Tummy Tuck, Lipo to the Flanks and Breast Augmentation for $7350 - New York, NY

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Hello everyone I'm new to the site and have...

Hello everyone I'm new to the site and have decided to document my journey with you all. I appreciate all of the women who have bravely posted of the highs and lows of surgery and hope to pass on the same encouragement that I have received from this site. I am a mother of 3 children ages 12, 10 and 2 and have wanted a bigger bust since I was a teen. I have actually come very close to a 34C when I was breast feeding. But alas when that stopped, the boobs went as well. I am posting some before pics which include my C-section scar from my last child. I also have some scars from having my tubes tied and not taking care of the scars afterward. In hind sight, I was depressed from alot of weight gain from that pregnancy. I am now down to 138 pounds, a mere 8 pounds away from my goal weight of 130. It's very hard though as my body is craving sugar, bread and wine lol. I go in tomorrow to see my doctor for my blood tests and hopefully that will go well. After that I should have the green light for my surgery date of 07/30/2013.

Questions regarding the cost of my surgery and my new compression garments :)

Hello all, I have received a few questions regarding how I went about choosing my doctor and most importantly, how did I get quoted such a great price. I actually have been doing some research for well over a year. I have come across many blogs, websites, and youtube pages devoted to getting affordable plastic surgery. I was not comfortable in going out of the country and I knew financially I wouldn't be able to afford anything over $10k.
I checked out one particular site and here's the link:

This site detailed how an individual could get plastic surgery done in NYC at one of the areas plastic surgery clinics. For example in Manhattan, one could make an appointment at Lenox Hill. The telephone number is (212) 605-3741. Harlem Hospital also has a surgery clinic. The telephone number is (212) 939-8212. There are also several hospitals in the Bronx such as Jacobi hospital amongst others.

Your best bet is to contact whatever hospital which you are drawn to and inquire about their plastic surgery department. Usually when you make your appointment, you meet with a resident to go over what procedures your interested in. In my case, I made an appointment with Lenox Hill and Harlem hospital due to proximity. Lenox HIll quoted me a price of about $6K for my breast implant surgery only. Additional procedures would be an additional $2k. This price included my anesthesia and overnight stay at the hospital with a nurse.

I will answer any additional questions just inbox me and I will answer them as soon as I can. My 2 year old catches a tantrum when I get online. He feels like I'm ignoring him :)

I also posted new pics of my compression garments which cost about $190. I went to the dyckman location in upper Mnahattan. The women were very friendly and knowledgeable about what garments would work best.

I will definitely keep posting. Thanks for all of your support!

Less than 48 hours away.......

I'm sitting here in my bed with my list of must haves for surgery. I am soooo nervous. I do not know what to expect. In addition, I'm afraid of what type of pain awaits me. Sigh it's too late to back out now. So I will have to be brave about this and forge ahead.

Weight: 135-136 pounds

Had my surgery last week and feeling really sore......

Hi guys, I have been MIA for a few days. I had my surgery this past Tuesday and spent the night in the hospital. I was discharged the next afternoon. My recovery has been very bumpy as I am uncomfortable with the compression garments and am pretty bruised up. I did not get a tummy tuck done as my doctor told me that I lost too much weight. As a result f the weight loss, he did not feel that there would be enough skin left over to pull down after surgery. He instead opted to do complete liposuction of my upper and lower abs, flanks and upper and lower back. I am now in so much discomfort from all of the lipo. My breasts look fine. The left breast pocket had to be lowered about an inch to line up with thr right breast. We still went ahead with the 350 cc silicone implant. One of them has dropped some. The other still remains high.

Questions: Is it common to swell considerably after surgery? I feel bigger now than before the surgery.

How long must I fight with these compression garments from hell?

I will post pics this week from the different stages of healing. I am at a relatives home recuperating.

Happy healing everyone!

Oh btw............

Doc also told me he removed 2600 ccs of fat with the lipo. Wow!!!!

New body pictures bruises and all....................

So hello all, today makes 9 days since my surgery date. I am still sore and have numbness all over my stomach and back. My breasts have dropped some and I am beginning to like what i see. I have to work on my lower half now to tone up.

I stopped taking the perocets as they were making me feel loopy and miserable. I am taking 1200 mgs of Advil instead which has helped to alleviate the pain. I am retaining water around my middle and on my back.

Here r my new pics!
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