me not to put the scar away tape (too soon) and to keep it simple (Aquaphor , cocoa butter
or vitamin E) she explained so much that I don't remember everything. She said sometimes there is a white yellowish discharge but not necessarily pus. There is a small numb, but it could be a buried stitch and might dissolve. She admired the thin scar and said you are massaging here more and not there (you could never massage enough). She asked why I was so thin? And if I was eating. I said I eat alot but I'm not gaining :-) ..she wasn't too convince 0.o and asked what I was eating, so I mentioned so foods. She looked at my hands and said I wasn't drinking enough :-o (she was right) I was slacking on the water intake. She walked me out, and my hubby reassured her that I was eating well and also juicing. So she mentioned that probably my body is working overtime healing, therefore I'm not gaining... What a relief that was to hear there was no infection. Phew!!! I get home, and the phone rings. It was Dr. Polavarapu (she was worried) so I explained. She said to call immediately if there was fever, redness or discharged. At my other plastic surgeons office they admired Dr. P's work. So I felt that I could wait til the 9th to see her......God has angels everywhere and has everything under control. Hallelujah!!!!
well ladies soon I'll post before & after pics :-)

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck


NYEE teaching hospital 310 E.14th ST. N.Y 10003 (212)979-4493

God blessed me with this opportunity. For an affordable price of $4,494. I went for My consult Jan. 21th and my surgery was Feb. 13th. Today, I feel fortunate and happy for all of you that shared your journey and resource info with the rest of the world. I have met amazing ladies here.
To my heavenly father who provided and connected the dots, so my hearts desire would come true. He took care of me.. Thank you Father

6 weeks post-op March

I can't stop looking in the mirror. No more hanging tummy :)

6 weeks photos

Oops! sorry.. I hit the wrong button. lets try this again

Polavarapu Doll

Barbie in the making. Next boobs or booty????????

Barbie in the making


Currently I'm doing well. I'm wearing 2 garments. XXS Maena (which currently is a little loose) and the VEDETTE faja size (M). the Vedette faja runs way smaller and nice and tight, I like it. My incision is good but I've been spitting stitches. My body not dissolving them ( nothing to worry about). I feel very good about myself. My little one loves my new belly and my autism child can't stand looking at it. I can't even massage my scar when she's around. doesn't want to see my belly at all (go figure 0.o ) definitely a life changing experience. Looking at pics Ican't believe I didn't fix it sooner. Here are some new photos

7 weeks post op/ Now next step

Undewear that before were only a dream, now wearing them is a reality.

Currently checking with rice bags possible breast size ;)

Clothes Fit Nicer Without The Huge Tummy

well, a lot of things have change after my tummy tuck. The way I look, the way I feel, the way regular clothes, underwear, nightgowns and swim suits fit and look on me. I feel more comfortable with my body, and dressing is definitely easier. Well, tomorrow I see my plastic surgeon (Dr. Kiran Polavarapu) for my follow up appointment. Good Night everyone

This one did'nt upload

Dog Ears- 9 weeks post op

Hello ladies. Hope you all had a nice Easter yesterday. Today I have some serious swelling but at the same time, I've been slacking on my diet. I currently gained 10 Lbs and let me tell you that it doesn't freel good around the belly. My belly feels like its gonna open. At this point I have tried to be without my garment/faja and I just can't. I got soo0 used to it, that I feel uncomfortable without it and I even become hunch over once I take it off. I went on the 9th to see my plastic surgeon and we talked about a dog ear revision. My PS had wanted to wait cause I had lost some more weight and also was hoping they would go away. As of today I've have gained 10 pounds and they are still there. Anyways I'm not worried about them, but do want them removed. The doc also mentioned with other procedure she's gonna have to use different suture. I kept spitting sutures and even had a purulent discharge in more then 2 occasions. so to be safe I stopped the Scar Away silicone tape to avoid infection. since the incision would open (small opening tho) . I have kept massaging my incision religiously with my fingers in a circular motion and with a Conair electric massager. I was Using a Lipo Board, but last night I couldn't find it. Since my garment is already fitting loose, I used a hard cover cook book covered with a small soft towel (problem solved) and it covers a larger area ;) .. I see my plastic surgeon again in a few weeks and i'll keep you posted about the dog ears. so far she's been good about post op care/follow ups which is very important.

11 days shy of my 3 months

almost 3 months and I still get swollen. surgery day i was wearing stage 1 compression garment size small (zippers on both sides). @ weeks after (drain removal day) i switch to stage 2 cg size small (no zippers) on my 3rd week i swelled up a lot. Probable reasons- drain removal site, tissue needed to adhere after the tubing came out some fluids might off crept in. By this time garment again was starting to feel loose again cause also had loss more weight. Good thing that Sonja, was coaching me at that time and had advise me to get smaller cg cause i was gonna keep on going down. So i listened and already had ordered my next faja (CG) and an abdominal board (check the pic above).The board was ordered from Lipo express 1 800-323-0452 and it came fast. By month 2 I was already wearing xtra small on marena and not supporting me. I also have a few Vedette fajas (cg) size small on Marena cg equals a Large Vedette 705. A xsmall marena equals a medium vedette and Marena doesn't make an xxtra small, plan B is use a book or Lipo board over and use a white cg over (hey! whatever works) I will put up some pics for you to see. At almost 3 months I faithfully continue to use my faja/compression garment ( i lost count on how many I have) and have more on the way as I feel unprotected without it. I don't know how to explain but I hate being without it and I tend to still hunch over a little when i take it off..needles to say that I love my new belly, but still getting used to it. Before I used to go shopping an just by looking at the clothes, I knew if they fit or not. Now, I have had to return a few things because either they are too small or too big (more often big) oh well, eventually i'll get it again. By now I started driving standard again. Pressing on the clutch i use mildly the abdominal muscles but don't hurt.. I have an exercise thing that I used to place it between my thighs to strengthen my abdominal muscles before surgery. Well I tried it last week and I actually felt the abdominal muscles OPEN and CLOSE!!!I drop that thing faster than lightning. Ugh!! I didn't like that feeling. It was so weird and creepy, I decided that i'm not ready for that one again. I been walking for now, as I didn't like the o0pen and close feeling of the muscles and refraining of lifting weights for now.... Easter week I gained around 11 pounds but already lost 7 and by next Tuesday the last 4 pounds should be off......I still massage my incision and actually went twice to the dermatologist . In March and last week again, since the edges were getting hard, raised and dark. Doctor and I feard a keloid was forming so he decided to inject a mild cortisone and 4 weeks later he injected again. Currently it went down and is softer and i'll keep and eye one it. Well my sisters,Til next time :) xoxo

