Just Started My Invisalign Journey! - Invisalign with a Gap Between Front Teeth (Due to a Missing Incisor)) - New York

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This is my first week of Invisalign. I've seen...

This is my first week of Invisalign. I've seen many reviews, but not too many for people who have a gap/multiple gaps. So I'll document my journey. I'm missing one tooth (from when I was 8 or 9) and because of that my teeth spaced out.

Invisalign = 44 weeks (22 trays)
Implant (afterwards) = 5 months

Tray 1 - Wks 1&2 + Why my Invisaligns were so cheap

I know some of you may be wondering why my costs were so low. No, I didn't forget to include the amount insurance paid for because my insurance doesn't cover orthodontics. No, it's not a lie or a scam, it was a Groupon. I'm not sure if I can say the doctor's office it was from, but my advice would be to check out the Groupon deals, get the name of the office and check out reviews on ZocDoc or other similar sites. That's what I did and I must say I've never loved and trusted a dentist so much. Plus, my Groupon came with free whitening cream for my teeth!

So today is actually day 4 of my first tray. Ther was definitely some discomfort initially, but I'm only on the 4th day and it's already significantly improved. As a matter of fact I've kind of grown to enjoy the pressure the trays put on my teeth, and I find myself chewing my tongue to increase it (sick I know!)

Initially when I ate, my teeth were wobbly so my gums felt sore, but I've found that by taking my Invisaligns out 10-15 before I eat help the teeth to re-set within my gums and not feel as sore when I chew.

Which brings me to my next point: taking them out. After playing around and trying different techniques, I find that taking the top tray off from back to front works best (since I have buttons on my two front teeth) and taking my bottom tray off from one side to the other (since I don't have buttons on my front 4 bottom teeth) seems to work best.

* I floss, brush and rinse with mouthwash after everything I eat. I don't eat with them in and I brush the Invisalign trays as well. I'm going to be brushing with Sensodyne for the first two weeks/first set of trays (as recommended by my dentist) because the whitening solution that came with my trays can irritate my teeth if they're too sensitive.

Tray 2 - Wks 3&4

Well so far I'm not noticing much of a difference. I'm sure this is one because by the end of my last tray I no longer felt any pressure, it just felt like I was wearing plastic on my teeth just because.

I put on my new trays today and WHOO did I feel the pressure! Mainly on my left (your right) big tooth (whatever it's called). So I'm sure by the end of these two weeks I should see some change/improvement with that tooth's movement.

Also, these upcoming weeks will be when I also start using the teeth bleaching solution (Opalescence 15%). So I'll update you guys on that as well.

Tray 3 - Wks 5&6

So today I've started my 3rd trays. I haven't experienced much discomfort with this one, but the pressure I do feel is on my left upper incisor and my lower front teeth. I can definitely see my teeth getting whiter with only a few uses of the teeth bleaching cream (I use it once every 2 or 3 days.) I can also honestly say that using the Sensodyne two weeks before I started the teeth bleaching really worked, because I've read about people experiencing irritation of their gums or pain when eating and I haven't experienced any of that. I pretty much still use Sensodyne as my primary toothpaste.

Do I notice a difference in alignment yet? No so much on my upper teeth but I'm seeing my bottom teeth evening out (they were a little uneven).

*Please excuse the quality of this picture, I'm not home so I don't have the same lighting or the same camera. I'll most likely update a better pic when I'm home.

All in all, things seem to be progressing as expected, per the ClinCheck video I've received. Even the pressure I feel lasts only for about 30 minutes and then I hardly notice it.

Also, it's true what they say: after having the Invisaligns for a few weeks your teeth feel naked without them! It's so crazy because I initially remember thinking "how am I going to adjust to this?" But now only a few weeks in and I feel weird (and guilty) when I don't have them on. Point is, if you've just started your journey and feeling like this is going to be impossible, I can assure you that within a few weeks you will experience a complete 180.

Tray 4 - Wks 7&8

Started the 4th trays today. I think I, seeing some improvement. These trays seem to have been focusing on moving my canine tooth back, per the ClinCheck video. I have an appointment to go pick up my next set of 4 trays in 2 weeks, and these trays will begin moving my front incisor.

By the end of tray 7, there will be enough to space to squeeze a skinny version of my missing tooth in, so I can't wait! As the trays move my front incisor over, that space will get bigger and bigger until eventually, I'll have adequate space to get my implant.

