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So I've been wanting a Tummy Tuck since after my...

So I've been wanting a Tummy Tuck since after my daughter was born in September 2007 but I always thought I would not be able to afford a $10, 000 Tummy Tuck. One day as I was doing more intensive research I came across Real Self and been a memeber since November 29, 2011. As I was reading reviews I came across mayra2011 review and read that she had it done for $4, 600 and how close Jacobi Hospital was. My mind was set and said This Is It!, I'm saving up the money for many Tummy Tuck.
As time went by I kept visiting Real Self and started reading more near by reviews and came across Lesley2005 review and saw that she got it done at Lenox Hill Hospital which was more convenient for me to travel to and it sounded more reassuring to know that Lenox Hill Hospital keeps you over night. Unlike Jacobi Hospital that sends you home the same day and the price wasn't much of a deal breaker.

So my time has come and filled with so many emotions. I've already scheduled my physical appointment with my primary doctor for January 25th and scheduled a consultation appointment at Lenox Hill for February 4th. So I figured that I'll schedule my physical prior to the consultation so that I can have the doctor fill out the form Lenox Hill requires your doctor to fill out. That way I can get things running a little faster with the process so I can get my Tummy Tuck done ASAP.
Ok, so I'm going to try and make the following details as simple as possible so you can have a better picture.
-I'm turning 31 years old March 18th.
-I'm a mom of three. A 7 year old boy, 5 1/2 year old girl and a 19 month old boy.
-Height: 5'2"
-Weight: 136 lbs
-Measurements: upper waist 31" in, mid waist 36 1/2" in, lower waist 38 1/2" in.
-Lenox Hill Plastic Surgery Clinic
210 E 64th st, between 2nd & 3rd
-Consultation Fee: $50
-The consultation appointments are about 3 1/2 months away so if you want a consultation call ASAP. I scheduled my consultation appointment mid October of last year.

Plan ahead and prepare a list of questions for your consultation.
I will be updating every one after many consultation.
My phone isn't giving me the option to download picures. Gotta find some where else to do it. Pics coming soon.

Ok, I know I wrote that I was going to update...

Ok, I know I wrote that I was going to update after my consultation but all I do is think about getting my Tummy Tuck every minute of the day and I'm constantly browsing reviews. So what the hec. Lol I can't freakin make up my mind if I want to get muscle repair with the Tummy Tuck. I know I have about an inch of separation but I ...........ugh, I'm scared that I still may be in pain even 5 years from now because of the stitched muscles. I've came across horror stories of woman complaining about having pain years later and regretting getting it done and wished for the old belly back. I dont want that for me and dont want to be in pain for the rest of my life. I even whimped out a few times but then when I look in the mirror I really want this one eyed monster gone. I even consoled my self thinking well if I don't get the muscle repair I can deal with the bulge as long as I don't have hanging skin over my paints. I was almost sure I was 100% against the muscle repair but now I'm like I want the full package and want to look flat and get my money's worth. Ugh, I just don't know.

So it's been a while since I last posted because I...

So it's been a while since I last posted because I wasn't sure if I wanted the TT anymore plus other things that we're going on in my life. I missed my TT consultation on February 4 and thought that was that. A few days ago I was thinking it over and regret missing that consultation that took 3 1/2 months to get. So I called back a few days ago to reschedule and was lucky enough to be put I. Sooner that expected. So now my consultation is Monday February 25th and I'm definitely not missing this one. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time because I know the surgery gets booked pretty fast there after. So I know this could be happening any time in march.

So tomorrow afternoon is my consultation and I'm...

So tomorrow afternoon is my consultation and I'm feeling anxious. I hope the ps gives me hope for a great outcome and a good price. I know the estimate will be between 4, 000 - 5, 000. I'm hoping closer to 4, 000 so that I have money to work with just in case something was to come up through the whole process and I won't have to worry about where I'm going to come up with the extra money. Well my hubby isn't feeling so great about my decision but supports what ever I want to do as long as I'm happy. He can't stop thinking about how much money is going to be spent and thinks we can spend that money on so many other things. I told him well your not the one walking around with a ugly belly and get depressed when clothes shopping because nothing seems to fit right. Then he starts to feel bad and says I'll support you no matter what and that he's sorry for looking at it in a selfish way. I wish hubby or someone would go with me to my consultation but I don't have anyone. If I like everything I'm hearing and feel comfortable with the ps I will ask to book for the soonest appointment to get the surgery done and put down half of the money on the spot. I will update tomorrow after my consultation.

