Tummy Tuck Aug. 1st - New York, NY

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So after 2 years of consideration, I have finally...

So after 2 years of consideration, I have finally decided to go through with a tummy tuck! I can not begin to describe how nervous I am as the date approaches. After consulting with several doctors, I decided to go with Dr. Karlinsky, because of how comfortable she made me feel, and the fact that she was extremely honest. I have a disgusting sag and stretch marks that look like a cat attacked me at night, and boy am I going to be glad to say GOODBYE!!!!!!!!! Lol. I am fascinated with this site, and the fact that I can communicate with other women who are going, or have went through similar experiences! Less than one week now!!! Can't believe today i drew my final blood work and dropped of my RX's at the pharmacy!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Just a few days now! Cant believe this will be my...

Just a few days now! Cant believe this will be my last Sunday with this gut! Yay! I'm all set to go, had my final appt on Friday and I'm scheduled for 9:30am on Wednesday. I'm so excited and nervous! I went to bed at 4am and couldn't sleep past 8am! I wish I had the day before the surgery off but maybe in a way it's good so the day can go by faster! Best of luck to you other August 1st ladies! Soon we will look fabulous!

Hello ladies! So I am now about 35 hours post op...

Hello ladies! So I am now about 35 hours post op and I must say it's been quite an experience! The first night I was extremely shocked at how well I felt. My sister has been staying with me and she barely had to help me with anything. I have been taking vicodine faithfully every 4 hours. One thing I can say is no matter how many reviews you read, nothing can prepare you for the tightness you feel after the procedure. Geez, when I remove the girdle, it feels like my stomach might burst. So I followed up with my doctor today and she said everything looks great. She told me to wait another 24 hours before I shower so that kinda sucks, although to be honest I don't have the strength for anything. I don't know what happened on the way back, if it was the one and half hour in traffic it took to get to her each way, or the very bumpy road, but I felt like crap when we got back. Yesterday I did not feel drowsy at all with the pills but today I feel like a complete crack head! I don't want to stop taking them though because I'm afraid of the pain. Hands down, child birth is a lot more painful, in my opinion than a tt. It's just very uncomfortable and the changes that take getting used to. I've barely had an appetite but force myself to eat because of the pain killers. I think I will switch from 2 every four hours to one now. The worst has been finding a comfortable way to sleep! I really regret now not buying a recliner because my neck and back are suffering really bad. Also, I am now starting to get a lot of nausea even taking zofron, and feel like I have to throw up. I'm fighting the urge, but to be honest, I feel like until I don't let it out I won't feel better, but even coughing hurts like hell so I don't want to imaging what vomiting would be like. Well that is all for tonight. I will try to post more tomorrow. I'm really hoping I feel better! But I just stand in front of the mirror when in doubt! I took a picture while sitting in the car on the way home yesterday and geez I can't wait to see more of my results! I will post pics of the belly once I shower! GN!!!! Here's hoping that I find some comfort.

So I am now 4 days post op and I am feeling great!...

So I am now 4 days post op and I am feeling great! I stopped taking vicodin yesterday and switched to tylenol extra strength because it was giving me major headaches! The pain is not bad at all, and best of all I finally had a bm, which was making me so uncomfortable. There is barely anything in my drain so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be removed tomorrow! The one thing that I have to say is hard getting used to is this tightness! On Friday, which I was 2 days po, I took a shower and it was not fun! Stepping out of the girdle made me light headed and I felt as if I could barely breathe. It's like I know my stomach is flat, but it feels like when you over eat and your stomach is poking out only 10x worse. Yesterday I went for a walk and tired very easily, but at least I got some fresh air, because I was starting to get moody and depressed from being indoors. I love the fact that my incision is not as big as i expected! I can't believe how my stomach looks!! Only thing that sucks is that I still have quite a few stretch marks left, but there was nothing she could do about those since my stretch marks literally started under my breast and ended on my private! But oh well, I still think I will rock that two piece with stretch marks and all! LOL... I have no regrets about this surgery, the only thing I hope for is that this tightness does get better and that I regain my strength back because I am sooo weak and sleeping so much. Well, that is it for now, will update more tomorrow once my drain gets taken out! *fingers crossed* lol
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I can not stress how amazing Dr. Karlinsky has been! My only regret with her is that she is only my plastic surgeon and not a doctor for everything else!!! She is so caring and nurturing, and has me check up with her on her personal cell phone every 24 hours. I would not doubt recommending her to anyone!!!! She is just great and so is the staff at both offices and the surgery center! Love all of them!

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