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36 Married mother of 4 beauties. Two boys two...

36 Married mother of 4 beauties. Two boys two girls. I'm 4'11"and have always been on the thin side considered underweight even. Finally after my 1st pregnancy I got thicker weighing more than 97-98pounds. It was the best I've ever looked and felt about my self. After my 2nd baby I put on more weight and was 113 pounds, from there between my last too babies I'm now weighing in at 136 pounds. I make it a point to camouflage my stomach to avoid ppl asking me when's my baby due. And for the most part when I do, many ppl tell me I look great for having four children as my body is still petite. But I feel so bad because they don't know what I go through to hide my stomach! Not to mention I have to wear almost 2 1/2 sizes bigger than me just so that I am comfortable. I am beyond ready to get my pre-preggo body back. I've worked out even hired a personal trainer but you look at me and would never know it. My incredibly wonderful hubby is so supportive he's been putting in the extra time to get the money up for my procedure. So I did my part by researching and consultations. One dr told me I have a hernia and so that's something that comes into play now. My budget is set at $5,000, prefer not to do financing and strongly considering Lennox Hill. Yaay...I'm glad to finally be doing something great for me!

Hope everyone on the flat side is healing nicely.....

Hope everyone on the flat side is healing nicely...

I have a little good news to share. I've made minor adjustments in my diet and they've paid off. I weighed myself today and saw that I've lost 3lbs which is pretty cool. For the past two weeks I've increased my vegetable intake and made water my primary beverage drinking 100% unsweetened fruit juice every now and then, and also trying my best not to eat after dinner usually around 6:30 pm. It was challenging but I've been making sure to eat a breakfast, lunch and a couple of healthy snacks throughout the day. My days are mostly centered around my children and my biggest difficulty has been taking time for me and making sure I am taken care of also. So when I say finally doing something great for me it goes beyond the physical it represents every area of my life, I'm just so ready and determined to be the best me that I can possibly be.

I made the call to Lennox Hill on Thursday and spoke to Virginia who set me up for March 25th. My fee is $50 not bad considering other places have quoted me up to $200. I have my list of questions but don't really know what to expect. Anyone having any information to share especially about consultations or surgeons at Lennox Hill I'd sure love to hear about it because I could use all the advice I can get right now. I plan to take some pics and upload them for the next time I post.
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