Ok so let me start off by saying I barely had a...

Ok so let me start off by saying I barely had a good sleep last night. I was tossing and turning thinking about the consultation. I was happy that hubby took off of work to go with me to the consultation. The consultation was more stressful than I expected because the estimate was more than I thought. Anyway, so when we get there they had me fill out a few papers then the nurse called me in to the doctors office and had me get on the scale. Then she asked me to change into a gown and had me wait for the doctor to come in. Hubby was just sitting there the whole time with a smile on his face saying I can't wait to see you with a flat stomach and happy and confident about your self again. I said you and me both. So in comes the doctor and I automatically felt comfortable with her because of the way she came in and greeted us with a warm welcome and smile. She then proceeded to ask what brought me there and of course I said a new tummy. She then examined me and said I'm a perfect candidate (no shit, with a belly like mines.....lol) and it seems that you may have a small hernia that needs to be taken care of. So she was done feeling up on my belly within 5 minutes. She then took a few pictures with her cell phone and then I got dressed. She then started talking about getting the surgery and pulled out a standard price check list and started checking off what pertains to getting the procedure done. Before she got any further I asked her a few questions in which she answered all. Then we got back to pricing. I asked more or less how much are we talking about and she said $4, 500 and then that's not including tax, lab work (she said my health insure most likely covers the lab work) and photos. So I figured it'll be well under my $5, 000 budget. I then asked if i could see any of her work and she gladly showed me a recent patient she just did and I was sold. The incision was so perfectly aligned with the woman's natural crease. It looked almost like a slight smiley face but more straight and not too curved. I told her I was ready to set something up and she asked when would I like the procedure done and I said as soon as possible. She then left the room to hand in my paper work to the administrative coordinator. While she was gone hubby said wow your going to have a smiley face! I said what you mean? He said because the incision looks like a smile, the belly button a nose and your nipples the eyes. I couldn't help but to laugh and called him stupid. So the doctor comes back in and asked me to wait outside and wait for Victoria the coordinator to speak with. So we sat about 5 minutes and Victoria called me into her office. She then asked when do I want the procedure done and then I said well dr said mid to end March. She then handed me a print out of the total charge. .... This is when things went down Hill and hubby and I we're thrown back because Dr told us it should be well under 5, 000 (we didn't bother to do any adding when the dr was saying this because we assumed she knew what she was talking about). So when we saw the total ($5, 479.57 for tummy tuck and minor lipo) hubby and I just looked at each other like WHAT! But that's not what the dr said. Victoria said what you mean? We said dr told us under $5, 000 and she said well the doctor is mistaken that's why we have a financial department and don't know why she gave you that estimate. In other words Victoria said the doctor is bugging and pricing isn't in the DR's department. Ummmmm ok. So hubby and I just look at each other because I had already set in his fuzzy little brain it was going to be between 4, 000 and 5, 000. So Victoria comes back in and says you don't have to make a decision now, you can just call me when your ready and I told her oh I know I want this but I'm the only one on board here. Hubby was just shaking his head like he wasn't up for the procedure any more and I was so upset that I said well this is what I want, point blank. So Victoria then proceeded with picking a date and I said first week of April because that gives me some time to come up with the rest of the money. Victoria said she'll run the date by the Dr and will give me a call to confirm and off hubby and I went. Now you know hubby and I had a long talk after we left. He doesn't care that I get the procedure done he's just thrown back at how much it's going to cost. Oh well I made my decision. So, I decided to mess around with the price and minus the minor lipo in which also brings down the anesthesia fee for just one procedure instead of two and it comes out to $4, 627.42. That Def falls into my original budget. So I guess that's the way to go. Let's c what happens. Oh I posted a picture of the price print out so you guys can check that out.
So it's
$4, 627.57
$160 for photos (dont know what's the tax for that)
And I'm hoping my insurance takes care of lab work because god only know how much more that is. So I'm already looking at $4, 787.42. I know it's still a good price no matter what but I'm making a very expensive dream for my income come true.

I'm starting to think that it just makes sense to...

I'm starting to think that it just makes sense to do the lipo as well because I have too much lower back/side fat. So I guess $5, 479.57 it is.

Here's a more clearer break down someone requsted....

Here's a more clearer break down someone requsted. I guess the picture of the print out wasn't clear enough.
LENOX HILL plastic Surgery Clinic standard price list.
$50 consultation (this is billed separately from everything else. No tax charged)

$800 Abdominalplasty
$500 minor lipo
$1, 000 hospital overnight fee
$1, 600 Ambulatory/hospital fee
They charge 9.63% tax. So the tax was $379.57

Anesthesia is charged separate and no tax is charged. For 1 procedure is $900. For 2 or more is $1, 200. So I had to add $1, 200 for the tummy tuck and minor lipo.

