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So after about five years on this site I finally...

So after about five years on this site I finally set a date and have mustered up the courage to start my countdown post. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I'm looking forward to shedding my stomach girth and at 5'7 and 166lbs my wishes are about to become my reality. Now I do plan on dropping some of this "summer weight", ideally I like hovering between 160-165lb, but I'm going to discuss this with my PS at my office visit the Friday. I guess I'm a bit concerned about the 5lbs and how it will affect my TT results short and long term.

So with my journey beginning...cheers to 76 days till my surgery and keeping everyone posted pre-op, during and post-op.

58 days...

So I'm still excited and find myself a bit obsessive with regard to looking at pre and postop photos and stories, but I'm sure that's normal.

With 58 days left I decided I could bare to make use of my gym membership. Today I'm 165lbs and although I like the number I'm ready to commit to a fitter me pre-surgery so I can train my body (AND mind) to the work I'll have to do to maintain my postop body.

Almost changed my mind

So I decided against surgery because I thought I wanted to go through an IVF cycle prior, but thank goodness for my hubby who snapped me back to reality (although he isn't 100% in agreeance about me needing a TT).

With my surgery date now almost 45 days away I'm refocused and rejuvenated. Today I weighed in at 159lbs (not my ideal weight, but I still have time to regain a few pounds before surgery). I will post a few pics of me so you can see me before and then for comparison purposes when I get closer and then postop.

So excited and sort of obssed with the RS review world.

Me in my trusty

Want to get out of my Spanx

Before Photos

This is me...

Counting down the days...Questions

Valuing the opinion of RealSelfers, I am interested in finding out which are the best binders (to include company and style) to wear during Stage 1 and Stage 2 as I would like to purchase an extra garment.

Pre-Op testing COMPLETE

So I had my medical clearance yesterday and everything went great. My PMD is awaiting my blood work and then she'll send my paperwork off to my PS. To me things just got realER (lol) as that (to me anyway) was step one on my descent to my big day.

PS postponed my surgery

So I received some devastating news yesterday...my PS received my medical clearance and postponed my surgery because my hemoglobin level was 10.4. I never had a hemoglobin level of 10.4 and was quiet shocked, but I was on my menstral cycle when I had my blood drawn.

I have an appointment tomorrow with my PMD to redraw my blood a CBC, iron and ferritin and I will start an iron supplement, but I was advised it will, can take take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks for my numbers to reach the safe level of 12.

I will keep you posted - so sad right now.

Postponed till...

Well I'm on iron therapy to include Iron 325mg three times a day, Vitamin C 500mg three times a day, Vitamin B12 500mcg twice daily for four to six weeks. I will repeat my blood work at week four and surgery (if all of this pays off) will be rescheduled to the last week in Novemeber or early December.

Positive thinking I know my hemoglobin can go back to 12. I've already gone from 10.4 to 10.9 after a week. I'm completely thinking it will be a go.

I have a new surgery date! I have a new surgery date!

Yes community you heard me - I have a new surgery date and its December 16! My iron therapy regimen coupled with incorporating high iron food sources and meat into my diet proved to be a winner as my hemoglobin went from 10.9 to 12.7 in just four weeks.

I of course will continue my iron therapy until about a month post op as per my PMD, but can't wait to return to my previous eating habits adding only a few meat portions as I've put on a few extra pounds this past month.

I can't express how excited I am especially after a successful medical clearance today and Dr. Nardini's correspondence confirming my surgery date.

Now let the prepping begin!

Final visit before surgery

So today I paid for my surgery and I haven't stopped jumping and skipping around since.

I so my PS and he is just so wonderful, he took final pictures and outlined his final plans for me...I must say they are absolutely awesome.

Yes I'm expecting a rough few days, even weeks, but I will take it easy as prescribed and let my body heal from all the wonderfulness this surgery has for me.

The weekend before the big day...

I'm not usually an early riser. Quite contrarily I could and would sleep and lounge around with a great book all day if I didn't have to go to work and be a mom and wife everyday, but today I was up and at it since 4:30am - cleaning and tidying the house, packing my bag for the hospital, getting my last minute must haves even talking on the phone with my sister and best friend.