I need a booty & boobies to match (In the future, I hope)

I failed to say that my booty after loosing the 60 lbs now looks sooo flat, it's not even funny. So in the mean time I went to Burlington coat factory and bought me a fake booty! ;)) I showed My Plastic surgeon last month when I went to see her (as I was trying to convince her, to do fat grafting on me). It didn't work as she hasn't done any yet... Hubby and I were laughing, we got a kick out of it.. I can't believe I actually walked around with a fake butt!! o.0 anyways, I had fun with my fake booty check it out ladies (hubby said i'm crazy, but got some cushion foam and made my fake butt even bigger!!) hahaha!!! ;) I guess we are a little crazy (nothing wrong with that)

CT scan findings that left me speechless

I am a very positive person and although sometimes i'm going thru stuff, I manage to laugh. I had pain and the dr. put me on antibiotics and diagnose me with diverticulitis (saturday Feb. 8) monday was my pre-op and was cleare3d for surgery (didn't tell my dr. for fear that she would cancel) I had a pre-op xray for my tt. 2 weeks after my tt my pulmonologist called that i needed to repeat xray and i ignored cause i was recuperating from tt and figured my PS had read my report. Anyways, last week i started having pain again. A CT scan with contrast was ordered and 4 days later (this past monday it was the follow up) well findings are as follow Left lung lesion, diverticulosis, fibroids in the uterus fundus, cyst on an Ovary, fatty liver and cholelithiasis (2 large stones in the gallbladder) oh and something about a spine curvature.. MY uncle had heart surgery 2 1/2weeks ago in P.R and has been in Intensive care. Today my cousin was informed to prepare for the worsed. I was planning on going but due to all the appointments I can't and of course for now i'll stay shut..In the meantime i,m here supporting my sisters and keeping my mind busy with you all..Thanks to my Realself family. :) please pray for me and my family

3 months post tummy tuck sx

Officially 3 months today woot woot!!
1) I still get swollen

2) still wear my garment day and night. I only take it off to take a bath

3)Incision - my friend a PS nurse w/ many years of experience. She told me to baby my scar or it would stretch. Meaning walk hunched a little longer. When I told that to my PS (who is at a teaching school doing her fellowship) she said don't listen to everything you hear. You're going to be fine! Well guess what? My incision stretch in one area o.0 ...if I would have listened to the voice of experience, that wouldn't had happened :/

4) Dog Ears - she left me HANGING!!!!!!! She ain't fixing them :-o she said they don't like to tie up the operating room with minor procedures.

5) Brest Lift- she said she can't schedule any more tt, and she won't operate on me because I'm still swollen. Also that she won't be able to do follow UPS ,cause she's leaving and doesn't want to dump it on other doctors. There were 2 people awaiting for consults (I don't get it!!) anyways, there's more to it that I don't want to get into.

6)my uncle past away and was buried yesterday. I was very weepy on Sunday (Mother's day). Monday got it together and on to my routine, walking, cleaning houses and taking the girls to their appointments.

7) This Thursday I have a colonoscopy, and next week I. Have blood work and more follow up appointments. Staying positive :-)

8) chose a Dr. For my Brazilian buttock lift also known as (BBL) but haven't found a doctor for my breast lift. Still researching. Taking my sweet time now, since I don't think my doc would give me medical clearance for any surgery. Everything happens for a reason. Like a sister said, " sometimes we need to step back and take a break"... Lets see what happens.

plan: will continue to massage my scar w/ vitamin E and cocoa butter (scar was injected w/ cortisone on 4/22) so I'll keep watching it. If it gets raised or hard again then I'll call my dermatologist again to inject some more cortisone. Well ladies, I'm tired today, so I'll post some photos tomorrow. I have to use the laptop to upload the photos. :-)

laptop acting up

Sorry ladies, but my laptop is acting up. My antivirus software had expired and I was using it like that and it sort of crashed :-/

Test done

Update- Colonoscopy was done yesterday to check the area they couldn't see on the Scan. There is multiple polyps in my intestines (diverticulosis) if they become inflamed than then term changes to diverticulitis (-iris means inflammation). I need to follow a strict diet and stay away from popcorn. Anything that has seeds etc to avoid getting blocked or irritating the polyps'..probably years if bad eating habits :-( now that I lost over 60lbs and have better eating habits and I had my belly fix. You bet I'm gonna avoid having a flare. I don't want my new belly to get cut open and ruined :-/..next week I follow up with the gastroenterologist. My ob-gyn called me today regarding the fibroid in the uterus and the ovarian cyst and said not to worry about those now unless I start having pain again. Which in that case she'll order a transvaginal ultrasound. She said that fibroids can sometimes grow fast and from what she read in the ultrasound the urgent things right now are the large gallbladder stones, the diverticulosis and the lung lesion...as soon as I fix the laptop, I'll upload pictures. Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement and for the much needed prayers. Thank you xoxo

Photo update as promised

Here are the photos. Realself addiction is real (i'm even burning stuff 0.o) !!!! yikes!
I'll start by writting that my belly button is really hard and due to me having nails, I had to recruit my 6 year old to massage it. Also the area around the belly button is really hard and tender. Every time my belly button gets massage I feel a pulling (uncomfortable) sensation. I hate the belly button massages, but they are a must to get it to soften up the scar. I will be needing some more lipo to contour more, so hopefully in the near future I can get it done, to improve my results (hopefully w/ a BBL ;)..I still suffer from swelling at 3 1/2 months and continue to use different garments depending on what clothes i'll be wearing. For example the garment/faja with shorts, I use with dresses, and the body Suit/Thong faja/garment with pants (cause it shows the line midthigh with pants). The thong faja makes my booty look a little bigger or a least a little bigger (I barely got one jijiji) oh and I still feel weird when i take off my garment and when I walk by the mirror I can see a change in posture. I am less straight. Once I put my garment back on, I can walk straight again..I feel so naked and unprotected without my faja..

My 6 year old massages my belly button

Since she has little fingers is easier for her. She even reminds me, that I need my bb massage before she goes to school and at night.. Thank you little one for being so good w/ mom.

some issues I had at incision site (had 8 spitting stitches in total) had pus on 3 different places

here is some encouragement, thing that might happen (not sure if I had a reaction to the stitches used) but thank God I did not traveled out of U.S for surgery cause I needed follow-ups even after the 6 weeks mark ( 1 1/2 month). I even had a small seroma which resolved on its own.

