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Im in the process of researchign to get a tummy...

im in the process of researchign to get a tummy tuck asap. ive gone to several docs and one said he'll do a full tt the other said im in a grey area and dont qualify for a full cause i have strong ab muscles. but i have saggy skin over my belly button, i also felt like i messed up cause i pierced my belly twice which caused a lumpy thing above my belly button. its hidious to me so i want to get rid of it badly. im afraid of the doc making it to tight.

dr. Louis Cutolo

I'm going for my vitals on the fifteenth so I'm feeling the anxiety of it all. Some nights I find I can't sleep well thinking of it.

My tummy blah

Side view belly flop

Went for my pre op

I went to the hospital and the PA office for my pre op, everything is a go for now I'm just waiting on my period and scared that my luck it'll come th mornin of the surgery, anyways the doc took before and after pics at the visit and said I can't eat at least 8 hours before surgery, it'll take about 3-4 hours and 3 hours to recover and wake up then go home, the hubby will wait for me, I aske did my tits will droop down once he pulls the skin but he said no less than an inch it'll move, my drains will be stitched in to the sides of each end of the cut

So two days away

Ok I haven't been able to sleep these past couple of nights as u can tell I'm updating my profile 1:30 am. It's nerve wrecking you just can't be prepared. I keep thinking is it the right decision what if something goes wrong idk. But there's no backing out now and I'm scared. Tom I have to shower with an antibacterial soap the hospital gave me and the the morning of the surgery. I can't eat or drink for8 hrs. The surgery is scheduled for the morning at 8:30. The doc said it should take him 3-4 hrs and then recovery time is like 2-3 hours., got all my meds and going to buy some girdle panties tom how sexylol

Finally the day has come

So I did it and it is painful not as painful as c-sections. I'm getting a plot of gas trapped if tht has happened to anyone unlike to know if its common. The drains creep me out but the hubby has been helping me drain them. And declogging them. I haven't even looked at my stomach cause I'm petrified idk why. I do have that feeling of guilt and no one feeling sorry for me cause it was optional. But friends and fam have been supportive. The naseau after the surgery was terrible it made me feel so helpless. They have me a shot of something in by butt to calm it and it worked. My Doc and the hospital are just wonderful. They've called to follow up with me and make sure I'm doing well. I would recommend them to anyone it's been a wonderful experience. Still in pain and taking my meds. And dealing with the gas

4days po

Rose0314 1 minute ago
So it's po day 4 and the pain is bare able except today I went to get up and tugged at my tubes be careful ladies its a horrible feeling. I have to minimize my salt I take I'm getting bloated and the gas isn't helping. I'm starting stand stand a little straighter and tonight going to attempt to sleep in a pillow cocoon in my bed. I'll post a pic of the results at the end of the week I'm still scared to look at it. Everyone has come to visit says it looks good. I had a panic attack last night just because of sitting nd sleeping in the same position. I switched it up and slept on our regular couch in stead of the recliner. My mind is going insane. I have a week and half to heal then back to work

6 days PO

I'm 6 days post op and I feel like my skin won't stretch fast enough or that it'll never stretch, I haven't improved much On straightening up my posture but ill try harder Tom. The pain Isn't that bad I haven't really taken my meds maybe cause csection are ten times worse, I coughed and thought I ripped my inside sutras but did my research an I think I'm just being paranoid. My scar is pretty dark ill start opening vitamin e capsules after two weeks and see how that goes it helped a lot with my previous three scars, the doc took away all my c section scars so its a bit sad cause its my reminder of the birth of my kids. Also my Virginia feels pulled more up. It was fatter before (I know woerd), now I noticed its thinner like it lost weight. And no other changes yet. I am annoyed already with the tubes. There both letting out less than 25cc which hopefully is a good thing for them to both come out Tuesday crops put fingers. I've waited for this surgery and am still freaked out to look at the belly. I have the hubby taking pics . The feeling is so strange to the touch

Tom start work again

So yesterday I drove for the first time and it want all tht bad just having to look back is a bit difficult, my worst day was yesterday I had to violate myself lets say because of constipation, when your doc says to drink a lot of water listen!!!!, be prepared with prune juice, enema, Milk of magnesia you'll need it from all the pain meds and antibiotics. my PS took out my tubes finally and I haven't felt more normal, throughout my experience I didn't have pain I want to discribes it as discomfort. Yesterday when he took my stitches out and the tubes how horrible, it only lasted like 30 sec by still never forget the feeling of having a snake comin out your tummy. He then places sutras on and says in healing well. I worke sup the courage to look at myself finally, and the swelling I feel makes me look so ugly ill post pics Tom, but I do feel like a Ken doll when I look down lol. I have to wait to start scar treatments in 2 weeks, and I or a binder which will howl fully help with the swelling. I'm afraid it might be too right and burst me open but e will see.

First day at work

So it's day 11 my first day at work, felt my muscle tighten up maybe cause I was sitting upright most of the day, still hunched over and can't wait to stand straight, everyone noticed something was wrong but I said it was back ache. In wore my compression cincher thingy and man to take it off the Hun had to help it was glued to my body. I do think it'll help keep the scar flat so when I use the silicone strips it'll help lighten it. My sides I felt are looking wierd cause there's an Indent. Hopefully this will be worth the money I'm such a pessimist sometimes. But ladies make sure u have a waist cincher. It'll help with the sneezing and coughin and laughing. Less strain on your muscles

PO day 19

I'm still getting swollen and I had the strips taken off, I feel a little more free. M scar is very dark but I'm starting to cut open the vitamin e capsules and massaging it on the scar. I'm going to do this until fourth week, Im also putting an earplug in my belly button which I feel is closing up and I'm afraid of. I spoke with my PS but he said I didn't have enough depth for him to creat a deep belly button, otherwise he would've given me a quarter size BB. So he tried his best to give me a youthful BB. In the afternoons I tend to get hunched over again which I hate, I'm hopin that goes away in another week, I've started to also massage my stomach lightly with organic coconut oil which u can find at Costco. It's getting chilly so I'm not sweaty with it or anything. I'm doing housework but trying not to pull or lift anything heavy. In two weeks I have a mud run coming up and I hope I'm more normal by then. The hubby is trying o discourage me but I want to prove to him I can do it.

Swelling finally gone down a but almost lost hope

From a side view 51/2 weeks some swelling one down finally!!!!

Front view 5.5 weeks

Proud to wear a tank top

so almost at my six week mark

the update so far is that last night i felt wierd stinging feeling on my left side and i cant tell if its that spitting stitch thingy. my swelling has eased a bit/. i find when i drink a lot of water it does help with the swelling. im able to do squats and run lightly. my appitiate did grow since the third week of the surgery. i was losing hope in the flat tummy expectation but then it came out of nowhere one mroning and now im loving my results i will continue to post more pics. and the silcione strips are great but my scar hasnt gotten flat as yet. i guess the darker your skin the longer it takes idk. and btw if you but the long ones cut one in half and itll be enought o cover the scar. i didnt the first two weeks and felt like i lost two weeks worth. anyhooo, im feeling more and more like mysself. and have set a goal my march to have my six pack visible.

1 1/2 later

New York Plastic Surgeon

I choose Dr. Louis Cutolo who explained in detail,exactly what he will be dong

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