It is officially 4 days 4 hours and 2 minutes until my surgery and I'm just on cloud 9. I'm buying a walker today so that I have some support while going to and from my room to the bathroom down the hall yet I feel like I'm forgetting something still.

Is it normal to feel this excited about my upcoming transformation?

4 hours and 24 minutes...

I'm excited. Didn't sleep well last night, but not out of fear, I guess I was just restless. I'm getting ready for my procedure and just can't wait to arrive at the hospital and get all marked up. I think that'll be when it's all real to me.

I thought I'd be hungry, but oddly I'm not thinking about food rather the lack there of. Wishing myself and everyone else a successful surgery today! Until later...toddles.

Finally home...Day 2

I got through my first night home and apparently slept well until my bladder woke me shouting at me, "bathroom time" lol. I don't have any real complaints with the exception of loss of appetite and hunching. I've been glued to my recliner which is comfy with the added six pillows for cushioning. My hubby took some pictures of my markings and of me in the recovery suite, then my hospital room (I will post later).

Ultimately, I'm pretty comfortable as long as I keep up with my medication regimen which has been really easy because my husband is on top of everything - from draining my JCs and recording the amounts to fluffing my pillows and wiping me down.

My wonderful PS called to check up on me and it brightened my afternoon because he is just so attentive, caring and explanatory that it's humbling. Tired already, so I will post more later today.

Finally some pics...its POST-OP time!!!

Although I've been active on the site, I've neglected my profile as I was so excited to see and read about the recovery process and stories of others. Well here is my piece of the pie...Day 1 was sweet...the hospital staff of nurses, NAs, dietitians and ancillary personnel were just superb. They answered my every bell call with a smile and provided me with around the clock medication and comfort level checks that surpassed my expectations. When it was time to leave I knew my family and friends had to live up to the spoiled standards I've been afforded thus far.

Day 2 home...boy my family especially my husband, 11 year old and MIL are exceeding the bill. I've been tended to hand over foot. At the slightest sound of a grimace my hubby would awake and check me. Note: once I was able to urinate there was not stopping the flood gates. Thankful for my walker (hubby will put tennis balls on it tomorrow). I've found my recliner to be my best friend as its easiest to get up from with or without assistance.

I did suffer from loss of appetite, but today managed to eat a salad which combined with MOM and Senna pills has had me hobbling back and forth to the bathroom since early evening. I'm taking my pain pills as I cannot manage without them just yet, but take one Oxy every seven to eight hours. My PS prescribed antibiotics during my stay and for me to take for the next week so I've been on top of the three times a day regimen without fail (again thanks to the support of my Recovery Team).

Drains...my JCs have not been problematic at all- quite the contrary they are manageable and pain free...but that may also be to the expert and delicate care my husband has taken in caring for them. He religiously drains the tubing, measures the fluids and records it on a log with such ease, I swear he's done this in a former life for a living (hehe).

I guess the one thing I'm anxious about is my reveal. I have not seen myself since pre-op markings (pics attached) so I'm looking forward to my first post-op visit on Monday.

Well I think I've summed it all up now for the photos...happy healing beautiful people! I hope you're glowing just as I am as we've finally made a dream come true.

This is me...First Post-op appointment

Where do I begin? Should I start with the first adventure, walking down my second floor fourteen steps? Or that it took me about two hours to get washed up and dressed for my first post-op appointment? Or how everyone kept telling me, "take it easy", " go as slow as you want, we're in no rush", or "I can carry you, just say the words"...yes all words and gestures of encouragement and kindness from complete strangers as I made my way to my doctor's office.

Whew...already the best surgery experience and a follow-up to match. All smiles as my PS, niece (assigned caregiver for the day) and I exchanged mutual smiles and amicable words. Then I was off to disrobe (chore in of itself...if I thought getting dressing was fun, well getting undressed was the icing on the cupcake) thankful my niece was there assisting me all the way.