Gallbladder Stones acting up

I want to thank my RS sister for your support thru kind words of encouragements, advice and resource information. Some of you know that I have gallbladder stones right. So I was trying to avoid surgery and another scar on my tummy. So I looked up and found that olive oil and lemon juice may help to break up the stones to help pass them. Sheeny7 had her gallbladder removed after her tummy tuck and knew someone taking Do-Terra oil and passing the stones. Sheeney7 gave me the info to a friend who is knowledgeable with the oils and website of testimonials. We live across the U.S but God has a plan and work in mysterious ways. He has people everywhere. Yesterday I paid for my oil but in the meantime I was in excruciating pain. My back was killing me and Not only my back was hurting, but my upper abdomen, under my ribs was hurting too. Every time I ate, I felt pain. My doctor sent me to the emergency room to get an ultrasound and surgery consult :o (not cool) the Ultrasound showed that 2 large stones and I was told that there is no way that I'll be able to pass these stones due to the size. With all the move here, move there, turn sideways the stone must have dislodge and the pain started going way. Phew!!! didn't need emergency surgery last night (I was exhausted) from the pain. Dr. said don't get to happy, cause it will have to come out at some point (had to burst my bubble). I asked if there is a pill or laser to break up the stones (to avoid a belly cut). To which he replied "NO!" maybe in 20 years smh!! and that, the benefit of meeting ahead of time with a surgeon is that different techniques can be discussed. He also explained that some doctors now do incisions thru the belly button or laparoscopic (small incision) ..I'll go for none of the previous. So now, not only I have a strict diet to avoid diverticulitis flare-up but also another diet to avoid having another gallbladder episode. So avoid dairy, avocados, coconut oil as well as olive oil, popcorn anything with seeds etc,etc (the list is huge) ..but GOD IS ABLE!!so ladies and gentlemen please keep praying for me. I'm gonna try the oils and in JESUS name the stone will disappear.

Consequences of years of BAD eating habits. So please ladies, if you haven't already change your eating habits for the better you can always start now. If not be prepare to pay for it..

This is it for today. I will update with more picture soon and also about the oils. Also soon I will start either my bbl review or my breast lift review (sick and all) something to look forward to ;D

Love my belly. will be 4 months post op on 6/13/14(3 days short)

Hi ladies. I'll start off by saying that I love my new & improve belly. I have small dog ears which for now I don't mind. I'll need a revision to fix them (which I'll get in the near future) but I'm not stressing about it. The incision needed to be further to my backside and was not. So I have skin pointing out a little and that's what we call dog ears. My doctor is a residents at a teaching hospital and is leaving at the end of this month (June 30th) so I'll need another plastic surgeon to
do it. Currently I have had phone and email consults with 2 different doctors in Miami and other talks w/ vanity coordinators (which I don't even get an actual doctor) only non medically trained personnel who cannot give proper information as they lack medical training. Quick to ask for a deposit without answering questions which are important to know before scheduling out of state patients
(vanity is disqualified in my book) at least for now. Doing my homework on doctors and hoping that the Lord will guide me in choosing the right one, which can be hard. Especially when is an out of town doctor. I rely on pics from this site
alot. I want to thank all the ladies and gentlemen's who have a review with pictures on this page. Pictures often speak louder than word and are VERY important. Pictures help others make decisions based on visual results. What u might think looks good to you, might not be what looks good for me and vice versa. Pictures show different doctors skills ad well of lack of skills...on another note, my belly button has some bump which I'm still massaging and I still have mild discomfort when I sneeze or cough. I still swell up if I don't use my garment, so I live in that thing. Incision still looks good, but I still baby it by not over stretching or exposing it to the sun in order to avoid the scar from getting darker (hyper pigmentation)...as to my gallbladder stones, I will see the surgeon Thursday. Picked up my ultrasound today which even goes to mention the liver. I'm ignoring that one at this point. ...I've been texting back and forward with my RS sister sw1197 who just had her tummy tuck. Shout outs to Sw1197!! welcome to the flat side!!! Will post more pics soon :-)

having a senior moment

I want to apologize for the delay posting the pictures, but I can't find my camera. I stored it in a safe place and I can't even remember where that is. I'm still looking, I'm just having a senior moment ;D

Cancelling w/ Salzhauer

Due to medical complications I called Dr. Salzhauer's office yesterday and left a message for arianny (since she wasn't calling back) and also emailed her, and faxed medical paper as proof of why I was cancelling and requesting a refund. Things keep getting complicated. Hopefully they understand and are willing to refund the deposit without giving me a hard time. Let's see what happens with that.

4 months and 4 days- I still have on and off swelling

Hello ladies. First I want to thank you for stopping by to read and/or leave encouraging words. Thanks for the much needed healing prayers, for helping me thru this journey whether by email, inbox, text or calls.....here it goes. I still get MAD swelling, my belly button is a little tight. I still hold my tummy to sneeze cause it hurts a little. The belly button around it is still a little numb the rest of the abdomen I have regain full sensation. If I lift and carry out the trash, then I end up in pain, where the muscle repair was done. So I have not been able to go back to weight lifting as of yet. Just walking and bike riding. I will post some pictures of the different garments that I use, and the mad swelling. I know that I need some tweaking here and there, but have in mind that I went to a teaching program. Minimal lipo was done to avoid complications and I don't mind. I have friends that have paid $10,000 w/ Harvard graduate doctor and still end up needing dog ear revision and more lipo cause they are not even and they have an ugly incision. I consider myself blessed. Not everybody can have this surgery done. 2 years ago having this surgery was only a dream cause I didn't have the cash. Without this program I would've have had to wait at least one more year. So until my health improves I will keep Doing my research, asking questions here and there to other real self sisters about other doctors and procedures....SAw the surgeon for the gallbladder stones. Incision sites were discussed. 1) laparoscopic (small incisions) 2)belly button incision- which he cannot go thru at this point due to the recent tt 3) transvaginal incision- thru the vaginal canal/orifice a GYN make the incision and then the gastroenterologist removes the gallbladder. The dr. said that the stone were brought on by the rapid weight loss :( gave me some pills but told me is like Rogaine. Once you stop using it, the hair falls off again. Meaning soon as the medication is stopped the stones will return. It gives me awful side effects, so lets see. I'm also taking the warm olive oil, with lemon and DoTerra oil, cranberry juice and coconut water, apple cider vinegar (you name it) to try to get rid of these suckers!! pardon my expression. So taking all those things, hopefully the stone will be gone for good. In the meantime every time I eat, I get pains. some days more than others. I try to stay away from eating in order to avoid the pain. Don't get me wrong I'm not here crying. When I do eat, I bend over hold my belly till the pain goes away and keep going. Specially with the end of school craziness Field day, field trip, concert etc. ..Oh and I haven't heard from Arianny and the refund yet. It's midnight so have a Nice Week!! :)