I'm not going to lie, I have cheated a few times. Sometimes I'll have a late breakfast at work, so I'll just leave the trays out until I have lunch about 2 hours later and THEN brush my teeth and put them back in. All in all, I do keep my trays on for AT LEAST about 20 hours a day. I don't eat with them in, but I did drink hot chocolate and seltzer water THROUGH A STRAW on my way home from work, and I just brush my teeth and my trays when I got home. Please don't judge me guys haha.

On the plus side, I've also been getting compliments on my teeth so that's very encouraging. I haven't been using the rest of the teeth bleaching cream I have, mainly due to laziness. But I'll try to finish it all before I start my next set of trays.

Tray 5 - Wks 9&10

So I just had my appt for my new set of trays. These definitely feel tight, and I'm feeling the pressure on my top left front tooth. Not much more to add here unfortunately haha, but I'm really excited for tray 7 because that's when the space between my top left front tooth and canine become big enough to have a small tooth in between! It's great reassurance that even though I may not be seeing the progress, it's definitely happening. PS, I'm this pic, I'm wearing my retainers. Stayed tuned!

Tray 6 - Wks 11&12

So I noticed that the gap between my left incisor and my pre molar is almost closed! So that's where all of the movements been happening...I also finally starting to see small movement of my front tooth. I can see that the gap has gotten smaller, even if it's a little bit. I'm so excited for my next set of trays because they will be the first trays that have a mini version of my missing tooth to cover up the space that all this movement made. So far Invisaligns DEFINITELY seem worth it!

Tray 7 - Wks 13&14

Magic tray number 7!!! I've been waiting (not so) patiently for this one because this is where my false/temporary tooth starts.

It looks so cool, I can't wait to watch it grow bigger and bigger as the trays go on and my gaps close. I'm so excited!!!!

Tray 8 - Wks 15&16

One word: WHOA!

I can see the progress on my front tooth now. I compared my teeth now to a picture of how they were before Invisalign and I'm so elated! My tooth has made a lot of movement and it hasn't even really been that long!!

Now I must say, I thought that the 7th tray was going to hurt the most because it was the first tray with the replacement tooth filled in but NO! This 8th tray...next level pain. I don't even wanna take them out that's how much it hurts. But I just grin and bear it; I have a goal to close my gap so...just gotta deal with the pain. I put them on before I went to sleep last night and I woke up with it feeling much better but still. I'm sure that by the time Monday rolls around I will be fine though.

I must say though, the pain is worth it so far!!!

Tray 9 - Wks 17&18

So sorry I'm late guys! It's been hectic this past week...

The good news is, I'm seeing AMAZING progress omg...the gap between my front teeth has shrunken so much and the gap between my incisor and my left front tooth has grown (as it should since I'm getting an implant.) I've included side pics as well so you can see what I mean. I'm so happy!

Tray 10 - Wks 19&20

I know I haven't updated you guys in 4 weeks so you may be thinking "how can you only be on Tray 10? Shouldn't you be on Tray 11?" Well let me explain. Before when I was posting updates, I was posting them every two weeks but naming them after the new tray... So I would name the update "Tray 8 - Wks 15&16" but that was when I just put on tray 8, so the pictures I uploaded were really from "Tray 7 - Wks 13&14". So I decided to begin posting updates at the end of each tray and naming them accordingly. So yes technically I am on Tray 11, but I just put them on this morning. I just finished Tray 10, so the pictures will reflect the progress made by those trays.

Everything is still going great so far. Tray 10 was pretty tight but not as bad as Tray 8. I'm not able to touch the gums between my two front teeth with my tongue anymore, so I know for certain that serious progress has been made.

Tray 11 - Wks 21&22

These past two weeks have been pretty easy. It's almost like these were resting trays for the last tray being so tight. Haven't sent much improvement with these trays because of it, but I'm still very optimistic regarding the end results!

Tray 12 - Wks 23&24

WOW would you look at the difference! I'm so happy won how far I've come thanks to the Invisaligns I could cry. I can actually SEE how perfect and straight they will be when it's all said and done, my front gap is almost closed! I'm just amazed really.

I've included a side by side of me before Invisalign and me now. Tell me that's it wasn't worth and you'd be crazy. If you're considering Invisalign I would definitely recommend so far!

Tray 13 - Wks 25&26

The progress is just getting better. At this point I don't have any SUBTANTIAL updates, just a pic that says it all. ??

Tray 14 - Wks 27&28

Not much of an update. This tray didn't really do much for me, I didn't really notice a visible difference and I didn't feel the trays doing anything. We'll see what happens going forward...

