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Mom of 4 an 18,14,8,3 after 4 C-sections I've...

Mom of 4 an 18,14,8,3 after 4 C-sections I've decided to have an tummy tuck . I have an unwanted belly and stretch marks I've learned how to hide my belly . But when I take my clothes off Bam ... Reality hits I'm nervous & anxious but I deserve to be happy so mommy makeover it is . My consultation is 3/12 at Lenox Hill Hospital hopefully I'm comfortable with the staff & its a go .

Hello Everyone I would like to thank you all for...

Hello Everyone I would like to thank you all for sharing your stories & before & after pictures . Very thankful I found this site . Earlier I stated my first Consultation is 3/12 at lenox Hill here in NY I have a second consultation with Jacobi medical here in NY 5/9 yes 3 months away . My first choice was Harlem hospital but its booked and was told they don't have any consultation dates available right now . And to call back daily . I'm in a rush but not In a rush one day at a time . Looking forward to what the future has to offer without the belly .

Research , research , & more research lol & I...

Research , research , & more research lol & I think I'm addicted to this site and watching youtube videos before & after . For me its a waiting process after my consultation in March the next is in May in the mean time I will continue to call Harlem Hospital . To see if an consultation date is available I hope this is done and I'm healed by my bday in September . Wishfully thinking .

I keep getting my consultations at Lenox hill &...

I keep getting my consultations at Lenox hill & Jacobi medical mixed up 3/12 Jacobi medical 5/9 Lenox hill I pray I can remember ( I have it marked on my calendar) but when referencing to them both I mixed them up smh .

Hello all , another unsuccessful day . I made an...

Hello all , another unsuccessful day . I made an attempt to get an consultation @ Harlem hospital nope not today . No consultation dates are available as of yet was told to call
Back @ the end of the week . This is beginning to get annoying but I will continue to call .

Emailed Dr. Robles & she responded with an email &...

Emailed Dr. Robles & she responded with an email & documents that I need to fill out . A lil confused think I'm just going to call 2mar . An ask her to mail the documents & I will send it back priority mail and email her my body shots for a quote of all times for my computer to be under repair its@at best buy for repairs & using the cell it's not allowing me to type on the document never a dull moment . Was / is kinda skeptical about going to the DR . I sure couldn't make that trip alone my mom said she's never flying again so she's out lol luckily I already have a passport flights in the summer months are ridiculous I'm taking everything into consideration . Decisions decisions

Good news FINALLY , got my consultation date !...

Good news FINALLY , got my consultation date ! with Harlem Hospital its 5/20 ( I know 3 mos away ) nevertheless I'm so happy I finally have a consultation date after calling there everyday for 8 days . Unsure how much the consultation is the person who scheduled the appointment didn't have a clue O_o
And transferred me to another ext & no one answered so I left a voice message .

Happy Valentines Day to me !!!! Called Lenox...

Happy Valentines Day to me !!!! Called Lenox Hill & was able to get my May consultation moved up to March RT after I return from the Bahamas. (Vacation) no 2 piece BUT the next time I go back baby its on !!!!! . Enjoying my day off & its nap time TTY soon ladies .

Thinking about my up coming consultations . And...

Thinking about my up coming consultations . And starting my life over because this is a life changing surgery , when your use to constantly hiding a part of your body from friends & even family members . Just the thought of no more attempting to suck in my stomach I been stop wearing girdles (too uncomfortable) . It seems unreal I read updates & think to my self soon this is going to be me . I remember saying to my Husband 6 or 7 years ago I wanted a tummy tuck that thought was quickly dismissed because of other things that were needed for the house the kids etc . For quite some time I haven't been happy but I didn't know why I often thought I suffered from depression althought I've never spoken to a Dr. About it I just put 2 & 2 together . I avoided beaches , pools and any kind of clothing that would expose the shape of my stomach . I haven't taken my kids to the beach yet and my oldest is 18 my middle child use to ask me to go to the beach . Now she doesn't that is one of the first things I will do with them after I'm healed God willing Labor Day 2013 we will make a day at the beach thinking back I haven't worn a 2 piece bikini since I was 10 years old I'm looking forward to trying on 2 piece bathing suits or the one piece that the sides are out are cute 2 . And no more cover ups lol since I started planning & researching my tummy tuck I haven't had a day of sadness caused by my unwanted Unattractive belly & stretch marks . It has really taken a toll on me mentally , some1 who hasent experienced this wouldn't understand where I'm coming from. Although my journey is in the beginning stages I'm looking forward to repairing my body and getting back my body that God gave me . It's funny because since I told my son ( he's 18) every once and a while he looks at me and says I know you can't wait to get rid of that and points to my stomach lol yes Son I can't wait althought I'am nervous about being put to sleep again . I know my life is in Gods hands & I will also pray for the surgeons that will be operating on me . That God guides their hands and give them a clear mind .