Posted too soon

Arianny from Salzauer not retuning call/emails for a refund : (

June 13th I sent an email after calling 3 times that day (which felt the calls where being screened) . I st I call and she puts me on hold, comes back and ask name and what is it in regards? Puts me on hold again, then picks up the phone and tells me she's nit in the office, step out and to call after 1:00 pm. So I call after 1 again. The girl screens the call again, comes back and tells me Arianny is with a patient and that maybe she can help. So I explained that due to medical reasons I would like to cancel and get refund. She inquires again and I explained in having liver problems and fax the ultrasound. She says to me that they'll show it to the doctor and will give me a call back. I Sent Arriany the email explaining also. That was 6/13, another email yesterday 6/23 and nothing. No calls and no emails. I called and put a claim on my credit card. They said wait to see if they call me and resolve this themselves, cause maybe they are busy. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and wait here to see what will happen with my refund. My surgery was for February 18, 2014. Let's see how this is dealt by their office. That would influence any future relationship with the office/doctor as it is important how they handle business, customer service, and post surgery follow ups. Lets see. I'll keep you posted

correction surgery was for 2/18/2015

Surgery was scheduled for next year on February 18th 2015. I'm canceling more than 6 months ahead and with good reason as I am unable to go under anesthesia /surgery anytime soon.

Refund Update/ bad swelling

I received and email from Arianny, Dr. Salzhauer's coordinator saying that she was sorry but my email's had gone into the spam folder and to call Rosey cause she's the one that handles the refund and to fax any documentation that I had. I replied that I had faxed in my ultrasound to the faxed number that the receptionist gave me when I left her a verbal messages. That the documentation already was in the office some where... I finally was able to speak to Rosey. She was very polite and verified account info and said to wait 3-5 business days
but sometimes it goes in sooner. I am grateful that they did not give me a hard time on top of everything else, so needless to say that I'm happy. Today aI received my credit card notification confirming my refund.....on another my tt plastic surgeon called me cause it was her last day at the clinic and she wanted me to go for the last time. We had spoken previously and I explained that I was very swollen. She had already told me that the new swelling could be from my gallbladder not working properly, so I reminded her again about the swelling. So I said ok I will go but it will take me a while to get up there and she said she would wait for me. So I headed to N.Y from MA at noon time. It took us 2 hrs and forty five minutes...after she took the pics and compared them she said last months pics were better :-\ ...then she gave me a grief sermon about me getting the cortisone shots so soon. Which I accepted quietly. I didn't want no keloid scar and I know if is not catch on time I would need a scar revision, so I took matters into my own hands and went to my dermatologist and got my incision injected (now is flat) ;) it worked!! Ladies I'm not saying for you to do what I did. I worked in the medical field and used to getting things done myself or even diagnosing myself, cutting off myself skin tags, removing my myself some of my spitting stitches and so on. Oh well!! You ladies listen to your plastic surgeons ;D ..As I Continuously massage my tt incision with my fingers and with and electric Conair massager and use the scar away silicone tape to fade the scar. I alternate with the Bio-oil, which is what I use when I massage. I am aggressive with my scar as dark color patients like me sometimes get keloids, raised scars or a bumpy scar which I'm trying to prevent. So far so good...

belly button- I've have noticed when I massage my belly button, a hard spot/lump. Not sure what it is. I might have to call Susanna the teaching hospital coordinator to see what she says..
I've been taking the girl to six flags but avoid the sun at all cost. Since I had eyelids surgery (blepharoplasty) last September, I use my sunglasses along with a huge hat since I don't want hyperpigmetation on my scar. Which would cause it to get darker and the same for my tt scar. I even wear the old silicon strips to cover and the incision and then put my bathing suit on. So if by any chance the bathing suit is too thin or something my scar won't suffer cause the tape is covering it. Then I come home and swap the old silicone tape and put on the new ones (since they are good for only seven days)....I know! Some of use women are soooo complicated! ^_~ .
I've been getting in trouble with hubby. The phone company sent him a text saying that I had used more than 65% of data! Smh!! So I. Got the speech of my life. He accused me of being hooked on this site and if I'm away with no WiFi then it sucks from the data plan yariyarida!!!! Whatever!! He wasn't rude but politely advise me to put away my phone from time to time (oh! And he's got the little one on his side).so that being said, I need to get off the phone. Only if sw1197 needs me and texts me, then I can answer since she just had her tt lol (that I'm aloud ) Take care of your surgery ladies and your incisions.

I'll be 5 months on July 13, 2014

almost on my 5th month and my incision has a dark bump. I think is either a spitting stitch or keloid forming.
so i'm massaging alot, alternating between bio-oil mix with Palmers cocoa butter at night and in the morning I put on my silicone tape (ScarAway) which helps by flattening, shrinking and fading scars. Also there is like a bump on my belly button still and if I don't use any of my compression garments, I swell really bad. Finally walking 100% straight (it took me a good 4 months). Here are some pics. Now I can even wear dresses with elastic in the middle and belts. Me happy!! :)

Happy 4th of July /Feliz 4 de Julio

Don't drink and drive ladies! Enjoy your day. Rain and all our kids are in the pool enjoying themselves. Have fun and take care

Teaching hospital /Reduce price program

Here you can find info regarding the teaching hospital that I went to for a reduce price. They have the teaching program and the regular program w/ regular at regular/ higher prices.
Susana will give you the prices and answer your questions. Consult fee is being waived for limited time. They don't operate on high risk patients. They consider a patient high risk when:
1)patient is diabetic
2)patient is a smoker (need to quit 3 weeks or more before surgery)
3)overweight patients (BMI needs to be under 30)
it's a hospital setting not an office setting. For tummy tucks you stay overnight and that's included in the price. I was out of town and stayed at the Carlton Hotel on Madison Avenue Manhattan (it was within walking distance) they have valet parking but charge $60 for overnight parking unless you decide to use other area parking which are cheaper ($25-$30) overnight. Whenever I went for follow ups appointments we park at a small garage across the street (under a building) . Last week on my last visit I went to medical records and the lady printed on the spot my anesthesiologist and surgery notes, which was nice. I always keep copy of my medical records. Everything was there lipo notes, technique used, CCs lipo etc.


