32 Years Old Mom of 2 Beautiful Babies 7year Old Girl and 2 Year Old Boy - New York

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Ive been stalking this website for a while now so...

Ive been stalking this website for a while now so its time i share a little of my story. After losing all the wait i gain with my first pregnancy (70-80lbs) i became pregnant with my boy which left my stomach with alot of excess skin and my self-esteem not so great, so i considered a tummy tuck and have been doing my research for the last 6mth. I found a hospital in newyork that would do the surgery at a affordable rate and has good reviews and the staff is great..for now.lol
I really didnt want to go over seas and risk my health even though being on this website ive read great sucess story, it still scares me. Anyway, im seeing my surgeon on 9-15-2014 and will be posting my experience. ?

some current pics

I want to lose some weight before my surgery 1/12/15 but i fine myself eat more and unhealthy. Has anyone had this issue before their surgery? Also, ive been feeling really down lately which sucks cause im such a outgoing person.

freaking out????????????????????

So my surgery is like two weeks from now and im freaking out. Im excited, nervous, worried, happy. Im feeling so many emotions at the same time. I havent brought any supplies or pjs.. Honestly i dont even know what im going to need. Anyway, happy healing ladies.

before pics

I cant wait to have a normal stomach


I still havent gotten anything i need for after my surgery, Its kind of surreal right now and i dont know what i feel. Its a couple of days away and i just hope and pray the recovery is not that bad.

is it really one day away?

So im having my surgery on monday and i feel no type of emotions, i STILL haven't gotten the supplies i need and i have no idea what the heck im waiting for. Please keep me in your prayers since as i typed this i started getting nervous. ???????? happy healing ladies.

sad truth


Omg!!! Im so freaking out!

Thank you so much!!!

I will like to start by thanking all the ladies on this site who have supported and encouraged me. You are the greatest!
I will post detail of my experience tomorrow since im extremely drowsy.


So i just wrote a whole essay and it got erased.wth. The surgery went great. ladies Dr Curran is amazing he literally held my hand while i went under. I woke up feeling a little nauseous but nothing crazy, as per the pain i its bearable im about to ask for meds. Happy healing ladies


After pics

before and after

good morning

Good morning ladies! Today i woke up feeling ok, i slept from 12am and woke up at 8am. Brushed my teeth, emptied my drains, had breakfast and took my meds so now im feel pretty good. Last night was a little tuff, i took two pain pills and a valium and was still in pain. i email dr curran with my issue and i kid you not he called my back in like 2mins and told me take a Tylenol. That did the job and i slept like a baby.
Tomorrow i take my first shower and will post pics.
Happy healing my RS sisters.

My shower

Took my first shower today since my surgery and it felt great! It does wear you out. Im not sure about my scare but i am not going to judge until my final results.
Happy healing ladies

my house is a mess

I want to clean my house so bad...please advice.

before pic

Love dr curran


What a difference

i hate these drains

What could i do to make them more bearable?.hate this!

Dr Curran

Complete in aww on how amazing, compassionate, attentive and professional Dr Curran is. I'm so glad i waited and decided to go with him for my surgery.

constipation (TMI)

Omg.. So ive been sitting on this toilet for the last 15 mins with a mojon jam in my butt thats doesnt go in or out. I took stool softener, a laxitive, been eating fiber. Please someone help. What else could i do?

my belly button

So lady for the first time in...well..forever. I saw my self witmah a belly button and it felt great..lmf

did to much today

So ladies today i left my house for the first time to do a little food shopping and when i got home decided to cook. i used the motorcarts that they have supermarket but i still got super swollen even though i wasnt tired. Also i didn't feel swollen i just looked it. What do you think?


Hey ladies.. Today i met with Dr Curran and like always he was amazing. He said everything was great and took out one of my drains which kind of sucked since im pretty much tired of them both. Anyhow, happy healing ladies.xoxo


Ladies it is my opinion that the swelling is the worst part of this experience. To give you guys an idea of what is like, its like the last days of a pregnancy. When you ask just about anyone to take this kid out of you. Its uncomfortable to sleep , you cant really breathe and you feel full but your actually hungry.

s**t happens

Today i had to remove the drain that was left in because it cracked, and of course had no suction. It didnt hurt but it sure felt weird pulling them out myself. I feel relieved to not have them but i the same time i feel weird without them. Oh well, I look forward to feeling like myself again. Happy healing ladies!

a month has past

Its been a month since my surgery. I feel about 95% myself and i like my results its just i feel that some excessive skin was left and is noticeable when i sit, However its 1000 times better then before. Plus, i would like to lose about 30lb by the summer so im hope that with exercise my skin will tighten. If anyone wants to be my weight loss buddy please let me know, i could really use the support.
Happy healing ladies.

its been awhile

Ireland Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely amazing experience.

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