When fear is present , dought shortly follows...

When fear is present , dought shortly follows fear will stop you from accomplishing many many things in life . Peace has entered my heart I'm at peace with my decision to have a TT I've also starting looking into belly dance , yoga , Pilates , & a Zumba class maybe 2 a week ( with Dr approval ) just to stay active after surgery & get some definition in my abs because I just don't crave my pre-pregnancy stomach I want a six pack this time around lol .

Hello every1 today I made an decision to cancel my...

Hello every1 today I made an decision to cancel my 3/12 ($195) consultation with Jacobi Medical bright & early Monday morning . My first choice is Harlem Hospital Dr. Odofile the chief of PS is assigned for my consultation . I've seen his work on my Coworkers & I'm very impressed . However the wait is long he's very good & every1 wants him happy I have an consultation date in May . My second choice is Lenox Hill consultation set for 3/13 . After my Consultation with Harlem Hospital I will make & decision RT now this is a waiting thing I have the $$$$ thank God for that's & God willing nothing will come between me & my surgery will keep U all updated & continue to read your ladies reviews I'm so addicted to this SIte . & thankful for it as well Good day all .

So tomorrow is my first consultation with Lenox...

So tomorrow is my first consultation with Lenox hill . After my May consultation with Harlem hospital I will make an decision .

I'm anxious to hear what the PS will say and finally get a quote .

My consultation went great the PS I met with will...

My consultation went great the PS I met with will no longer be with Lenox hill and the new PS is who I would have to meet with 4/10 didn't get a quote and PS stated he would like me to have a cat scan because of my previous hernias just to make sure I don't have another 1 but if I do it will be removed during surgery . I'm getting excited because this is actually going to happen God willing I will be on the flat side .

My heart is at peace with my decision to have a TT...

My heart is at peace with my decision to have a TT . When I look at my stomach I want it GONE but my head is developing dought ; am I doing the right thing my heart says its only one way to find out . My head says you know u have a low tolerance for pain . My heart says you can do all things threw CHrist who strengthens you . My head says that's a lot of $$$ buy a car OR , bag, shopping spree, take a trip . My heart says if you buy a car OR bag, shopping spree, take a trip will you still be happy with your clothes on or off my answer is NO . My head says your being Vain & you can die . My heart says this has nothing to do with vanity you just want your body back the way it use to be . And you can't cheat death if its your time to go u will whether your on a operating table or crossing the street . It's a battle bettween my heartVShead . I guessing this is normal right ??

Good day Ladies , well next week is my 2nd...

Good day Ladies , well next week is my 2nd consultation at Lenox Hill I will meet the "new" surgeon and get my quote . I also Re-scheduled my consultation at Jacobi Medical part of me wishes I would have just kept the last consultation date .i like that there fee is 1 flat rate of 4,600 & no hidden fees . Well im going to cancel my consultation at Harlem hospital I don't want to pay $ 395 for a consultation fee & its not applied towards the surgery . I called NYE&E ( NY eye& ear) and was told due to there being no PS & call back the second week of June to schedule an consultation for July the fee is 75 and goes towards the surgery honestly between Lenox & Jacobi I hope I can make a decision I'm looking for a PS I feel totally comfortable with or its not happening I pray its 1 or the other because I wanted this surgery done before June so I can be somewhat healed for my bday which is on Labor Day this year . This journey has been different it has its ups & down but I will not complain because I know in the end I will be happy have a safe blessed day ladies .

Hello ladies , Tommrow I meet the "new PS @ Lenox...

Hello ladies , Tommrow I meet the "new PS @ Lenox Hill that's had been assigned to me I pray that the price is within my budget . I pray personality wise its a match . I pray that this experience will not be in vein . & if its not than plan B it is !!
!! I will keep every1 updated peace & love Real Self .

Highly considering Dr Robles in DR

Highly highly considering having my surgery done by Dr Robles in the Dominican Republic I love her work . She's the only PS I want to do . Now I just have to decide when I just started a new job never a dull moment :(

TT &lipo #TeamRobles

So after speaking to Laura she confirmed Dr Robles can fix my hernia & repair my mussel & proform the TT & lipo I'm so happy kill 2 birds with 1 stone . Just have to decide on a date & MomDukes needs her passport she coming with me for support I'm thinking March like the 2week after my cycle yes I'm playing it around Aunt Flo lawd knows I don't want to have to deal with her right after sergery .


