Recent Half Sleeve Tattoo - Seeking Removal. New York, NY

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Hi everyone, I just got this tattoo of a winding...

Hi everyone,

I just got this tattoo of a winding river outline and immediately regretted it. I have truly been having a mental break, anxiety and depression and haven't been able to eat or sleep. I've never felt like this before and am looking into laser treatments. I've gone to 5 places to shop around, with mixed results. Some places are more encouraging, and say that the time in between treatments really doesn't matter as long as you heal, while others say much longer time intervals are needed.

My tattoo is black only, outlines and done professionally. I know that I've got a long journey and this blog has been a lifesaver. Thank you all for posting your stories over these years. I have an appointment in a month (it will have been 6 weeks since the tattoo was put on) and will try and track my progress. Anyone with a similar tattoo who's gone through the process it would be great to hear from.



Appointment booked

Just made an appointment to start laser treatment for the middle of July, exactly 3 months after I got the tattoo. Due to the very thin lines, its healed very quickly, though I wanted to wait a little longer than the 4-6 week period I've been hearing.

I've been to 6 or 7 consultations and every one of them, save for one, was extremely positive on the prospects. The one who was not I believe was being realistic, not necessarily negative. Though if I'm being honest, it really seems like they are trying to sell you something, and wouldn't tell you something negative even if they thought it. Its a very hard world to navigate.

I'm incredibly anxious to start the process. Given the nature of my tattoo I doubt I will see real change until session 4 or 5, but continue to be hopeful. I am definitely in a better overall place than 3 weeks ago, however I continue to be self conscious in public, but recognize of course that it cannot paralyze one's life.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to post.


Some more before pictures (for a record) to give a better sense of the density (or lack thereof depending on the spot) of the line work. What do you all think? Just gotta get this process going already...
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