Tray 15 - Wks 29&30

My teeth have gotten straighter with this tray. I think that that's what the 2 trays before this were also doing (the ones that I didn't feel/see much movement with.) After tray 12, my left big tooth was kinda slanted, like the bottom was closer to my right big tooth than the top/root. What these past trays after tray 12 did was move the top part of my tooth/the root so that my left big tooth would be straighter.

Ok, now that I get that, I'm a bit relieved. But on to last 7 set of trays; I'm anxious to see what the end result will look like!

Tray 16 - Wks 31&32

Hey guys! Sorry I'm a little late. But nonetheless, things are progressing so well with my Invisaligns. I was out eating with an old friend I haven't seen since the Invisaligns and he couldn't believe how much of improvement my teeth have gone through! These trays didn't force a lot of movement so there's not much of a change between now and last week, but I didn't put on Tray set 17 and WHOOOOO! Super tight, so expect some serious change/movement in my next update!

Tray 17 - Wks 33&34

Sorry I'm a little late again! The holiday week really disoriented me. But yeah just as I suspected, this tray (Tray 17) was another tray where I saw some movement! I can visibly see that my gap from last week has closed up a little more since then. I also posted a comparison photo for you to see for yourself. 4 more trays to go, I'm so excited!

Tray 18 - Wks 35&36

All I have to say is wow. A few months ago I wouldn't believe that I would be this far, that I would see this much of an improvement. But it's now becoming a reality. Only 3 trays to go! I'm afraid that my gap may not be completely closed in the next 3 trays :-/ but I'm hoping I'm wrong. I want nothing more than to floss betweeen my two front teeth and for the floss to actually get wedged up there! Either way I'm very happy with the results so far. We're coming into the home stretch now!

Tray 19 - Wks 37&38

My gap is almost closed! I can literally squeeze my two front teeth together and make them touch, that's how close they are! I was afraid that even though the Invisaligns were doing a good job that there would still be a small gap left behind but I think that won't be an issue now! I'm currently wearing Tray number 20 and I have two more. I think that will be more than enough time to close my gap. I'm so excited like seriously you guys if you're thinking about pulling the trigger for Invisaligns at this point I'm saying go for it!

Tray 20 - Wks 39&40

Wow my teeth barely have a visible gap in between now! It looks like this Tray moved the bottom of my tooth over so I'm thinking Tray 21 is gonna move my tooth over from the top/root and it will be pretty closed and then the last Tray is just gonna solidify everything, but we'll see! I'm so anxious I can't believe I'm so close to the end. Stay tuned!

Tray 21 - Wks 41&42

Gap is finally closed! The root of the toothnkust needs to be moved over to make it straight. I'm so excited I'm finally wearing my last tray!...or so I thought.

I went to the dentist so she could take x-rays and check my improvement. My front tooth looks fine, but now my top and bottom teeth don't touch on the sides of my mouth, so she's saying that I may need like 4 more correcting trays to fix that. :-/. Total buzzkill but if it's necessary then what can I do? Besides, at least I won't have to pay for it, she said the correcting aligners are free. I just hope that if I do need 4 more trays that that's it and everything is perfect from there so I can get my implant!

Tray 22 - Wks 43&44 (Conclusion?)

So I've finally reached the end. Is my gap closed? Yes. But I'm not completely satisfied with the result. Though it's a huge improvement from before, my teeth didn't end up as projected. My front tooth is crooked (because the root needs to move over another centimeter) and my top and bottom teeth do not close perfectly on the sides as they did before the treatment. My dentist advised that I will most likely have to get correction aligners, which may be another 4 trays. I won't know for sure until later on this month when I see her. But overall I'll say I'm happy, just slightly disappointed is all. Now my implant has to get delayed until everything is aligned properly. *sigh* unexpected but I'll deal with it...


Long story short, after seeing my dentist I was told that we needed to correct the issue with my bite (my top teeth and bottom teeth not aligning properly). Initially I was told that I would need 3-4 trays at the most, but now that the trays have arrived, I have 13 of them. THIRTEEN!

The good news is that I can change each tray after one week instead of two, but this means my implant is on hold for the next two months. Needless to say, I was disappointed, but what can I do? And at least these corrector trays were free.

So I've just started my first set of trays in the new set. Hopefully in 13 weeks I'll be completely done with Invisalign?

Pics and status update to come next Saturday.
Dr. YooKyung Park

She is simply amazing. Her and her assistant Debbie have very warm and friendly personalities. I've seen her a few times in the past few months and each visit is amazing. She's very straightforward and honest. I also get a couple of laughs in with her and Debbie while I'm there! Now how many people can say that about their dentist?

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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