Dr. Nardini read my JP log and although I'm not saddened as these drains have given me no discomfort as I said before, they will be attached to me for a wee bit longer. A sigh of relief left my body as he unwrapped my binder while I was laying on the exam table and immediately grandeur filled the room. I'm taught and flat albeit in swell hell. As he removed my dressings all I could do was think and eventually holler, "WOW!", "I'm seamless", "Doc I'm amazed". My pictures attached will do some justice, but as you can see I'm more than pleased with my immediate results.

My scar is visibly flat to the eye and to the touch. He used this amazing adhesive to close my incisions and I can already tell (hope) I will yield the same results as I have with my BL/BA which has had minimal scarring and smoothness throughout. After redressing my surgery site and wrapping me back in my security blanket aka binder I was all set to go. Next follow-up will be on Thursday, yes you heard correctly, Christmas Eve at 11am for reassessment and possible removal of my left JP.

I hope everyone who had follow-up/post-op visits today is as happy and pleased as I am and I certainly look forward to your pics and testimonials. As always happy, healthy, healing sisters!

Boxy blues...

I feel like when I looked in the mirror last night I was a bit on the boxy side...I am uber, uber swollen and hope to see some hourglass soon.


Morning Real Selfers. I'm not sure this its a good morning, but it's the first morning I decided to take pictures this early in an effort to document my swelling.

Now I know it's been said not to weigh yourself for some time post op, but I couldn't help but notice how many folks were and had shared their significant weight loss (4-5lbs is significant to me okay). So as you probably already guessed by now, I weighed myself and to my surprise I still weigh exactly the same as I did going into surgery. Now had this been any other day it probably wouldn't've been a downer, but today it is. Granted my period is due to begin on the 31st of December and I usually bloat like a dead carcass, but I haven't had my classic premenstrual cycle symptoms (tender breasts, moodiness) so I'm again playing the waiting game and will revisit this puzzling issue after my cycle to see if there are any significant changes.

For now...morning!

Back from my 2nd post op visit annnnndd...

Merry Christmas Eve ladies! So yes, I'm back from my second post-op visit with my PS and I came home DRAINLESS!!!!!!! This is how the conversation went prior to the removal:

Me: You know doc, unlike others who've had horror stories about their JPs, I'm not complaining.
PS: Did you bring your log?
Me: Yes (hand him the log)
PS: Wonderful, they both can be removed (smiling)
Me: Doc, but if you want to keep them for another week or so I certainly don't mind. Like I said they are no bother to me.
PS: Nah, your ready for them to be removed. You kept and documented better than many on your log and I feel you don't need them any longer.
Me: But aren't I still so swollen? I feel like my belly is filled with water and tight.
PS: Lets take a look.

(change into gown, get on the exam table - he proceeds to examine me)

PS: The drains have done their job very well. I do see that you are swollen though, more than when I last saw you, but this is where patience is tested Chelle. The body will heal and you will have the most wonderful curves (ok my words, but he was describing it with bis hands for me lol, LOL, lol)
Me: Okay you're the expert
PS: Deep breath
PS: One more time deep breath
Me: You see I didn't even feel you removing them.

Can you believe me! I'm telling my PS, ah leave these drains in they are no bother, while he reassured me that there is no more need for them. Still smiling. So my wonderful appointments leads me to post-op number three in five days.

I'M DRAINLESS AND DOWN FIVE POUNDS...YES 5LBS (couldn't help it so I weighed myself. Nap time for me, my appointment has me pooped.

Merry Christmas...I'm drainless

A few pics on Christmas afternoon, one day post JP drain removal.

I want...CORRECTION need a Brazilian wax ASAP!

So I had my usual bi-weekly Brazilian wax a week prior to surgery and now I so want to go to my spa (I'm due), but I'm not sure if it is allowed. At my last p/o visit my PS said no, but I'm praying he gives me the go ahead tomorrow. Is it wrong for me to feel like if he says no again, I give into the urge and go ahead with it anyway? Ahhh the dilemmas that pop up on post op Day 13!


Dropped a few pounds aka water weight I'm realizing. Swollen still yes indeed, but for mid day I'm not that disappointed. Anxious about by appointment tomorrow.