5 months post op

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am 5 months post op and at this time I am still experiencing swelling (more if I don't wear the CG). I have gained 7 pounds and my belly button feels like it's gonna pop off across the room :-( not a nice feeling. I need to loose these 7 lbs as soon as possible to relieve the discomfort. Also I still cannot lay flat on my back, so I sleep on my side. Dr. P stretch me good and I like that. Soy masoquista, i guess. I know it will get better with time. I'm still massaging and using the scarAway tape to fade the scar. I started yesterday going to Zumba classes again and notice that I was stiff. This Latina couldn't stretch or shake her booty :-o (are you kidding me) a Latina with no swing!! Oohh heck nooo!! I was limited on my moves, couldn't jump up with my hand up in the air (I felt like I was gonna open in the middle) ..and when it was time to shake my booty I just couldn't move side to side or tilt back and forward cause it wouldn't go. The extra skin wasn't there to allow me to stretch. I am officially a stiff Latina with no swing!!! Embarrassing :'( anyways, I still dance for an hour but my moves were tone down. In a few more months I should be back to fully normal (I hope) ..

Question - Any of you tummy tuck vets experience being limited at stretching? Dancing / exercising?? Did you go back to normal?

other than that I LOVE having a flat belly. :-)

Plastic Surgeon vs. Cosmetic Surgeon: What is the Difference?

By Michael Edwards, MD, FACS, ASAPS President

Last week’s quiz on the Smart Beauty Guide Facebook page not only raised this question, but also shed light on the need for more patient education regarding the importance of credentials.

There are many questions and misconceptions about the two and many patients mistakenly believe that plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are equal when they are not.

Aesthetic vs. reconstructive
To explain the difference I’ll start by defining plastic surgery. The term “plastic” in plastic surgery is derived from the Greek word “plastikos,” which means to mold or shape. There are several specialized fields under plastic surgery including reconstructive surgery which involves the restoration of almost any body part that is abnormal due to a trauma/accident, cancer or birth defect; and aesthetic surgery, (sometimes referred to as cosmetic surgery), which is the aesthetic enhancement of the body or re-shaping normal tissue to improve appearance.

In other words, aesthetic surgery is a sub-specialty of plastic surgery. Reconstructive surgery is often considered ‘medically necessary’ and may be covered by health insurance.

Cosmetic vs. plastic: The training
Following completion of medical school, a board-certified plastic surgeon serves first as a surgical resident for at least 3 years where they undergo rigorous training in all aspects of surgery and then 3 years of focused plastic surgery training. The process can take 6 to 8 years or more and many further their training in fellowships including microvascular, craniofacial, hand, pediatric and aesthetic. This is a key differentiator between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon.

A practitioner referring to themselves as a cosmetic surgeon might belong to any medical specialty. He/she could be a general surgeon, gynecologist, dermatologist, family physician, internist, etc. who has decided that they want to perform cosmetic procedures. The training can be anywhere from a one-year cosmetic surgery fellowship to a handful of short weekend courses on topics ranging from how to perform liposuction, utilize injectables, or place breast implants.

Board certification
It is always important to confirm that a plastic surgeon has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) - the only Board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) to certify doctors in the specialty of Plastic Surgery, Only ABPS diplomates can call themselves a Plastic Surgeon. In Canada, a patient should look for certification by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCSC). International plastic surgeons should be board-certified in their country of origin.

A Facial Plastic Surgeon has ENT training and performs aesthetic surgery of the face and an Occuloplastic surgeon can perform aesthetic surgery around the eyes after an Ophthalmology residency.

Cosmetic surgeons who claim to be board-certified may have received their certificate from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, which board is not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Alternatively, they may be certified by their specialty board which may not even be a surgical specialty, such as internal medicine. Cosmetic surgeons referring to themselves as board-certified can be misleading if you don’t know the right questions to ask.

It is important to note that while all plastic surgeons have extensive training and can perform both reconstructive surgery and aesthetic/cosmetic surgery, not all cosmetic surgeons can perform reconstructive surgery because they have not received the same aesthetic training as plastic surgeons.

In conclusion, if you are considering any type of aesthetic/cosmetic procedure it is prudent to be aware of the education and training of the surgeon you’re considering for your procedure. You can verify the credentials of a doctor by checking with your state medical board or verify you are seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon whose practice focuses on aesthetic surgery by visiting www.SmartBeautyGuide.com to Select a Surgeon.

6 months post-op August 12, 2014

6 months after surgery and I have to say I love my flat tummy. My Bariatric Life mentioned limited stretching when she tried to swim and I can't swim yet. I tried and felt like my middle (muscle repair section) was gonna snap. I immediately curled sort of like fetus position in the water holding my middle. I was in pain after that and haven't tried to swim again. I get in the pool, but that's about it.

Lifting- I don't lift anything heavy yet. If I do, I have discomfort after. I have taken the trash out but needed an ibuprofen after :-(. I have carried 2 gallons of milk at same time and ended up putting them down on the floor. So lifting weights is still on hold. I can still go to zumba and feel like I'm getting loose but got some more to go. I still power walk or get on the treadmill without any problems.

Scar- I have a 1 inch section that needs constant massages. The silicone tape, kelo-cote, scarAway silicone tape or cocoa butter does NOT help to flatten it out. ONLY massages soften the area. So ladies don't forget to massage any hard, ropey area on your scar.

Prescription vs. Over the counter - the difference is the prescribed medication, weather is creams, ointments or pills, WILL always be stronger than the over the counter. Sometimes up to 4x more than the over the counter version. That being said I have notice better results after using the prescribed cream on my scar (hydroquinone 4%) . If you remember, that same area needed to be injected with cortisone by my dermatologist before to help it. Its way better but has needed alot of attention since I want it to fade and stay smooth.

Belly Button - Silicone Dreams noticed that my bb looks dark, so immediately I emailed Dr. Polavarapu who emailed me back within 10 minutes. Mind you that she's already gone. Thanks Dr. P
she said to apply silicone sheets or any treatment basically as the incision. Guess what? I was taking care of scar but sort of neglected my belly button. So I have started to use the bleaching cream there too. Hopefully it will get lighter soon. Til then, I'll keep massaging it more often and giving it the same attention as I give my incision scar.
hopefully on my 1 yr surgery anniversary my scar has faded more. So I'm working hard on that goal by massaging 2-3 times a day and applying my creams twice a day also (hydroquinone or Retin A) ;) retin A is also good for many different things but is also prescribed (some insurances do cover Retin A.

weight - 4-5 pounds is the most that I have gain but loose them quick. Weight hasn't been a problem to keep off, thankfully.