Please note that physical and lab work isn't included in the price. So if you have health insurance like I do that would be taken care of. If not that's extra out of pocket money.

If you add everything together, hospital fees, anesthesia fee, photos, consultation fee and tax (like I mentioned before tax is not charged on anesthesia and consultation) that is a total of $5689.57

I hope this is clear and down to the point.

So today I decided to get on a diet for the...

So today I decided to get on a diet for the thousandth time. Lol. The DR didn't request for me to lose weight but I just feel I could lose at least 10 lbs. I'm currently 136 lbs at 5' 2" and I'll be happy anywhere in the 120's something. So I've been increasing my water intake and had tuna fish with a sprinkle of garlic powder for flavor and a glass of water. No mayo and no bread. I know this doesn't sound too appitzing but it's rich in protein and has worked in the past for shedding weight on a good protein diet. I had a piece of grilled chicken with a side of a little bit of corn for dinner and of course washed that down with water. And of course chicken is a good source of protein. I only had a little side of corn because it's starch and too much of that will kill my diet. So it's just the beginning and have a little over a month to lose 10 lbs. I know I can accomplish this as long as hubby doesn't decide to bring snacks in the house. Lol I swear if snacks aren't in the house I won't eat junk but if the temptation is around I might cave. Lol anyway, I hope the next few weeks go well because I would be even happier knowing my outcome would look even better :-)

Oh yeah and I forgot to mention no eating after...

Oh yeah and I forgot to mention no eating after 5pm. I know this might seem insane but it really works. Not just for temporary wait loss but for permanent weight loss. January of last year I was 154 lbs and I did my protien diet and completely cutting out all junk and loaded with water, oh yeah and not eating after 5pm and by april I had gone down to 138 lbs. After that I didn't care about depriving my self of junk (only a few things here and there) because I was happy at what I accomplished.

Hey, ladies. I want to first say THANKS to all you...

Hey, ladies. I want to first say THANKS to all you lady's that check in with me from time to time but unfortunately I won't be having surgery any time soon due to family issues that have to be taken care of. In order to have surgery you have to have a time to recover and I won't have time for that any time soon. I'm thinking I'll hold off till next winter to have the surgery because I want to enjoy my summer pain free. I wish those of you who are having your surgery lots of luck and I will be stopping in from time to time to look at those great results. Happy and healthy healing to all.

So it's been over a year since I've updated my journey

and I have to say that I regret holding off on getting a Tummy Tuck with Lipo but I guess things happen for a reason when they happen. So I'm back on full drive on getting a Tummy Tuck done but this time I'm no longer looking into Lenox Hill hospital. I am considering NYEE (New York Eye & Ear). I've seen that it's even cheaper there compared to the almost $6,000 at Lenox Hill. So today I called NYEE and got a consultation setup for next week, July 23rd. I asked how much was the consultation and I was told FREE. Ummm really FREE?! I know I've seen a couple of people on here write that it's $75 but the girl named Susana that set me up for an Appt Said FREE. I guess I won't question it. So I don't want to set my self up for disappointment this time around and will save the excitment for after the consultation, if all goes well. This time around since I know I need a hernia repair I will see if I can file a claim with my health insurance which is Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield to see if they can at least pay for the portion of Hernia repair. I hope it works out well because weather they cover the whole thinf or $500 that's a huge help and better than paying the whole thing out of pocket. I also plan on using the insurance along with my flex direct spending card to help pay for medications needed. I maybe be going way over my head with expecting the insurance to cover something but it doesn't hurt to try. I will update after the consultation next week.

So I went to my consult at NYEE

And I was sold when I met Dr. DURAN. He is so sweet and down to earth and definitely knows what he's talking about. I scheduled my surgery for August 18th because that's the only soonest available date for now. So I ran with it. The surgery will be $4,500. Being that reall self doesn't let you edit the Dr I will be creating a new account and doing my review there. I will let everyone know when I do so.

forgot to mention

$4,500 includes all fees with having surgery plus over night stay. They don't require you to go out and have medical pictures done because the Dr takes his own pictures with his phone. So no extra fees there. I forgot to ask about after surgery medications but if you have medical insurance I'm sure you can take out your prescriptions with that. I will be getting Tummy Tuck, lipo of flanks and minor hernia repair.
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