NYE 2 week PO update

Tadaa...my two week appointment went WELL, great, Grand...AWESOME!!!

My list of questions for my PS:
Q: When can I shower?
A: Today

Q: I've had severe loss of appetite since the surgery, is this normal?
A: It isn't uncommon for this to happen immediately after surgery, if it continues, we'll explore this further. In the mean time keep a food diary.

Q: When will my BB be ready?
A: I'm applying ointment and this is a waterproof patch so it will not impede showering.

Q: Can I get a Brazilian wax?
A: No

Q: May I ask why?
A: Not time (in his French accent).

Q: I am going to just die. Absolutely die! Literally die! Is there any way I can get a Brazilian, it's been two weeks and I'm on a schedule.
A: Well you won't die and you're lucky you don't live in Sweden...you know Swedes love hair.
Me: But, we're in American and I'm American and I really love Brazil. Please?
A: Okay, but under one condition, I will draw a line, this is the guide and you must go get a massage as well.
Me: Yes! I will. Thank you, thank you! Ouch (he pulled the tape off and my hair screamed with me).

Q: If I'm constipated, will it impact my results?
A: Yes, you may have an overly bloated look, but to avoid this and have regular BM, purchase dried California prunes without sorbate. Bring water to a boil and then place the prunes in the water. Allow to biol for five minutes, then cover and let sit over night. Drink 8oz of 'juice', you will be able to have a successful BM before the day is over.

PS: All looks wonderful. You are healing great. You look so beautiful (Me: blushing). Purchase paper tape as I practice the taping method. (Proceeds to demonstrate taping). I will see you next week at 12:30. Bonne Anee!
Me: Oui, bonne anee! (In my head saying thank god I married me a Frenchman)

Afterwards, I took me an Oxy and walked to my spa (yes I prebooked although I didn't have PS approval yet). I had the best chocolate Brazilian EVER! Now this is where the visit went downhill for me...the massage (note...I do not like massages, it feels creepy crawly to me), but I got through my 45 minute session. He said massage works wonders for lipo although no help for your TT.

Then I went to VS (bought nothing for me, but my 15 year old had sent me with a list)...an hour later I ended up at Trader Joes, picked up the prunes, salad, Lara bars, Pelligrino, coconut water, then finally home. I bloated like a balloon by the time I got home that my husband had to peal me out of my clothing as I was in such agony. No more shopping for me (best excuse to get the hubby to cook for the next few weeks).

I posted a few photos so you can see my two week smooth and absolutely flat TT scar...I think I'm going to have a great result. My photos were taken at 7pm when I'm most bloated, please share your thoughts.

BB woes...now I'm in a panic

So I was about to take a shower and as I disrobed I noticed the gauze beneath my waterproof covering looked a bit wet and soggy looking so I peeled away the waterproof layer and removed the gauze and this is what I saw (see picture)...

My sister and nephew happened to come over at the same moment I began to panic (I'm completely nude) and after my nephew hollered, "I'm blind and scarred for life, thanks Aunty. Wait you got a boob job?!" She helped me put gauze and applied waterproof tape so that I could shower. Now, I need to know what to do. Should I add the ointment then the gauze and recover it like my PS had me? Should I call and disturb his Saturday and ask him what to do? Does my BB look odd? My sister said it looked small. Is it ugly? I'm so at a loss and need more eyes to tell me what they see and think I should do?


BB close up

The darker portion came off when I wiped it with gauze.

Nocturnal itching

For the better part of about a week give or take every night I'm awoken by an uncontrollable itch that I'm unable to relieve. There is no subtle transition just an itch that is unable to be quelled.

I itch near my incision and in my flanks where I had lipo. Not sure what to do, but know I'm tired of waking up in the middle of the night and the wee hours of the morning everyday itchy and unable to get relief. Not sure why this is happening, but do recall my PS mentioning this possibly occurring post op.

Finally made it...

I finally made it to my three week post op appointment and it went stupendous! My PS threw out my binder and officially gave me the go ahead to start wearing a CG 24/7 for the next three months...I choose Spanx.