Overall I feel great. Will post pics soon

weight gain / stretch marks

I spoke too soon!!! So, I got carried away eating bizcocho de tres leches, (3 milk cakes), bizcochos de pasta de guayaba y queso( guava & cream cheese cakes )y de almendra mojaditos (moist in almond cake). So of course I gained almost 10 pounds in less than weeks :-o..... My belly hurts and I felt a burning sensation and at the same time like my skin wanted to open. So like 15 ago I felt it again but more intense and I felt like the skin opening and when I looked, I found stretched marks!!!!! :-o Me not happy ugh!!! Dr. Did her part on pulling me tight but is up to me to take care of the rest, No more cakes for me. Goal- 2 weeks to loose those 10 pounds smh!! I mixed and rubbed some cocoa butter and bio-oil on my belly and put on my abdominal board with the compression garment to push my belly in for now and avoid more stretch marks...ladies keep your weight in check after your tt...

laptop being repaired

I haven't been able to post pics because my laptop was acting up again. No matter what I tried I couldn't fix it. So I took it to the computer repair shop. And then it dawned on me about all the naked pictures. My surgery before and after pics as well as boobies and booties wish pics and I wanted the the earth to open and swallow me :-(...so while he finished with the other customer I was thinking "just get an IPad!" and problem solved. Problem is I NEED it fix it I would loose ALL my pics :'( the guy started messing with the laptop and another guy was standing behind him and I was blushing and sweating bullets. So I finally told him in a low voice "just be careful not to open my pics, please". He said what!? And his sister and guy behind him looking and listening, me having to repeat and explain about the surgery pics was VERY EMBARRASSING!!! Lord have mercy!! Not cool..I wanted to go "puff" and disappear. Now you know that probably the minute I walked out the door, they was probably checking them pics out...I think I'll send my other half to pick it up she is done. I ain't showing my face again. Lol.. I need to put all them pictures on a flashcard/ USB to make sure I don't loose them and erase the rest from the laptop! Crazy!! -.-

Code of Ethics of a plastic surgeon

Please read and get informed.

sept. 13 2014 7 month Anniversary

Finally my laptop is working properly. I had hubby pick it up ;).. here are some pictures as promised.

trying to upload pics from a windows phone

No regrets

Hello ladies. Hope you all are doing well. As for me I'm here every day looking at breastlift and bbl's reviews. I have been to 5 more consults and only liked 1 doctor in N.Y called Dr. Ryan Neinstein. The problem is that I don't have that kind of cash just for a breastlift and no implants. I believe the quote was for $9,300 including dog ear removal (the skin that sticks out a little) with silicone implants is about $12,000..another surgeon wanted $8,000 for breastlift and had done only 100 breastlift and done 500 breast augmentations. He was honest and explained his strengths which wasn't breast. I was impressed by his honesty and I give him props for that. Needles to say I'm sad and will be taking a break from consults til further notice.

Incision area- a few days ago just under my incision started pulsing and twitching. Thank goodness I know there's tissue/muscle healing still going on in that area, cause if not I would have ran to the nearest pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test.

Weight lifting - 7 1/2 months post op and I still cannot resume pre surgery work out. I was lifting weights and currently I can only lift 4 lbs. And I get mild pain after :-(
Therefore my arm and legs have become soft again. I only walk outdoors or on the treadmill and dance some Zumba.

Hubby - more vigilant than ever ;O) and of course different situation In restaurants, while walking outdoors at other consults don't help.

Breast- I look at my breast and don't like what I see. I'm sad and anxious to fix them. Also I'm having the hardest time deciding on a plastic surgeon... :'( Note to self- they are a want not a need.
So that's it for now. Lets see what happens. (hmm!! Miami????? ;)

I often text with some sisters and be laughing my heart out. One day my hubby said " you both are crazy!" Lol and hourglassvixen said "yes, we are" we feed of each others crazy. ChineseAssasin who just got her Brazilian done in Miami, shout out to you girl!! Love ya!!

Research- I need another notebook cause this one is full already. I've been following the work of a few doctors like Dr. Salzhauer, Dr. Ortega, Dr. Jonathan Fisher, Jacob Frieman and Hassan and few others that got disqualified earlier on. I need to start a new one

Blepharoplasty- I also had eyelid surgery and this month was my one year. My eyelid surgery and healing was a piece of cake and a success and the easiest choosing the doc

Well ladies lets see what happens.

To my sisters do research. Send inbox, ask questions, go on doctors websites and check out the pics. If you see many reviews from same doctor and no pics. You ask questions and no one answers, "stay away!!" Do collages of what you like and don't like. Print then out and take them to your consults 'I do"...have your questions ready. I will post my tt questions within 3 days. They are VERY important. Take care and thanks for stopping by from time to time. Always happy to hear from you ladies xoxoxo

breast what I like and don't like

Happy Sunday :-)

tummy tuck questions

Questions to ask your plastic surgeon at a your consult.
Have a goal first. My goal for wanting to have a tt was
Goal- to have a smaller waist /definition /sculpt/flat
tummy and pubic area along with muscle repair (my PS asked if she could fix my pubic area that's usually Xtra)

1. Tummy tuck incision location?
2. Extended tt incision? Or not?
3. Lipo locations - flanks, upper abs, back mons pubis (pubic area)
4. Type of lipo
5. Lipo incision sites
6. Location of drains
7.do you use pain pump?
8. Do you use exparel (exparel is a local anesthetic
. injected by some plastic surgeons to keep patient
. comfortable after surgery
9. Type of stitches / sealants /tapes or staples will be use?
10. What are my options if I'm dissatisfied with my cosmetic outcome?
11.what are your financial policies for revision? Meaning do I have to pay for the whole thing again or just for anesthesia?
12. How many revision of your own work on average do
u perform? If docs not sure ask him to estimate
13. Ask for photos
14.how many successful tt done?
15. Will Rectus plycation also known as muscle repair will
16. If a hernia is present at the time of surgery will you
. remove it?
17. Anesthesiologist is a Dr. or nurse?
18. Hospital setting or private clinic?
19. If in private clinic ask if he has hospital privileges and in what hospital that is?
20. What is your specialty or what surgeries do you
. perform more? Tummy tucks? Breast? Etc
21. How many follow up included after surgery?
22. After care instructions -after surgery you'll be
. groggy /sleepy so is a good idea to ask before
. surgery and write them down. Better get them twice
. then to get them once and not remember them
23. Is there an on call doctor on the weekends in case of
. emergency?
24. Belly button shape? Oval or round?
25. Belly button sutures will be inside or outside?
Note: You don't want bb outside sutures. Cause u can see the sewing from outside. My bb sutures are inside and my bb shape is oval
26. Any medication that I should stop taking before surgery (go over medications, weight loss supplements, vitamins etc) very important

