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Hey everyone, this is my first post, I've been...

Hey everyone, this is my first post, I've been using this site for some time just reading peoples stories. Truly most of the stories I've read from people on this site are utterly remarkable and somehow my own story seems to pale in comparison to most others...

My story begins, I would like to say, when I moved my sister out to California at the age of 19, however, it starts way back when I was merely a child.

I have always been the pleasantly plump one in the family, an oh how my sisters and the neighborhood kids would rail me as a result with names such as fat boy, and piggy and the like. Truth be told I can't remember a time in my life where I was slender and had a flat stomach.

Once high school came around my "baby fat" was sort of lost, however, after breaking my leg and suffering from some inner turmoil for a long while, my weight came back with a vengeance. Sure I tried to lose weight from time-to-time but nothing life changing and transformative as when I helped move my sister out to California as I mentioned earlier.

You see, at age 19, and standing only 5'9 on a good day, I weighed in at 268 lbs. I had a size 47 waist when measured by tape. And to top it all off I was a chronic smoker.

I remember the night I decided to change my life for good. We had just settled my sister into her new apartment and had spent the day exploring the Hollywood sign, which to those that have never been, means climbing a rugged mountainous terrain, the heat was brutal that day, and my chest was constricting to such a degree that I thought I was on the verge of a massive heart attack. In time the pain subsided and when I returned back to my sisters apartment she uploaded a picture she snapped of me at the Hollywood sign. I couldn't believe at what I was looking at. That picture wasn't me. Who was that pathetic creature standing there? It was at that moment, staring at that picture that I decided to change my life once and for all upon my arrival back to NY and that's precisely what I did.

During early summer of 2010 I started Atkins. My weight began to drop. And drop. And drop. I've been living the AWOL (Atkins Way Of Life) since Memorial Day 2010 and I will never stop this way of living. It has truly given my life back to me.

Well, long story short, I went from 268lbs to 160. My ideal weight is 150 lbs but my body just doesn't seem to want to stay in the 150s...the lowest I've been has ben 155 but have a beer and it goes back up to 160. I've been 160-163 for over a year now.

One of my biggest problems, however, is lose skin. I've been to numerous dermatologists trying to see if it would tighten up on its own but all I got was a co-pay and a recommendation that I see a plastic surgeon.

Still I persisted. I wore Under Armor compression shirts 24-7, did situps, leg ups you name it. However, the problem never went away....flabby skin that made me embarrassed to take off my shirt.

However, with such a hefty price tag for a TT, I thought I would have to live with this problem for a lifetime. But I decided that I can't. I want to be proud of my hard work. I want to show off my body (that sounds so incredibly vain) but more so I want a TT because when I look at myself in the mirror I want to feel good and seeing that flubber sinks me to new lows everytime I pull on it.

Well my doctor says I need to be off smoking for three months. And, well, nicotine in general, so I'm one month off now---cold turkey and no weight gain!!!! Two more months

I don't know just thought I'd post some random thoughts tonight.

Shirtless photos :/

So I've posted some shirtless photos to give you guys all an idea of what it looks like.

Random thoughts

A one week update:

Well, the operation date is nearing, this is still just my second post so bare with me as I figure everything out.

Not much has happened this past week. Although I do feel much more confident. At first I was very hesitant about going for a TT.

I consider myself a very strong willed and motivated individual and always like to do things the "hard-way," which to me simply means doing it all on my own---like--loosing 100 plus pounds without Gastric Bypass, quitting smoking cold turkey without medicine, things like that, so it took me a long long time to come to terms with the fact that I would have to finally opt for surgery.

For the longest time opting for surgery to me seemed like--I'm not sure how to phrase it--I guess, well, cowardly?

However, I realized that no matter how hard I pushed myself some things I just could not change: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference."

Well, every since starting my diet nearly three years ago, I've tried to build the courage I need to tackle the obstacles and demons from within--I started eating healthy, jogging, taking my vitamins, being a more social and respectable guy to others and myself, and just live to my true nature if you know what I mean...

Ohh I forgot, the TT compression garment arrived in the mail the other day!!!! I tried it on and realized its super small...is that a good thing? I was thinking it probably is because once the skins gone I'll be able to squeeze right in but then I started to think maybe I wont be able to fit in it right after surgery because I'll be swollen.

I guess I'm not to nervous just yet, I probably will be when time gets closer. Right now just getting a little anxious/excited. Still off smoking!! Well over a month now.

Lets see....was also thinking of maybe getting a tattoo in time to cover the to be scar?


Well, the time has come. I haven't posted in a while. I will post tomorrow updated pictures. Just so I keep everyone in the know the original surgery never occurred. Couldn't stay off smoking long enough.

Since I last posted the weight has stayed roughly the same. I enlisted in the US Air Force attended training, though, struggled with the sit up portion of the PT exams.

I have stopped smoking and have been penciled in on the surgery. Thursday 24 March 2016! Ah. I can't believe it.

I will completely update my profile and postings tomorrow including photos of problem region.
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