Reasons I chose Spanx:
1) I've worn them in the past and have had great results pre-surgery
2) The two CGs I bought wouldn't even go over my thighs (I bought them both in a size large)
3) My PS recommended it as it offers the optimal amount of compression in his opinion
4) Completely affordable especially for everyday wear

On another note, I finally did the do! Yes, I had sex. I haven't slept in my bed just yet, but will take the plunge tonight. Sex went better than expected with no discomfort, but at this moment hours later I have a bit of soreness above my BB (not sure if it is related or not, but will take it easy).

Here are some photos of me in my Spanx and in my Spanx under skin tight clothing. The Spanx are virtually undetectable and my clothes are paper thin.

6 weeks!!!!!!

Okay, so I know I've been sort of MIA here on RS, but I took a break posting to my blog because I wasn't so sure if I was noticing any real changes. After going to my one month post-op visit on top of going back to work my days and nights were becoming filled with swelling, change in appetite (again), prickly needle-like pain in both of my flanks as well as utter fatigue.

Phew! So if I may, let me start with my one month follow-up appointment; overall it was an uneventful visit with the exception of my PS stressing that I tape everyday with the exception of days when I may wear clothing that would make the tape visible (i.e. swimwear) and continue taping for a full 16 weeks. He also entertained my want to have a tad bit more lipo to my right flank area as there is a slight, but noticeable difference in contour when compared to my "perfect" left flank area, as well as lipo of my bra line more so my upper back where I see small areas of fat pockets. Customarily he'd advise to wait until one year, but, he's willing to reevaluate those areas of note at my three month follow-up appointment and if there is still visible concern we will discuss setting a date for early May or mid to late June. With that I left my appointment happy.

The return to work...my first week back was a shortened one due in part to MLK day as well as returning on a Wednesday making my work week a grand ole two days only (although it made no difference because my body was screaming, "go lay down i your bed" more than once). I found myself antsy and unable to focus completely. I didn't know what to eat and when I did figure it out I ate so sporadically due to the many meetings I had to attend that I somewhat gave up trying to remember to eat and drink water. What a nightmare that was! Then week 2 rolled around...if I thought week one was a doozy, week two was a natural disaster especially after my town was blanketed with 12-36" of snow. Now I must say, my Fitbit weekly summary was the highest its been since I thought about wearing it post op, and I definitely earned quite a few badges, but every night I got home all I wanted to do was shower and crash in my bed while dreading the repeat for the next day.

And of course during all of this Aunt Flo made her monthly visit hitting me with a double wammie...bloating and swelling. Need I say, I wasn't a happy camper?????

Now it's, cheers to the weekend and I've been able to refocus and recuperate a bit and get back some normalcy so I can tackle next week with a smile. I did weigh in today and I'm 164.5lbs, which is fine with me as I prefer to hover between 160 and 165lbs. My incision line is healing and I'm looking forward to its continued evolution over the next 2-4 weeks.

Well here are some pics...oh and need I not forget, thank you Simplyuncomplicated for your unwavering support, I couldn't've gotten through my transition back to work without your cheers, reality checks and pep talks!

My first pair of post-op panties

I was a bit skeptical about buying and wearing panties post op as I didn't think I would look "good" in a pair. Well I ventured out of my comfort zone of Jane Fonda high cut, cover and hide my pouch panties and with a little coaxing from a friend I decided to wear this stringy number tonight.

I must say I'm actually feeling kind of cute, heck frisky in this hot pink, curve flattering, incision hiding panty right here!

11 months post-op

New York Plastic Surgeon

There are many who've written comments about their PS being good...great even, but mine was/is extraordinarily amazing. There aren't words invented yet to describe him justly, but I will start off by saying he is marvelously a true one of a kind physician who has a genuine care about and for his patients. Dr. Nardini takes his time and it shows. The comfort level and rapport he exudes is well above par and that's what separates him from many. If you are looking for a PS who is on top of things, helps you bring your wants and needs to life, he is the doctor of choice. I'm proud and enthused to be his patient.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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