Hope these helps

a few consults

So I've been to a few consults.October 2, 2014 I saw Dr. John Griggs. I ask him for more lipo in order to give me more definition in the waist area and dog ear removal. plus I asked him about a mastopexy without implants (breastlift)--surgeries are in hospital setting -- his response - don't get lipo. If you get lipo you'll end up with loose skin and will need another tummy tuck. Sometimes you end up with lumps and unevenness from the lipo . I showed him my under breast area and he said that, that even happens to him sometimes and to leave it alone (not what I wanted it to hear) but at least he's telling the truth and being honest. I've been researching complications from lipo and he is right. Sometimes even cyst and burns from lipo. About the dog ears he said if I do it with the mastopexy he will charge me another $2,000 for removing another 6 inches or 6,000 for a buttock lift which basically is a tt of my backside. The troubling part is, that this is the second doctor that suggested that :-o I didn't think I was that bad! Geez!!
He also said that he can tuck inside the skin that normally gets discarded to make my booty fuller (but no pics) Sigh!! I haven't done that research cause I didn't know I was that discombobulated!!!!!!! Smh!!
I was caught up in doing extensive research in auto augmentation, fat grafting to breast and looking for a doctor good with breast lift (which there aren't too many up here) up here they are lazy. Good skills are a must and has to be a reconstructive surgeon who can well manipulate tissues (it CANNOT be a COSMETIC surgeon as the training is not there) needs to be a plastic and reconstructive surgeon period. So now I have to decide what do I want to do. Get the lipo and dog ears remove or leave it alone and do the mastopexy. Or start doing the buttock lift research :-(......notebook number #1 full starting notebook number 2

8 months Post -Op

8 months already. As 2 plastic surgeons mentioned my skin has relaxed and stretched. That means I'm not as tight. Last Thursday, my breast surgeon discharged me. So I'm back to yearly mammograms. Tonight I will be starting my breastlift review and dog ear revision which by faith will be done. Here are some pictures ladies..

Let me know if you think that I need a backside lift ??? Or leave it alone..thanks

8 months

This is what I did to myself by having poor eating habits. one surgery will not fix the damage. It will take 3-4 surgeries to be even. I do look better but the breast needs help, need more lipo and my neck and chin has some sagging. Little by little it will get done

sexylibra6 is on...albolene an wrap it is

So! Sexylibra6 mentioned albolene and plastic wrap. I didn't know at first what albolene was so I research it. Found some pictures and YouTube videos last night. Today I was on a mission looking for that thing without any luck. Kmart, WalMart, CVS pharmacy, Target and even called GNC stores and no luck anyways only on amazon. Or you can get something close to it. I'll put up some pictures and you decide. I bought a generic til mines arrives ;D

Throwback Saturday

Today I was looking at my pics and analyzing many things. I realized that I have come a long way. I consider myself blessed to have found Dr. Kiran Polavarapu. Looking at my before pictures I can tell she did an amazing job. She's got the skills and is pretty good at tummy tucks. Having my abdomen fix has helped my self esteem, I feel sexy and more confident. I hope she continues to do great work at her private practice changing lives for the better.

My Ob-gyn was happy

So yesterday I went to see my Ob-GYN doctor for my annual and she didn't even recognize me. When she realized it was me all She kept saying was "but you're so tiny!!" Over and over haha! She said my belly looked Soooo nice and asked about the tape (I had my silicone tape on) so I took it off and explain what it was for and she peaked at my incision. Then she proceeded to do the pelvic exam and she said that my bladder seemed better (I frowned clueless!) so she said " it seems that things are better after your tummy got fixed" " I remember things being lower and now they're not!" "possibly because the bulging out and weight of the belly, uterus was tilted and bladder was lower" now with the tight belly everything is in place and more improved. She asked " can you do a kegel for me please?" Which I did and she said " you see much better and tighter!" ....A little embarrassing to share, but was glad to hear the good report. I guess my tummy tuck did more than help with my self esteem. It also helped internally, the piping lol!!!;D

About the backside/ butt lift- remember that 2 doctors mentioned the backside butt lift/ back tummy tuck. Well ain't happening. I'll get my dog ears removed and that's about it. I looked at my backside and I can live with that. I would rather fix my breast.
Well ladies have a wonderful weekend!!

Weird update but it is what it is.;D

can't update

My pics won't upload :-(

9 months and 10 days post op

love my new belly

9 months and 10 days

Sorry ladies. This is the 6th time I try to update. Only a few pictures at a time post and my updated disappeared. I don't want to write it again ;O)

more pics

scar at 9 months & 12 days

Here is a current picture of how my incision looks like 9 months and 12 days post op. Is currently fading nicely and hopefully will get better with time

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Happy Thanksgiving ladies and gentlemen

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas ! Wishing you a very joyful Christmas and hope Santa is good to you ! ????????

10 months and 16 days

As the months go by the incision keeps getting lighter. I will get the dog ears removed at some point. I still use the scar away silicone tape and bio oil as well as a massager. Overall I feel great and very happy with the outcome

incision 10 months and 16 days post op

Sorry the pics didn't upload. I'll try again

Happy New years /Feliz Año Nuevo

Wishing you all a prosperous and blessed New Year! May all your/my dreams come true in Jesus name. Amen :-) / Deseándole a todos un prospero y bendecido Año Nuevo! Que todos sus/mis sueños se hagan realidad en el nombre de Jesús. Amén :-)

this one didn't upload

11 Months today

11 months

Sorry! Not all the pictures uploaded. I'll try again

11 months

Breastlift or lipo with fat transfer to booty

Ladies help. I would like a breastlift no implants and a Brazilian butt lift (Bbl) ..what should I get first? The boobies it the butt? I ws supposed to have the boobs done in December and the butt lift done in March but she my breastlift was cancelled due to attending not being available for that day it threw off everything. I'm scheduled for breastlift on February 5th and all of the sudden I'm a mess. Having second thoughts , about what to do first and of course scared. I can't believe I'm such a mess, I'm even cranky just like before my tummy tuck. So many crazy thoughts going thru my head right now. :-/

Help! Booty or boobies????????????