I hope I can get a decent price for the plane tickets to the Dominican Republic looking into tickets now for a straight flight coach going and business class or first class coming back I want to be extra comfortable I can splurge a little with the return ticket being I'm getting a great price for the surgery. I'm obsess with this Site Who has time for FB or IG I can't research my TT on that lol

PAIN 4 BEAUTY TT, MR #teamrobles

finally emailed DR. Robles my medical records . Waiting on Laura to reply can she fix this hernia . During surgery time is moving its almost 2014 and I want my surgery for March so once she gives the green light I'm paying my deposit this flight thing is annoying who would have ever know traveling to the Dominican Republic is so damn expensive I can't believe I'm about to travel all the way to the Dominican Republic but I honestly don't want anyone else to proform this surgery It's something about her that makes me feel safe know that my health is her #1 priority and I confident she will get me back the way I use to be I've started taking my iron almost 2 weeks ago

Weird but true !!! when I look down I dont even see my box it would be nice to be able to see that again I'm gonna be pure awww Pwaaaa Hahah

Pain For Beauty hernia repair , MR , TT & Lipo #teamRobles

Good Morning All , so I finally received a reply Dr.Robles said my hernia can be repaired at my time of surgery Thank you Father !!!!! One operation & not 2 separate operation dates None of the teaching hospitals in NY could do that . Happy Dr Robles can . So it's a go !!!! I just need to pay my deposit ASAP & send Momdukes for her passport I'm thing the week of March 10 th for surgery . Mixed emotions I'm thinking about the pain (after 4 csections ) if I can take that praying this procedure recovery is similar . Patiently waiting to be on the flat side .

I'm not fooling myself

Happy New Years my Real Self Family !! its time i be honest with myself , Originally wanted surgery in March *looks over shoulder* March is around the corner & I'm not repaired just started a new job in October & want to be employed at least 6mos there before I go asking for time off . Who am I fooling ?? To think this is going to happen in March LOL May is a much better look my Mom actually picked the date May 14 & when I pay my deposit in 2or 3 weeks that's the date I'm aiming for .


Hello My Realself family .Last night I had a dream about my TT surgery , it seemed so real my stomach was flat . I was open I felt so happy in this dream it felt so real it was just a glimpse of what I have to look forward to . Must stay focused . Next week pay deposit lock in my date . Following week send Momdukes for her passport . Then search for our flight . I can never thank my mother enough for taking this journey with me .

TT , hernia repair , lipo & mussel repair Dr. Robles 2015

I've been depressed that my job has informed me I don't have enough paid sick time . To take 3 weeks off so the more I work the more I accumulate sick days . I'm a strong believer everything happens for a reason my story was able to help a friend who went and she is snatched lol .

Can't wait until Dr. Robles works her magic hernia repair tt & mussel repair

I've been thinking about this surgery everyday . Scared , nervous , excited I've had 4 C sections & the WORST tolerance for pain. I'm so thankful my Mother will be traveling with me . It really takes the edge off .

TT, MR, hernia in NY or NJ

So life happened & here I am after 3 years of researching. I would love to move forward with my surgery although I love Robles work I will have surgery in NYC. I keeping asking myself what would make me happier a TT & MR & fixing this minor hernia I will continue to read you guys story I love Realself

Looking for a plastic surgeon in NY or NJ area

So life happened & here I am after 3 years of researching. I would love to move forward with my surgery although I love Robles work I will have surgery in NYC. I keeping asking myself what would make me happier a TT & MR & fixing this minor hernia I will continue to read you guys story I love Realself.

photos sent waiting a response

Today I emailed Dr.Cochran assistant my photos patiently awaiting a response. His office is in Columbus GA I have been researching & researching & from what I've seen & read about his work I LOVE IT praying he can remove the hernia & do the TT being he is a double board surgeon.


Hello Ladies,
This has been an emotional roller coaster constant ups & down regarding this Surgery. So happy. My consultation is next week @ Harlem Hospital I am so excited. Looking to have this SX praying I can get on the calendar as soon as July. I just want to get it over with not nervous not scared just want it over it. To begin the healing process will update once I have a SX date.

Finally a date for SX

Hello ladies I started this journey 3 years ago. It has been ups & down happy to say my SX will be in September @ Harlem hospital. I went to my PRE op already so it's count down from hear on out.


Nervous , excited, Anxious ALL IN ONE
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

When I find a PS I will update DR no longer going to DR

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