Burned by Laser

Went today for my chin laser hair removal but since it was like 4 minutes and is 10 minutes for $150 I told her if she could get another area and she said yes. What area? I said well at least one armpit....., oh my gosh!! My armpit was on FIRE!!!!! I felt the pain in my heart, my skin and soul and even in my thoughts!! It was hard to breath normal but she finished and I was so relieved that she was done. When she starts talking and says " well, ill just do the other armpit for you. I hate to do just one" :-o (oh nooo! Here we go again!) she did something to the machine and started in my left armpit and this time it hurted even MORE!!!! Oh LAWD have mercy! I wanted to wack her so bad. I thought about the pain when I gave birth, the pain that I was gonna have after breastlift and bbl surgery and how in the world I was gonna get thru that session and the surgeries? Do I want to go thru more pain? What is wrong with me? !!!! Ladies no joke, armpit laser hair removal is PAINFUL!!! I was not able to drive afterwards and my hands were up high. When I got home and looked in the mirror I knew right away that I was burned. I'm not looking forward to taking a bath later, using deodorant and of course won't be able to shave for my surgery next week!! ;( hubby was laughing on the way home and asking why I didn't stop her, I said because I didn't want to be a wimp so I had to sucked it up. I had been mean to him in the morning rushing him to get home so he said " that's what you get for being mean to me"!! ;[ then he asked " what are we doing now?' Exasperated I said " listen, I'm in so much pain that can't think" so don't ask me!!" And he bursted out laughing again. I guess I did deserve it so I kept both arms on the dashboard and my mouth shut. Then I remembered I had Tylenol in the glove compartment and took 2 capsules and a gabapentin 300mg to take the edge off the pain. I'll post some pictures. Oh! And it was done at an elite plastic surgeons office in my area -_-

first and last time

This is the first and last time I get laser hair removal in my armpits . By 8 pm it looked worst and is very uncomfortable every time I move my arms to do anything

Breastlift surgery day is here

Good morning ladies. My breastlift review should be up either today or tomorrow but in the meantime I'll post here. It's 6am and I'm still on my way to hospital (I was supposed to be there at 6am) :-o... Please pray for me xo

breastlift +mild reduction no implants

Here it is. The breastlift review is up already but here is a picture. Dr. Curran did remove my dog ears but I haven't seen those cause they put me in a binder.. Thank you all for being such good RS sisters xo

1 year Anniversary of Tummy Tuck surgery

1 year anniversary and I still thank God for my blessing. I still LOVE my tummy . The dresses that were once a dream are now a reality for me to wear

1 Year Post Tummy Tuck / Reflections

Blooper!!!! I posted yesterday then realized I was a day early *_* ay yayay! Scattered brains. I can't even blame it on the pain pills cause I ain't taking any lol..

Thinking back When I booked my date I was very excited to get my belly fixed. Upon telling a few people of my plan to have surgery I encountered that many of them were not happy for me. Comments I received- " aren't you proud to wear your stripes?" ** "you should be proud of motherhood" ** "you don't need that!" ** "that's being vain" ** " that's nature and I would leave it alone" ** " are you menopausal?" ** " what's gotten in to you?" ** " are things okay with you and daddy ?" ** " Is there another reason for you wanting this?"** " can't you just go to the GYM and work out?" ** " I love you just the way you are, you don't need a tt" ***those are the ones that remember**
They put a damper in my spirit at that time, I began to question my decision. I was crying one day while praying and decided to get undressed and go to the big mirror. I looked at myself and got very mad, I sobbed even more and I still wanted my tt. I said " Lord all I want is to look better and feel better about myself, that's all I want. I want to wear pretty dresses that fit nicely, I'm. Sorry if I am being vain as that Is not my intention. I want to looks pretty in my night wear, and house clothes, I don't want to look that big in my waistline. I'm still a woman that would like to look better for my myself and my husband. Am I wrong Lord? I don't want to walk half naked around I mainly want it for myself. As I was having this conversation with my heavenly father I cried and cried til I was tired. I felt peace in my heart after. Thoughts came to my mind " do you think it was an accident you stumbling with the teaching program?" " Your ways are not my ways" " don't you know that I know your hearts desires and the situation before you even ask?" .. Right there I felt grateful and started thanking him for the blessings. He knew the situation all around. Specially the money part. I didn't even know that these programs existed. Now that I had my heavenly father's approval there was no one stopping me. The comments, the doubts, the guilt kept coming and going but at the end of the day I still wanted the belly fixed and so I got it fixed.*********************************************
Don't give up !!!!

A year later I'm still very happy and grateful. I look better and feel great. I was blessed with Dr. Kiran and glad that she was not intimidated by my huge belly. She took the challenge and succeeded. **************************************************
Hubby - he is very happy and amazed by my new belly. He apologized for giving me a hard time. The change was for the better. I get wayyyyy more attention from hubby & many gifts here and there from him. Now he looks at dresses and tells me " lets go into that store to check them out" he bought me a few that he liked (ugly ones) black and white that I accepted gracefully and wore them too. He was so proud cause he found pretty dresses for wife ( which was nice) but I decided to go shopping while he was at work better, so I could choose what I want it ;D....Hubby did go thru a period of insecurity that was getting on my nerves. Sometimes I felt like loosing my cool and my lady manners but I didn't. Let's just say he survived that one lol.. He had to deal with his issues himself, he was tripping over nothing cause he went EVERYWHERE with me. After seeing that I was still dressing and acting like a lady he has been doing better ( but his guards are not down)................................almost forgot! He's working on loosing weight now ;)

Wife Duties- well I have step it up a notch to help hubby. I praise him more, I send him nice and naughty texts (not too naughty) he says sometimes coworkers asks him why is laughing but he can't say or show them. I been buying him little things here and there like a Nautica body spray, little perfume and stuff like that.

Now 7 days post op breastlift at the same hospital with Dr. John Curran. He is awesome ladies, another blessing. So far hubby has been spoiling me but he laugh a few days ago when he saw me in bed typing away and said " your milking it ha!!" And I. Said "yes I am" LoL*************************

Life has many bumps along the road but don't let that stop you, Keep going. There are still many blessings ahead :-)

fellows /anesthesia /surgery setting/ bedside manners

To answer some questions I posted some information gathered from RS to help the newcomers with their question.

still in love with my new tummy and working on my scar

It I over a year and after getting my breastlift I started using mepitac. I said what do I have to loose by using it on my tt scar even though I'm far out. Well I only wish I had used it sooner. I like the mepitac silicone tape better than the scar away silicone tape. I can see some areas improving after a month. If you read on Iferraro's blog she used it and her scars are practically invisible......Im still in love with my belly. :-).....
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kiran Polavarapu & Sonita Sadio (WORTH IT) Dr. Polavarapu is a general surgeon/ Plastic Surgeon and Sonita Sadio as attending doctor. I trust they can can give me definition and hourglass shape by means of liposuction and abdominoplasty that I want and need. She is strong, smart & spunky woman. Very capable of giving me good results. I believe she has a gifted hands to share (with us her patients)

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